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Some shots from the last several weeks of racing/training
Couldn't really ask for a better swim spot this evening
Fun day out at the Lake Waconia Tri. Of course, @julie.ansbaugh just goes out and crushes her first race of the season with a top 10 finish like it's no big deal. I had a blast despite some funky weather racing lots of great competition out there today! Not sure I would have walked away with the win had Matt Payne not ridden almost 2 miles off course, and I certainly felt the pressure from Josh Blankenheim and Jordan Roby flying through the run just behind, but very grateful for the day and for the fun. Last but not least, I heard several much appreciated shoutouts today from the famous voice of Jerry MacNeil regarding @emjtriteam and our incredible support from @ritchviola at @everymanjack. Couldn't say it better myself! Proud to represent this awesome brand, one of the best parts being the best post race shower I just enjoyed for too long thanks them. It's been fun racing three weeks in a row despite it being in the middle of a super busy month, but I'm looking forward to having two weeks to settle in before one of my favorites, Lifetime Minneapolis!
Beautiful day out at the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon. Ran scared but luckily held of some fast competition through the finish. So much fun to race with some great friends! Congrats to everyone at the race. Thanks to @greggjones32 and @jenicajones28 for letting me share in the excitement of Jenica's first Tri! Glad to represent @everymanjack and to be surrounded by friends, a racing community, and part of a team @emjtriteam that remind me to simply have fun, to be grateful that we can get out there and play like this, and to find fulfillment in the self discovery that is racing and not in the outcome, good or bad, of any single victory or defeat. Love this sport
Brutal day at Liberty Half yesterday. Crazy heat and winds, not a super fast day for anyone especially me on the run, but very pleased with 2nd place finish and, more importantly, so impressed with all the athletes out there who toughed it out. Humbling day to say the least. Fun/painful way to kick off the season. Couldn't do it without @everymanjack.
The question is... will it be enough? First race of the year at Liberty Long Course Triathlon tomorrow. Thanks to @guenergylabs for the fuel (I snuck a Coffee Caramel stroopwafel just now... those things taunt me). Super proud to be racing as a member of @emjtriteam. Better late than never to kick off the season. And, I actually slept about 4 hours on my 28 hour call yesterday/today... things are looking up
What an awesome ride through White Bear Lake, Stillwater, and Afton. Rode the first 30ish miles my super fast and amazing beautiful wife @julie.ansbaugh (this is how we celebrate our 2nd anniversary, plus good food tonight) and literally longest friend  and cycling animal @sammatlin, and rode the the first 30 and last 65miles with my good ol buddy, bringer of serious quad burning, and @emjtriteam teammate @scooley701. Thanks to @garneau for making even Sean and I look good in spandex (and that is asking a lot). Thanks to @garmin for keeping us honest suffering through big watts on every one of a cagillion rolling hills for 30 miles (Sean's idea not mine) and more importantly, for directing us on this awesome route and to gas stations to refuel with a total of 1000 calories of peanut butter snickers in addition to lots of gu. Thank the lord that @guenergylabs also makes electrolyte tabs that are freaking amazing (Julie and I are obsessed with the watermelon tabs). I would thank chamoius cream had I used some, but I did not and this is my one regret. And finally thank you @everymanjack for the post ride shower I'm about to bliss out in and thanks @lululemon for the stretchy pants I will then happily don after that. Thanks to Julie for marrying me also, that one is kind of a big deal
How many people get to run home from work in a place like this?
@emjtriteam making an appearance at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Conference in Orlando. Much needed break between lectures
Flying over my old work, miss this place