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Traveler, mother, bookworm, Blogger. Not necessarily in that order. I love exploring less known corners of India and sharing them with the world!

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Remembering our visit to the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple at Bangalore last week .... And this beautiful Kalyani or step well .

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Good morning, Mumbai. The trip was great but its good to be back home. And to see some of the art work in the Arrivals section of the @jayahemuseum too 😀

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Trying out Bangalore metro to get from one end of the city to another as we try to visit as many relatives as possible in the short time we have. And it's so good to see it completely crowded , even in the afternoon. Good to see it being used. 
And now we have tried out the Kolkata metro , the Delhi metro , the Kochi Metro , and the Bangalore metro , not to mention the Mumbai metro , which we use quite regularly. 
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A big bunch of Kanakambaram flowers in my hair, as we leave Tiruppur for Puttaparthi. 
The old lady who heps my sister-in-law with chores around the house brought them by, early this morning since she knows how much I love them. So thoughtful of her ! 
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Enjoying a relaxed day at Tirupur at my sister-in-law's place. This lovely kolam is neither her work nor mine, though. It's made by an old lady who comes to help her out ,  and as always I admired how easily the rice flour fell through her fingers into the perfect line. While I can do that with the wet rice paste , the powder eludes me and falls in the most broken lines. 
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The one temple I will never tire of visiting. The Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple. 
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Naganatha Swamy Temple , Nainar Kovil, Tamilnadu. 
Our Kula deivam , or family temple , which we try to visit every time we are in Tamilnadu. Over the 16 years since I got married ,I have visited the temple a number of times , and yet there are new things I discover about it every time I visit. 
On this trip , I noticed the Saptamatrikas for the first time , which is not so surprising , considering my recent obsession with them 😀 It was quite an eye opener to realise that I had missed them all these years !  sorry no pics though , since photography isn't allowed inside the temple. 
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Good morning from somewhere in Tamilnadu. 
The Murugan temple at Palani is the family deity on my father's side. I have visited the temple a number of times over the years , and almost each one has been a memorable experience. 
This time was no different , with the skies opening up just as we arrived. We climbed up the steps with the rain cascading down , and climbing down was equally difficult , with the slippery steps and the crowds. 
However, despite all these odds, we had superb darshan, with minimal queues. And our brief sight of the Lord was just as blissful as ever , with him looking just as handsome, making me forget everything at the mere sight of him. 
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Good bye Kochi. We had a wonderful week with you. Hope to be back someday. 
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Dark clouds gather over Cochin. Will heavy rains bring the temperature down ? Or simply increase the humidity ? 
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Matter plan of Willingdon island and Cochin Port, conceptualised by Sir Robert Bristow. 
Willingdon island is the largest manmade island in India, and is home to the Cochin Port, as well as the Southern Naval Command.  There island was created in 1936, and is named for the first Earl of Willingdon, the viceroy of the time, who commissioned the island. Robert Bristow was the chief engineer of the project. His home is now a museum, the Cochin Port Maritime Heritage Museum. The museum houses a number of photographs documenting the creation of Willingdon island. 
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