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💛1999.04.07💛 Use my code “april.child” at @happinessbtq for 10% off on orders over 19 euros. ❣️ Get 10% off at @ttdeyeofficial with "aprilchild"

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I always forget to close my bathroom door lol .. was too lazy to iron the shirt lolol .
{phone case from @shopyukii and skirt and shirt from @httpsushi - use "aprilchild" to save $$$}
Realised my post from yesterday was gone, so repost ;-; ... .
Coloured lenses from @ttdeyeofficial @ttd_eye - use "aprilchild" to save $$$
Well done Thea, now the whole family is sick lol now we're all struggling together 😂😷 | shirt from @shophhotaru  and skirt from @httpsushi - use "aprilchild" to save $$$
Tb to long hair 😩
Two ideas on how to combine the two rings I received from happinessbtq! After I combined the two rings I never wear them without each other 😂🌹- Use my code “april.child” at @happinessbtq for 10% off on orders over 19 euros to save yourself some $$$
Coloured contact lenses from @ttd_eye - save your money and use my code "aprilchild" when checking out! 💙
[my lazy skincare routine😪] These days I have been too lazy with my skin care, but I have managed to do these four steps almost every night this week:
Step 1: cleansing my face with cleansing/beauty water from son&park 
Step 2: pat toner all over my face with the urban eco harakeke toner 
Step 3: spread face cream all over my face with my Etüde House moistfull collagen cream 
Step 4: put on my overnight lip mask from aritaum on my lips (this has become a must step for me, bc I'm struggling with dry lips😩!) .
Need to exfoliate and put on a mask today tho if I don't want my skin to die 😂 let me know if you like these kinds of posts, might do more of these in the future🤔
- What's your current skin care routine?
#skincareroutine #koreanskincare #dryskin
What eye makeup would suit these lenses? A brown look???🤔 [Coloured contact lenses in Crystal ball deep grey from @ttd_eye! Use my code "aprilchild" for 10% off!🌹 ]
Might see wife again in spring??? So we can actually celebrate an early celebration of me turning 19??? And we celebrated Lucy turning 19 in Seoul as well, is this fate?? Lmao
Ya'll need rose gold accessories tbh 😩😩 Received these cute rings from @happinessbtq - Use my code “april.child” for 10% off on orders over 19 euros. Tag 3 friends who need rose gold in their life! 👯‍♂️(Ya'll spot my heart??🤔😏)
First ever polka dotted item 🌚🌝 skirt from @httpsushi - use "aprilchild" for 10% off❣️
What's your September favourites? ❣️ these are mine, but I miss my brown dolly wink eyeliner.. which I sadly lost in either Manchester or Seoul 😩 | bag from @httpsushi - get 10% off with "aprilchild"
Finally started watching one piece 🙈 guess hunter x hunter inspired me to watch longer anime