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Heritage is of all kinds. In the midst of our built heritage , we often come across our natural heritage , like this skink, at the Tambdi Surla temple in #Goa 
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Bye #Goa Hello #Mumbai. It was great to take a break but it's time to get back home !
Father and son . 
Then (2007) and Now (2019) 
A trip down memory lane. 
Our first visit to @clubmahindra
Varca Beach resort #Goa with Samhith. 
Shankar and I had been here, the year we got married. The 2007 trip was our second visit , one @samhithshankar spent mostly in the water. He had just begun school. 
Now , he has completed school, passed his 10th board exams and we are here once again , with him spending most time on the beach , in the water. 
So much has changed , yet so much remains the same , as the photo reminds me. 
This is what vacations are all about ,isn't it ? Making memories. 
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Jet skiing... Parasailing... And generally having fun on the beach. 
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Crab watching on Varca beach #Goa #beach #varca #clubmahindra #india #wildlife #crab
The plan was to visit the ancient Shiva temple at Tambdi Surla - a temple I had visited more than 6 years back , and had a persistent feeling that I had to visit again, despite a long list of other places and temples I wanted to visit on this trip to Goa !

The temple visit done , a chance conversation led to the information that another temple I wanted to visit was just 30 km away. Our driver was adventurous enough to try to take us to a temple he had never heard of, and we had time on our hands. So off we went. Only to find the temple closed. 
Not a soul was in sight , and our driver drove off to find someone in the village who could help, since we had come all this way. While I went clicking at a little green bee-eater on a nearby tree, Shankar went exploring and found a door open. And in we went. 
Inside the sanctum, thankfully only guarded by a grilled door, was Lord Brahma. There are only a few temples to Lord Brahma , of which this is one. The idol dates back to the 12th century, the Kadamba period , and it is said that the idol was brought from the village of Karmali in South Goa to this village near Valpoi for safe keeping from the Portuguese. And here he stands today , tall and majestic, and the village is now known after him as Brahma-Karmali. 
Brahma is four faced , three faces in front and one behind , and he stands in the centre of the sanctum so he can be circumambulated. Swipe to see all images. 
He is remarkably similar to the only two other Brahma idols I have seen, at Nalasopara and at Thane. Both idols are partly broken , so they stand outside the temples at the site they were found. Seeing this one intact and in a temple the way he was meant to be, was incredibly satisfying. It would have been even better to have seen him without the bars , but well. One can't have everything! 
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Bye Mumbai, Hello Goa ! 
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Back in my favourite part of the airport , the "Thresholds" section of the @jayahemuseum as we fly off for a much needed break .... Stay tuned to figure out where we are headed now ! 
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"As the building goes higher, it refuses to interact with the ground, the street , and so the public. Human interaction is contained within the unit-home - the apartment , which now folds up within its own self"

This quote accompanies the photographs of @pallondaruwala which are part of "The Shifting City" , an exhibition at @gi_mmb_mumbai curated by @kaiwanstudio 
These words so eloquently describe feelings that I have encountered after shifting to a flat in a high-rise , after having lived no higher than the 3rd floor , all my life. The view from my window shows none of the small birds I love to watch. All I can now see are black kites , which soar above the canopy of the trees. The closed lift ensures that I never meet my neighbors by chance. In fact , there are neighbors I have not met, in the 8 months I have lived here ! 
What a change, within the same city that I have lived in, almost all my life. A city where there were always neighbours to talk to, ready to help at any odd time , where I took comfort in familiarity, where I took great pleasure , in introducing my son, (and unwary visitors ) to the delights of birdwatching! 
The exhibition brings out so many aspects of the city , through paintings , photographs and words. Swipe through the photos to get a glimpse. 
Kaiwan brings together @sam_kulavoor 's paintings , @riteshuttamchandani 's photographs and @thegreaterbombay (Rachel Lopez)' s words to give us a visual treat which evokes different thoughts in all of us. 
If you haven't yet seen the exhibition , do go and see. It's on till June 8th at the Gallery MMB @gi_mmb_mumbai

#mumbai #exhibition #art #architecture
#city #shiftingcity
A black kite framed by a tree and's been ages since I went birdwatching , and these days kites seem to the only birds I see around ... #mumbai
Sunset in the concrete city 
A visit to @kitabkhanabooks even when just to pass the time , results in (at least one) addition to my bookshelf 😀 and this is what I stumbled upon, and what I brought back home , from an unexpected visit today 😀 @sudhageee

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