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Indian Glass Fish. Perfect for a Halloween themed tank. You can see right through to their skeleton💀🎃👻 add us on snap for more cool creatures @aqfishsale
Check out this assortment of Jumbo Angelfish. Watch them dart across the tank🐠
Check out these Awesome Oddballs. Clown Knife 🤡🔪 watch them jet through the water. Also don't forget to add us on Snapchat @aqfishsale
Apistogramma Agassizio orange lasers. Only specially bred!!!
Beautiful school of Green Neon Tetras
Very nice Marble Gars. I don't know how they stay so still🤔 don't forget to add us on Snapchat @aqfishsale
Elephant Nose explosion‼️ check out this cool mashup and don't forget to add us on Snapchat @aqfishsale
The REAL Altum Anglefish😱‼️ Believe it. We finally have them in.
BUYER WARNING: We recommend you leave these fish for the experts. These fish can be extremely difficult to take care of. Don't forget to add us on Snapchat @aqfishsale
GUPPIES GUPPIES GUPPIES!!! #lyretail #blondetux #redcobra
Our 4 eyed friends The Anableps
It's a Betta Fish Show down!!!! A Crown-Tail vs A Mustard Gas Betta. Who will win?
Rope Fish breeding frenzy!!!