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Oh nature, you’ve done it again 🏔🌅😊
Sunset colors on Mt Hood
St Helens and Rainier on my run before work 🏔👍
First skate ski of the year up at Teacup Nordic. So happy for some snow with @julie.ansbaugh
Feeling honored and privileged to be welcomed back to @emjtriteam for my 3rd season of racing with the team. Three years ago, I met a dude named Sean Cooley on a late shift in the emergency department. We made the connection that we had both raced the Lifetime Minneapolis Triathlon the week before and talked about getting together for a run. Sean texted me the next day and sent over several random photos from the race showing the two of us racing side by side throughout the day, him in his Team EMJ kit and me in my Kompetitive Edge kit. Sean quickly became one of my dearest friends and when he told me I should join the team, I figured that any company that was supporting a guy like Sean was a group I wanted to be a part of. Over these last several years, I've gotten to know the people behind @everymanjack , and have come to find that the way they build this team is no different than the way they continue to build this company. This team has become one of the most respected racing teams in triathlon, not just because the guys are fast but more importantly because they are just good people. This is a group of truly everyday people that love this sport and excel at it, but also keep family top priority, stay healthy, clean, active in their communities, and are the kind of people that make me want to be better on a day to day basis.  @everymanjack may seem like just another company that makes body care products, and to an extent, yes, that is true. But they are doing it right, making stuff that I can say I truly love without sacrificing their desire to do right by people, by animals, by the earth, etc. So when people seemed surprised when I say I'm proud to be a part of a company that makes shampoo, I say, "You're damn right." #cleanupnice
Just a morning run before work in the Pacific Northwest with @lakemonster2
Working on my #notannovember @everymanjack @emjtriteam
The coastal range! Great to get out to King’s Mountain with @julie.ansbaugh @lakemonster2 @snowtorch
First day where I actually needed my @bocogear beanie this fall. Makes me excited for cold weather training and @everymanjack beard oil. Not many areas better to cruise around than the Lacamas Lake trails.
Not a bad view from the side porch
Well, Ironman Louisville is in the books. Wasn’t my best day or quite the result I was hoping for, but I put in my best effort given being sick for the last few days, and I finished in one piece. The best part of the weekend by far was hanging with my Dad for the weekend and racing with @placidpirate @kden219 @oneilbrian. Great to see many other old friends as well. I’m always amazed by the number of shout outs for @emjtriteam and humbled to be part of it. This may look like an individual sport, but it truly is a team sport. From the support of family and friends to the support of @everymanjack and all our sponsors, it takes an army to cross that finish line. So grateful to everyone who was cheering me on along the race course and from miles away across different parts of the country.
Excited to be here in Kentucky getting ready for Ironman Louisville. So grateful to be here with my Dad @craigansbaugh and with several @emjtriteam buddies as we are currently resting up and watching half our team out in Kona. So grateful for the support of @everymanjack and all our amazing sponsors @feltbicycles @envecomposites @garneau @guenergylabs @ntrecovery @rokasports @bocogear @sockguyluv @garmin @lululemon. Most importantly, couldn’t do this sport without the support of my amazing wife @julie.ansbaugh and the rest of my wonderful family. It’s a selfish sport, no question about it. I say that racing keeps me motivated, healthy, sane, and inspired, but it’s really my family that do all of this plus remind me what’s most important in life and keep me feeling loved and supported. Despite having a wicked cold and looking at a forecast of rain and cold temperatures for race day, I know Ironman racing is brutal no matter what. I get through the worst moments of racing knowing that my family is at the finish line, whether physically or in spirit, wherever that finish line may be and whenever that may be, and that at the end of the day, I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have the family I have. Thanks to everyone for the support! Feel free to track us all on Ironman Live!