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Building online experiences, designing custom content and measuring marketing performance for small teams in Cincinnati. Stay for #dailywebsitetips.

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Is your website on #WordPress? WordPress will not auto update to the latest version due to a bug. Many times, your website hosting solution (like BlueHost, Google, Amazon Cloud, GoDaddy or WP Engine) will automatically update WordPress in the background for you. Due to some bugs in WordPress Version 4.9.3, all website admins must go in and MANUALLY update their WordPress to the latest version ASAP, the automatic updates from outside platforms will not update beyond this version of WordPress. Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Updates & Click -> Update Now. After the update, your new version of WordPress will be “Version 4.9.4.” Please do not forget. If you are unable to make the update yourself, speak with your developer to do so. Spread the word to anyone you know with a site on #WordPress. #dailywebsitetips
How are you feeling about the performance of your Facebook page with the recent updates? 🤨🧐 Even when you don’t have hundreds or thousands of likes or engagement, that does not mean you are not reaching your desired audience. Posting great content on a regular basis seems to boost reach for any Facebook page. Here’s another new @anxiouscreations513 video cover for #Facebook, be sure to update your Facebook page cover to reflect what’s going on throughout the year and consider making your cover a video. Give people a reason to come back to your page. Your cover is a great place to share current promotions, specials, new offerings, more education, how someone can shop or book an appointment, etc.
There’s still a lot of today left, make it amazing 💯
Tackling product photos after a productive “walking meeting” and some extra time outside today ⛅️ This box and light from the side and an additional light on top of the camera is a one minute setup for smaller products. Photos always come out very crisp and vibrant in color with drop shadows. Even with an #iPhone! Pair this easy $50 or less setup with your camera of choice, Photoshop to clip backgrounds and resize photos for the web, and display your pro quality photos in an online store or marketplace flawlessly. #themoreyouknow #makersgonnamake #diyphotography
Keep calm and #Instagram on. No matter why you’re here and what you’re sharing, remember to drop by other’s profiles and drop some ❤️’s, encouragement, feedback or questions for your favorite people, places, organizations, causes and more. It goes both ways.
Marketers build and manage #branding, put things together and get the message to the right people on a variety of platforms and channels. ✉️ Designers can become extremely in demand and efficient marketers with an open mind and ability to create designs, templates, simplify processes, put things together and publish or launch them. 👊🏼 Email newsletter design in @mailchimp, photos taken with @canon, graphics in @canva that can be repurposed to #socialmedia feeds on Facebook and Instagram. This type of integrated email campaign can be done in one hour, by one or two people with an efficiency oriented mindset. Small gigs are how I make a living and the future for many #millennial marketers and designers as social, economic factors and what people want from work continues to shift in the workplace. Hire @anxiouscreations513 to be a team player and doer for building out a plan or to fill in the gaps of your small business design, digital and creative needs - now on to the next one. 🎧🤓🖥
As a bonus to today’s #dailywebsitetips on website security, we have our first #smallbusiness #marketing lesson of 2018 featuring best practices for engaging and growing a LOCAL audience on #Instagram, and the very strategy we have in place for all @anxiouscreations513 #socialmediamarketing clients!
So what’s the difference between HTTP and HTTPS at the beginning of a website, and which is right for you? HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol, HTTPS stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure. Both indicate that information is being transferred from a web server to your website browser and device, so you can search on Google or click links on Facebook, Reddit or LinkedIn to view web pages and read all the fun articles with GIFs throughout the day. If you’re not an online store, collecting people’s passwords, credit card data, user data or personal data through your website, you can get by with HTTP. Internet users are becoming more and more educated to look for encrypted HTTPS when entering any of their payment or personal information. All popular content management systems (like #WordPress, #Weebly, #Squarespace, #Shopify and #Wix) have a clear and simple way to add security with a small fee, or by default offer site security in the costs. Site security is added with a compatible SSL (secured socket layer) certificate that does cost a small fee and administrative upkeep. Adding HTTPS does not prevent your website from getting hacked. HTTPS will not increase your overall ROI. It won’t stop spammy emails from coming in, either. It won’t make your organic website traffic skyrocket. And, despite site security and having HTTPS being a Google search engine ranking factor, if you are a small, business to business company, restaurant or professional firm that’s not collecting personal information or processing payments online directly through your website, there’s no need to pay more and adopt HTTPS! Local and small companies with small sites are fine with HTTP. Online stores always need HTTPS, and companies and organizations that do not sell anything online can stick with HTTP.  Today it’s easier than ever to collect money from customers, donors, investors and more via electronic invoices with a tool like #QuickBooks or #PayPal for Business, which will provide the security you need when handling payment information and peace of mind for those handing their information over.
Welcoming February with an @anxiouscreations513 update and recap of local business in January 2018. @betinanaturalskincare has a beautiful all new online store and became an #Instagrammer, @allyns_cafe connected with 500+ new local followers. To give back for all these great opportunities, we are helping a Cincinnati all women’s veterans group build a new site next! #girlswhocode #womenintech #developer #designer #websitedesign #websitedeveloper #userexperience #marketer #consultant #cincinnatibusiness #smallbusiness #digitalmarketing #videomarketing #socialmediamarketing #graphicdesign #girlpower #womenempowerment #womenentrepreneurs #giveback
Design Quotes and Sticky Notes ❤️ Design is a #passion. Design takes #confidence. Design needs #development. So...what do you do or how do you feel when you find yourself caught up as a designer, developer or marketer to meeting the original deadline or launch...after this, that, than this, and that is added?
Hey #Instagrammers and #smallbusinessowners, let’s all do big things for each other in 2018! 👊
Here’s a friendly reminder for all of the @anxiouscreations513 extended network and friends doing the things on the web and #socialmedia. Remember to check and update your copyright on your website (most often located in the footer) to 2018! #dailywebsitetips