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@ntrecovery helping @emjtriteam recover despite our hydration recovery choices
A bit late to the game for this post, but had a fantastic time in Santa Cruz with @julie.ansbaugh, my @emjtriteam buddies, and @eric_lagerstrom and @paula_findlay. Don’t know if I’ve ever had that much fun on the bike in a race working together with the “EMJ pain train.” My run left a bit to be desired but enjoyed the beautiful course and especially seeing Julie finish with a smile and getting to watch Eric and Paula just smash the course. Thanks to @everymanjack for the ongoing support and for enriching this sport for me with such a wonderful racing community. Thanks to @feltbicycles  @envecomposites @ntrecovery @guenergylabs @garmin @garneau @rokasports @lululemonmen @purplepatchfitness @sockguyluv @bocogear. Next stop, Ironman Louisville!
My “pre-dynamic warm up” for the day. @sockguyluv #socklover
Thanks @why_racing_events for the photo from the Columbia River Tri! @feltbicycles @envecomposites @garneau  @emjtriteam @garmin
Great day out at the Columbia River Olympic Tri! So fun to reconnect with some old friends @triwall and to meet some new folks as well!  @julie.ansbaugh ceases to amaze me with a 5th overall and 1st AG finish. She is totally the coolest, you don’t even know 🤓. Proud to say I’ve entrusted my racing and training to the guidance of  @purplepatchfitness to get me closer to my goals. This day came in the middle of a big build for late season racing, but somehow worked out well for me with a new course record to boot. Always humbled by and amazed by the cheers for @emjtriteam, even after moving to an entirely new place. So grateful and appreciative of @everymanjack, our amazing sponsors including @feltbicycles @envecomposites @guenergylabs @garneau @lululemon @bocogear @rokasports @sockguyluv for all the support in training and racing. Oh yeah, and what are these things on my legs you ask? Only the best recovery tool around which I’m happy to be a new proud owner of thanks to their amazing support of our team @ntrecovery. I think these puppies chipped at least a couple minutes off my race this weekend and are keeping my legs from falling off as I ramp up for Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz and IM Louisville (or Loovul as my good friend @iamjeffrossini pointed out). Coolest part of the day? Getting to meet Lew Hollander, 6-time IM AG World Champ still racing and looking great at 88 years of age. Thanks for a great race @why_racing_events! #racelocal #cleanupnice
Hold the phone, to all the gals out there who have been waiting for @everymanjack to come out with similar amazing stuff made specifically for them (or if you’re like @julie.ansbaugh you’ve been using the EMJ stuff all along), check out @ownbeautybrand- EMJs new release of women’s products. At the risk of overselling, I honestly swear by this stuff. It’s amazing how just changing up a simple thing like the stuff you put in your pits or wash your bod with can make such a big difference on a day to day basis by making you excited about something that was previously simple routine. I personally want to feel like I can grab something I know is not tested on animals (just triathletes - @emjtriteam), isn’t loaded up with a bunch of nonsense and chemicals, is made by a bunch of great people, smells wicked good without using artificial fragrances, is made here in ‘Merica, and is actually affordable. Give it a “tri” 😉, check them out online or in Whole Foods. You can use my family and friends discount (NANSBAUGH18) to get 25% off any of the Every Man Jack or Own products online. Honestly, $5.60 with the discount  for things like the citrus sage body wash or the green tea cucumber deodorant is almost criminal for the quality. Warning- you’ll get hooked
Who wants to ride?
No better way to start settling in after a move than to jump into a local race. After 2500 miles of travel from Minneapolis to Portland plus moving into our place plus starting work plus (and more importantly) having no idea how to pace a 5k 40k 10k Duathlon led to a total explosion of the legs this past weekend at the PDX Tri turned PDX Duathlon due to water conditions. Had a blast! 👍 Regardless, I really have no excuses when I get to show up to a race with this bike. I mean, seriously, sometimes I just stare at this thing in awe and can’t believe I get to ride it. So proud to be part of the @emjtriteam with folks from @feltbicycles and @envecomposites making racing on the best machine in the world possible for a guy like me. The only thing slow about this bike is how long it takes to peel your eyes away 😉 I’m looking forward to some more local racing coming up at the Columbia River Tri in prep for some late season racing 👍#racelocal #iRideENVE #feltathlete #IA #bocogear #guforit #beatyesterday #lululemon #garneaucustom #cleanupnice
Finally arrived at our final destination in SW Washington/Portland yesterday. First step- close on our house ☑️ second step, find a pool. 😉Think we found it! Nothing like getting in the water to make this whole thing start to feel like reality 👍 #findfaster @rokasports @emjtriteam
Going places with @garminfitness #beatyesterday #oldschool
Well, this just happened. Emergency medicine residency complete. Gonna miss this crew
Alright, hear me out. Homemade yogurt with granola and @guenergylabs new French Toast gel mixed in. It’s gonna blow your mind #guforit