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The makeover of this Texas beach home exemplifies the power of paint. Where before the living space was dragged down by a buttery yellow wall color, designer @marieflaniganinteriors streamlined the space with a refreshing palette of grays, creams and tons of white. Swipe right for a before shot to witness the transformation. Photo by @juliesoefer; text by @lmmather
How do creatives kick-start their mornings? Surrounded by inspiring design, of course! To see how designer @prmele starts his day in creativity-sparking environments, we shadowed his semi-typical morning routine ("I don’t really have a typical morning!" he insists), in the Georgian Palladian space he calls home. It all starts with silk pajamas. “Here I'm reading the Financial Times, checking to see if my clients are going to be in a good or bad mood,” he jokes. “The table there is a counter that was ripped out of a client's project that they gave to me—it's an old Carrara kitchen counter that I put on two French bistro cast iron stands.” Follow along his morning routine through the #linkinbio Photo by @kyle.knodell; text by @mandasims
Gold touches can infuse a modern atmosphere with elegant sophistication. Style blogger and TV host @LouiseRoe selected the Litze collection by @BrizoFaucet in the Luxe Gold finish to add warmth to her master bath. Caesarstone quartz provides a striking backdrop, while drawer pulls, towel bars, and robe hooks from the collection extend the gold motif. “I believe so firmly on the importance of making it a tranquil personal sanctuary,” says Roe. “It was definitely a labor of love.” #sponsored
“[Philip] Arctander is such an oddity,” says @peterkjelgaard, head of 20th century design and decorative arts at @bruunrasmussen. “He’s known for basically nothing at all in terms of design.” That is, except for his “clam chair,” which was misattributed to a few other architects and designers on the auction block before the chair’s actual creator was identified in 2013. While the chair was made inexpensively and in mass ­quantities—and, more recently, reupholstered in cozy sheepskin—it has gained steady traction in the trophy market of late. In 2013 a pair­­ went for over $220,000. Discover the story behind the iconic design through the #linkinbio Photo by @manoloyllera; text by @_h_mart_
@studio_ko, so called for the first initials of partners Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty, got its start designing spare, striking homes in Morocco for clients with names such as Hermès and Agnelli. “We always try to adapt a project to its place,” says Fournier, noting that if there’s a ­common thread, it’s that natural light (“how it’s chiseled, how it’s filtered”) becomes a kind of intangible building block. Learn more about the duo’s design process and how they applied it to the highly-anticipated Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech through the #linkinbio Photo by Dan Glasser; text by Joshua Levine
So picturesque and pastoral is Provence in the south of France that tourism runs rampant here, particularly in the height of summer when fields of lavender dot the horizon and the sound of buzzing cicadas fills the air. Quel dommage! For those who prefer to tour like a local, consider yourself in luck. We asked the unofficial first couple of the region, Frederic Fekkai and his tastemaker wife @svwulffen (whose home in Aix-en-Provence is pictured here) for their little black book of off-the-beaten-path destinations. Bookmark them all through the #linkinbio Photo by @simonpwatson; text by @janekeltnerdev
Book-matched marble—the use of two mirror-image marble slabs, set side by side on the same surface like the pages of an open book—is the material at its most statement-making. "Fundamentally, I am all about finding interesting and authentic ways to incorporate nature into most of my designs," says interior designer @jeremiahbrent, who sprung for book-matched marble in the bathroom he codesigned with his partner @nateberkus for their Manhattan home. "Book-matched marble is one of the truest ways to showcase the natural beauty of the stone and can become a statement piece of art." Discover his tips and tricks on getting it right through the #linkinbio Photo by @thefacinator; text by @mandasims
You can mount a frame on a mirrored surface? Pierre Sauvage of @casa_lopez proved it’s possible in his 18th-century Paris apartment where a painting of the Manhattan skyline is displayed on the mirrored panel above a mantel. Discover other wall hanging myths we’re delighted to have busted through the #linkinbio Photo by @matthieusalvaing; styled by @carolinairving
@costafrancisco has this thing with doors—twenty-three of them, to be exact. They float open from the walls of a long, wide hallway in the Brazilian-born fashion designer's Park Avenue residence before you even realize you're passing one, and then disappear into deep-set frames designed to render them neatly invisible. The magic is in the mechanism: Recessed Harmon hinges allow the doors to swing right into recessed pockets in the walls. "They keep the rooms very clean, visually," says Costa. Take the tour of the home he shares with partner @johndestefano through the #linkinbio Photo by @collinhughes; Design by Pomasteven; text by @mandasims
Calling all Karl Springer fans: NY-based gallery @toddmerrillstudio is reissuing several of the designer’s iconic furnishings. Merrill worked with Mark Eckman who has owned the Karl Springer trademark since 1994 to pull out Springer's original models and call up many of the vetted craftspeople who had served Springer's meticulous tastes (this is a man who had his closets lined in lacquered bird's-eye maple!). Get a look at the made-to-order offerings through the #linkinbio #ADPro Text by _h_mart_
“I love visuals, but visuals are nothing more than what special effects are in a ­movie,” says @ianschrager. “Design, though, is an ethos. It’s all about the mix—these disparate elements coming together to create excitement.” This was just as evident in Schrager’s iconic Studio 54 club 40 years ago as it is today in his latest ­venture, @publichotels, a ­367-room hotel on NYC’s Lower East Side. At the Public, pictured here, the mix is one of raw materiality ­tempered by refinement and comfort, what Schrager calls “tough lux.” Read more about the upcoming book “Studio 54” (@rizzolibooks) by Schrager, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the hot spot to end all hot spots through the #linkinbio Photo by @nikolaskoenig; text by Mark Rozzo
Returned to its period-1900 grace by George Switzer, of @swisloc Architecture, @coach president and CEO Joshua Schulman and @jgconley3’s house is a place where past meets present in perfect harmony. That includes the owners’ individual tastes when it comes to design pieces and contemporary art, which are melded so expertly that it’s difficult to determine where one begins and the other ends. In the breakfast area, a Florian Schultz ceiling fixture hangs over a Pierre Chapo table and chairs while paintings by Joanne Fleming adorn the walls. Take the full home tour through the #linkinbio Photo by @stephenkentjohnson; text by @adaesthete; styled by @michaelreynoldsnyc