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Building online experiences, designing custom content and measuring marketing performance for small teams in Cincinnati. Stay for #dailywebsitetips.

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Increase your website’s exposure, display most up to date pages and improve your location targeting by submitting a sitemap to Google, via the Google Search Console. Here are the steps: 1) Create an account with Google Search Console. 2) Verify your website, via an HTML tag above your site’s header <head> section in the HTML, through your domain provider (i.e. GoDaddy) or via linking your existing Google Analytics account. 3) Locate your sitemap. Most often, this is as simple as yourwebsite dot com/sitemap.xml. If you do not have a sitemap by using this method, create one by entering your website URL with a tool like xml-sitemaps dot com. 4) In your search console, select sitemaps in the side navigation. 5) Test your sitemap, and then add your sitemap. 6) Await your sitemap crawl results, which will unveil things like broken links you can fix, links to your site from other sites, mobile usability errors and additional search analytics, including the keywords in which you’ve come up under and received clicks! PS - we submit a sitemap for search engines and handle errors and redirects for all clients we make websites for as part of our website process. This is one of the most overlooked but still important tasks for small business websites! #dailywebsitetips
Every sale, social update, website and campaign is better with a video. And better yet, a short video that costs roughly $100 or less. 😲👍🏻 The summer blowout sale for @betinanaturalskincare includes a full video and sale layout on the homepage, a hero banner for the sale, an email campaign with revenue tracking via @mailchimp, Facebook and Instagram updates. It makes me so happy when I see my clients succeed and how great #branding, #design and #creativity can help small businesses grow! 🌞
An Anxious Creation tshirt and yard sign design mockup for Make Her Mark Design Build (the final signs are made of corrugated plastic and will be fully framed in metal for year round outdoor use 💨🌧🌞) - check out @makehermarkdesign on Instagram! Thanks for working with @anxiouscreations513 on another creative project! 🙌 #brand #branding #selfbranding
@anxiouscreations513 is back at it in Cincinnati after a few days off in the greatest destination for design inspiration (and never sleeping), New York City! 🍎✈️ Here’s a Mac and Apple Productivity Tip for you that really helps out when traveling: Link your devices via signing in with your Apple ID. Text things to yourself and others. This is very helpful to make great Instagram posts and captions to post later, access URLs to files, presentations and to keep up with your friends, clients, teammates and so much more!
The loner life that comes with starting a small business, working remote or being the boss can be hard for an ambitious person to swallow. Being independent and capable, but working alone or having low interaction most of the time through your days, you may start to value yourself less, feel like you don’t belong or feel less purposeful even though you are so much more. I’ve been feeling a bit too quiet, alone, sad and blue about my routine, workload, future and am having less motivation...💙 But I’m here, putting it all to the side, and finally, today, for the first time in some time, @anxiouscreations513 is having a smile, refreshing and #nolimits start remotely #consulting on the big stage overseas. 🌎 Excited to work with my tech roots for some amazing peeps in London, learn a new research method that will be important for big brands with too much data moving forward and launch some campaigns soon with #signoisees👁 - and also a big thanks to fellow #girlboss @stsai1016 for opening new doors and sharing this great, super chic workspace above @arworkshopcincinnatioh in Hyde Park Square with me! Sometimes the only way to uplift is by distraction from problems and feelings, solving problems, making a difference and being with more GOOD, passionate people, the real life 🦄 unicorns always find a way to save me.
@Shopify is our #1 go-to recommendation for people looking to sell products and grow online and at a very reasonable price point starting at $49/month. 👍🏻🤑 The platform takes care of what can be time consuming #customerservice tasks, like order confirmation emails, shipping label generation, shipping notifications, confirmations, product reviews and SO much more. You can accept a plethora of payment options, including PayPal, all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay. A growth oriented #ecommerce company should choose Shopify for the ability to feed products from your store to Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon and more. A runner up and recommendation for a #smallbusiness is @weebly for easy online store management and a slightly lower price point - the ability to feed products to additional channels is not quite there yet, but with the recent acquisition of Weebly by @square - the future will be filled with nothing but #ecommerce and #userexperience improvements! @squarespace is another runner up comparable to @weebly (minus the ability to accept Android Pay in your store) with an advantage in it’s striking, modern store design templates and top-tier site management features. If you’re using #WordPress and want to add a store, @woocommerce is the go-to and cheapest, #opensource option, but may require some additional development support and a larger time/money investment to achieve all the benefits the other recommendations provide out of the box. 📲📲📲 What’s crazy about all three platforms and recommendations of Shopify, Weebly and Squarespace is that they ALL have mobile apps and ways to manage products and store content on the go, too! Need help choosing a website content management platform for your business or store? @anxiouscreations513 can help you get started selling products online, book a free consultation on our site, link in bio! #dailywebsitetips
Took for a test run by the talented #entrepreneur Francis Tao. With the demo featuring @anxiouscreations513 branding and an awesome throwback #fbf photo from the @electric_forest — here's our favorite design we got in the first round. MAJOR potential here to save time and creative brain power for a variety of marketing graphics and campaigns!
Do the details that bring it all together in a marketing campaign and the amount of digital touches and impressions unmeasured that pass each day keep you up at night? 👆👌👋 Here’s a key detail often missed in inbound marketing campaigns, email opt ins for discount codes and anything with a form that redirects to something that holds value. Hiding a page from a search engine does not mean it’s not accessible, it just means it doesn’t come up in an online search. Remove your thank you pages of "gated" or not publicly accessible content from the search engine index. If you skip this, people can easily reach the thank you page in a search engine query, the article behind a paid subscription or online course, and grab the valuable resource, promo code, or whatever resource you've invested a lot of time and strategy into without handing over information. No index, De-index, un-index, hide from search engines, etc. are terms to look for in your website content management system (CMS). If your web CMS does not have a quick way to do this, you can also put this simple one line code in between the 💡 into the header of the page in the HTML above your <head> tag in your PAGE SETTINGS 💡 <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> 💡Other things you may want to hide, you ask? Outdated content. Content of a previous company, blog or outlet in a merger or acquisition (if not being used), content in draft or revision mode. Webinar replays, podcasts, slideshows, reports, whitepapers, eBooks, assessments, job postings with a form to apply, etc. that are no longer relevant or of value to your audience but you’re not ready to part ways with yet for internal memory lane, training and learning. Why do this? Because first impressions and relevance matter! For more #dailywebsitetips - check out @anxiouscreations513!
Create MORE content than you curate on your website, blog and in your #marketingstrategy. When a #smallbusiness does not have a supply chain or distribution strategy, they will often turn to marketing for a hope of achieving that positioning and growth. In a world where there’s thousands of vendors for nearly any product you can think of, marketers will often recommend a content marketing strategy to provide additional value. Content is created and delivered in many ways from websites, blogs on websites, to podcasts, videos, ads, brochures, emails, radio, tv, social media, knowledge bases, books, in stores and beyond. When it comes to content on your website, blog and social media, here’s a solid tip. Share what secrets and knowledge YOU and your team know. You don’t always have to find validation in a subject or cite the source when you are the source. 📞 It’s like the game telephone, curated content does not have the same value and can lose it’s structure. Sometimes we can repeat the same message and after 10 people relay the message to each other or 10 websites publish a post on the same topic, the message gets diluted. Save others time. Don’t compete with the biggest media farms. Tell your audience something they DON’T know. Enlighten others in your field of your inside secrets. Work with an agency to help you better structure, optimize, publish and promote your content, but in most cases, they will not know the subject as well as you do! This strategy works wonderfully for multiple clients. 👉 ✅ One individual woman making beauty products went from $0 to $500+ in sales from search engines with no ads after one month and three articles sharing some of her product’s secrets and what qualities and ingredients to look for in the saturation of options.
It’s never too early to get a handle on your career, professional life and brand! Enjoyed shooting headshots for an @uofcincy student and future young professional to use on his #LinkedIn profile. Photoshoot was done at the Red Balloon Cafe + Play in Pleasant Ridge by @anxiouscreations513.
👋 Oh, hi,, the person that does all the things for your business. 👉 Is a new website or improving your website on the horizon this year? I’ve added a lot of value packed #websitedesign, #webdevelopment and #userexperience work examples to the @anxiouscreations513 portfolio including @hensleycustombuildinggroup and @peacefulmonkeyactivityschool of Cincinnati and Minamyer Residential Care Services of Columbus. Link to more of our creative work in bio @anxiouscreations513. Book a free project consultation or send us a message for collaborations!
Recent updates to Google Analytics at the end of May this year have set an AUTOMATIC expiration date on the data stored within your account. If you do nothing, you will lose your historical website data in Google during the upcoming year or two. Head to your Google Analytics dashboard -> .js Tracking Info -> Data Retention to set the amount of time you’d like data to be kept in your account, or select “Do not automatically expire” to hold on to the historical data metrics. P.S. Purging your data and a fresh analytics dashboard are not always a bad thing. There’s equally as many reasons you may want to set your data to expire as you may want to hold onto it for in-depth analysis. For more #dailywebsitetips check out @anxiouscreations513