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Officially have a soft spot for big A6 saloons! Airlift kit, 3P and touching the floor!
Compressor and management hidden out of the way! Tidy and sneaky!
Another customer taking full advantage of the Black Friday Sales! 20% off!

Rhys Mk6 Jetta with full 3P management!
Saturday is a Sams day at ArezAir! We're putting in an order this week. Let us know if there's anything from the Sams range you'd like brought in for you. Save yourself on some postage! Kegs. Cleaning equipment and bottles. @samsdetailinguk is a kick ass product. We wouldn't sell it if we wouldn't use it!
When the customer wants something different in his boot build, so you spend your days learning to code just to do something different with LEDs. This project is really bringing out my inner geek. Rgb leds that we can code to be any colour and work on any way. Chasing. Flickering. Fading. Anything at all. Loving it!
Eibach springs going in! F30 dropping around 40mm and making the cornering that much better!
Airlift black Friday deals AND finance available!
We don't just fit. We also supply kits. We had the privilege of fitting @calvin_mk5 old Jetta kit, but this time, he wanted to go for it himself. We were happy to supply everything he needed, and give a few pointers along the way. It will be nice to see a properly stances IS200 back on our roads in the future!
Set of BC Coilovers supplied and fitted for this customer! A few days to settle, then back in at the weekend for minor adjustments!
And @bcracingna as well! Set of kick ass coilovers for something a little different!
@hardrace.europe is also something we can supply! Today is a set of front camber arms 😏
Just a reminder that we're here for all your automotive needs. From maintenance and repair, to all modified parts! Including @air_lift_performance , @intermotiv , BC Racing, @kw_suspension , @scorpionexhausts , @samsdetailinguk , @fifteen52_uk , @rotiform. That's not including all your audio, in car camera and car alarm systems! Boot builds, audio builds and custom parts are right up our alley! Wheels. Coilovers. Inside and out, we can help! You send it, we'll mend it. Give us a shout if there's anything we can help with!