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Architect Magazine has announce its second annual Studio Prize, which recognizes some of the most compelling studios in architectural education today. By highlighting the most innovative courses in architectural schools across North America, the Studio Prize offers a glimpse into the concepts shaping today’s design students, and into the ways they might influence the built environment in the future.

See the six winners on Architect's site, which includes submissions from the University of Virginia's School of Architecture; Université Laval's Faculty of Planning, Architecture, Arts and Design; University of Pennsylvania's School of Design; Woodbury University's School of Architecture; Massachusetts Institute of Technology's School of Architecture + Planning; and the University of Toronto's John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.
Originally conceptualized before WWII, Atelier Štěpán helped to realize the Church of St. Wenceslas after an association in Sazovice, Czech Republic garnered support to finally build it. 
Photo by Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma/BoysPlayNice
Desai Chia Architecture's construction, Michigan Lake House, overlooks the nearby body of water and is comprised of three forms that play off each other to make a cohesive gathering space that interacts with the natural environment.

Photo by Paul Warchol
MAIO's project, "The Grand Interior," at the #ChicagoBiennial is a continuation of Duchamp's paradoxical contraption he built in his Parisian apartment in 1927, in which he installed a door in between two doorways. When activated, it would both open and shut the opposite of the two entrances. The Spanish design group shows the endless continuation of a domestic sphere with interconnected parts that have been manipulated by space and objects. 
Photo by Bruce Damonte
"L'air pour l'air" by @solidobjectives and @ana_prvacki at Garfield Park Conservatory. Photo by @brucedamonte #ChicagoBiennial
Dutch firm MONANDOCK collaborated with the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University to build a miniature rooftop on the fourth floor landing of the Chicago Cultural Center to construct "Make Big Plans." Inspired by Chicago planner Daniel H. Burnham's quote in regards to the city's famous exposition, the slogan in form of language has been used for multiple areas, such as politics and business. Here, the two signs read "Make Big Plans" and "Make No Little Plans," and plays on visual designer Ed Ruscha's work, as well as taking a cue from the #ChicagoBiennal's theme, "Make New History."
Located on Chicago's Navy Pier, "Stage Buoys" was designed by @studiogang for the "Here Hear Chicago" performances by artist Nick Cave. Photo by @brucedamonte. #ChicagoBiennial
Michigan design group T+E+A+M unpacks and analyzes an American mold specifically outfitted for retail: the big box super store. More specifically, the Packard Plant in Detroit. Once celebrated by suburbanites as destinations along the peripheries of cities, they are now being abandoned and underused with the strong hold of online shopping. The design team's solution for this is redistribution, or disassembling it and the whole piece or parts in alternative ways. Titled "Ghostbox," the project is currently on display at the #ChicagoBiennial. 
Photo by @brucedamonte #chicagoarchitecturebiennial #makenewhistory
Designed by Charles Waldheim with Harvard GSD's Office for Urbanization and Siena Scarff Design, "Heliomorphic Chicago" is a collaborative effort currently on display at the #ChicagoArchitectureBiennial that revises Chicago's urban form through optimized solar performance. The result is a presentation of a pair of two cities modeled by solar access and ecological performance. #makenewhistory 
Photo @brucedamonte
"Constructions and References" designed by British architect studio Caruso St. John, along with collaborators Thomas Demand and Hélène Binet, displays the architects' studies in contemporary architecture with three elements: a central area, large color photographs, and models which are on display at the #chicagoarchitecturebiennial. 
Photo by @brucedamonte
The Japan Art Association named Rafael Moneo as the winner of the 2017 Praemium Imperiale International Arts Award in architecture. The 80-year-old Spanish architect has been recognized for lifetime achievement, and will be given 15 million yen (or about $137,000) at a ceremony in Tokyo on Oct. 18. Originally from Tudela, Spain, Moneo is revered for projects that work well into already established cityscapes while also being sensitive to the site context.

Photo by Paul White/AP Photo
Contributor @brucedamonte is on the scene at #ChicagoBiennial. Here, a child peeks into “Proposal for Collective Living II (Homage to Sir John Soane)” by Andrew Kovacs.