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ANU Students’ Association (ANUSA) is the peak undergraduate student body at the Australian National University.

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We 💓 our volunteers at ANUSA!

If you would like to volunteer during Bush Week, head over to the Facebook group "ANUSA Bush Week 2019 Volunteers". See you there!
🌟 Meet your reps! 🌟

College Rep - Tyrus Caldeira

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tyrus and I’m a fifth-year software engineering student. I started in 2015 and soon became involved in the ANU Computer Science Students Association where I helped in running a range of social and study events as well as Epic Games Night 11 to 16.

I ran for ANUSA as a College Representative for CECS because I wanted to help improve every CECS students experience from their first year and onwards.

So far, as the CECS College Representative for ANUSA, I’ve had a great opportunity to get to know many first year and later year students to understand what they all go through and help some of them within their first weeks at ANU.

I’ve also had the opportunity to share my experiences with them and help students with academic issues or questions regarding courses within CECS.

In particular, one of the interesting activities I get to be involved in as a College Representative are the different meetings that they hold in which we can advocate for students and show how their choices could possibly affect students and what methods they could use to use to involve students and help them.

One of the goals I wanted to achieve as a College Representative this year was to assist students who were in the later years of their degree by letting them know about available internship and graduate positions.

I managed to tick some of this off alongside Matilda by going to the ESA x CSSA x MSA careers fair and getting to know a range of companies and what they do, which was really fun!

Using the range of material, we got from each company and their websites, I was able to create a useful list of what opportunities were available for students and sent them out using our Facebook page.

Being a college representative has been an interesting experience since I started, and I’ve managed to learn more about how the college works on a higher level.

Using this I hope to continue helping students with any of their questions or issues they have so that I can make ANU a better experience for them!
🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑 s o l s t i c e 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 Forgo the cold, dark embrace of the deep Canberra winter and join us in Bush Week for a fresh mystical start to your semester. Lose yourself in a meld of colour, light, and warmth! 
From the 22nd – 26th July, we have an eclectic array of events and magical moments to surprise you throughout the week. You'll be enticed by a nostalgic and unforgettable experience!
If you're graduating this year and you're facing financial hardship, you can apply for your graduation attire to be provided free of cost through our Graduation Ceremony Assistance Program.

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ANUSA President Eden and BKSS Team Member Malik have completed their SELTs, have you? 🧐
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Less Stresstival begins on Monday! 💖🤩👏 Take some time out of your studies to relax with some fun (and free! 😲) activities.

Here's what we've got on for the week - don't forget to register!
We're getting in the Less Stresstival mood by trying our hand at a puzzle from the BKSS!

There's a whole week of fun activities for you to take part in next week so take a look at our Facebook page for the latest.
Best gal Sasha is in the office! 🥰

She is super excitable (hobbies include jumping and running around) but she is very friendly. 🐕
Come by the ANUSA office today to say hi!
Reigning tug-of-war champ Ollie is in the ANUSA office today!

Come on by for some pats and see if you fare better than Community Life officer Sam at taking his football ⚽🐕
Join us to workshop how ANU might best prevent and respond to sexual violence in the University. 
Happening this Thursday 5-7pm.
More info on our Facebook Page
Free breakfast on campus?! It's true! 🥳

Come along to the BKSS weekdays 8-10am for a continental breakfast including cereal, toast and a variety of spreads. We also have free tea and instant coffee, plus Nespresso Coffee for $1.
🥣😋☕️ Find us in the�Di Riddell Student Centre�in the new Kambri Precinct! ✨