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After a long time , at @prithvitheatre with the husband , looking forward to a play , one that promises to be interesting. 
#mumbai #prithvitheatre #play #deewar
Spent a wonderful day in town with family , and had the pleasure of introducing a nephew and niece to the rich heritage of Bombay. We began at my all time favorite UNESCO World Heritage Site , the iconic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, and walked along DN road , halting often to shop and eat , heading towards the St. Thomas Cathedral which is celebrating its Tricentenary. 
We then headed towards the @csmvsmumbai which has a special display in collaboration with the Church , telling the story of Bombay through maps , old photos and church records. Swipe through the photos to see the record of Rudyard Kipling's baptism at the church. 
The textile exhibition at the museum was an j expected bonus and I returned home with a lovely Kota Doria saree and a quilt for my son. 
And then we walked on to Colaba Causeway , for some more shopping before heading off to Powai to meet the rest of the family and do some more eating and shopping 😀

Wish more days were spent like this ..... #family #mumbai #bombay #heritage #unesco #worldheritagesite #india #museum
After a long time , sitting and admiring the intricate animal carvings on the pillars of the  Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus , or CSMT. 
No matter how many times I see them , the sense of awe and wonder doesn't go away. Had the pleasure of pointing them out to a nephew today, which only made me happier ! 
I only wish the concerned authorities would realise that the name is as much a part of the heritage as the structure itself , and changing the name multiple times to be politically correct doesn't really help. I still think of the place as VT, and wish we could simply call it that. Do you agree? 
#heritage #india #mumbai #csmt #unesco #worldheritagesite
The early morning sun , streaming in through my window... #sunrise #home #curtains #sun
Is time for our lamps to be lit once again... Since it's Karthikai ! 
#festival #karthikaideepam #karthikai
The latest acquisition. From today's visit to @kitabkhanabooks 
A few of the spectacular moments from today's @cirquedusoleil show. An event we booked tickets for, months ago, and then completely forgot all about it with all the shifting work. And then , today , attended it finally with  and introduced her son to the circus. Most importantly, @samhithshankar enjoyed it , which is quite the recommendation! See the videos and you will know why !
When you have so many idols (and candle holders, and diyas) that you keep them wherever you see an inch of space 😜

I know it's a bit late , but Happy Diwali to all you folks on Instagram ! 
I have been off Instagram for a while now , because my account was hacked and the email changed , which I didn't notice because I was too busy with a whole host of personal stuff. Anyway , the son @samhithshankar worked really hard to get my account back , and so, here I am, once again , and hope I will be able to post regularly once again. .. In other news , we have just shifted into our new home , one we have been waiting a long time for... And this Ganesha shadow lamp symbolises new beginnings.... In more ways than one ....
Sunlight and the staircase. See the different patterns on the walls and on the steps.... What a sight to see when I open the door ! .#sun ##sunlight #light #staircase #steps #reflection #pattern
Watching birds while I am supposed to be working ... #kite #birds #birdwatching #mumbai #indianbirds
Welcoming the Elephant headed Lord to our home... Swipe to see more pics of the celebration... #GaneshChaturthi #ganesha #idol #clay #handmade #home #festival #india #culture #tradition #ganpati