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Stand up and embrace your fears. If you窶决e afraid, be afraid. Cry if you must, but don窶冲 let it stop you. It窶冱 time to go for what you窶况e always wanted. It窶冱 not too late. As long as you breathe, as long as you feel, there is opportunity. It is possible. Try.
I baked my coworker a heart-shaped brownie for her Valentine窶冱 Birthday! 汳懺沽
Vanilla with Charcoal and Cooked Cream 汳懺沚ヲ
When life hits you hard, bake something delicious. Then whatever crap you窶决e going through will be a little bit sweeter than it was yesterday. #hwaitingbts
#BTS 汳 #btsxarmy
Color your life with smiles, laughter, love, and acceptance.
Chase the joy you crave. You deserve it no matter what your mind tell you otherwise. :: CK sweater from Marshall窶冱 沽 ::
I had so much fun taking photos today with my @olympuscamera epl-8. Note to self: two batteries won窶冲 be useful if you don窶冲 charge them, so don窶冲 forget to charge them! 沽
Current favorite mask.
Happy new year窶冱 eve. Here窶冱 to all the genuine smiles of 2018. I hope everyone will be so lucky to share it with people anywhere and everywhere.