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Heading for the stars one day. #marsorbust2030. In the mean time building models and taking photos of things I like. #Lego #Canberra - Australia

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Some of the hail from the hail storm we had today.
Sub-light engines have been added to the Millennium Falcon. #mybuild #millenniumfalcon
My latest order for the layout from @hattonsmodelrailways. Woodland Scenics foam supplies, track risers, incline / decline starter set, foam sheets and a rock mold for making rocks.
More work on the port mandible of the Millennium Falcon. #mybuild #millenniumfalcon
Added the rear axle to the 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang GT-500.
#regram just had to share this one. From @europeanspaceagency @unfccc
More work on the Millennium Falcon. This time on the port mandible.
Finished the #Lego Saturn V rocket.
Rear chassis for the 1967 Shelby Ford Mustang GT 500 that I am building.
Start of the port mandible on the Millennium Falcon. #mybuild #millenniumfalcon
Chinese National Railways steam locomotive KF7 at the National Railway Museum in York.
The only Shinkansen outside of Japan at the National Railway Museum.