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Handcrafting Furnishings With Wood Salvaged From Century Old Structures. ♻️🏚️

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We're super stoked to be sending this oak floating shelf to Arizona, it's made using wood from the 1920's barn in Cullman, AL.
We just started deconstruction on this 1915 farmhouse in Blount Co. We're salvaging a ton of wood to be used in furniture and decor. Just think, pieces of this house will soon be in homes all throughout the Southeast. 🏚️♻️
Finished the trestle table 😎 The base is completely built with wood from the 1840's house in LA and the top from the 1905 house in Cullman, AL 🏚️♻️
It's been nonstop this week and we sure are grateful. Hope everyone else is staying busy also!
We're ending this week out on top or at least with a top ☺️
Trestle base is coming along nicely. It's built completely from wood salvaged out of the 1840s house 🏚️
This top is looking Sew good on that base, don't you agree? The wood we used came from the 1840's house we recently deconstructed house in LA.
It's cool to see a side by side comparison of finishes (no stain) and how it impacts the color of wood. ⠀
👈Urethane | Epoxy👉
Tried something a little different with this bench, a metal I-beam base with a reclaimed wood top 😎
Check it out! The bottom board has 113 years of growth in just 6 inches of width. This is why we are always searching for old growth wood to salvage from being buried or burned ♻️🌲 Long leaf pine 😍
We framed this mirror with some dutch lap siding from one of our salvage jobs. Looks like it was meant to be 😁
Here's what we've been working on 💪Chandelier with Edison bulbs💡 You just can't beat the character or warmth of a hand hewn beam!