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This weekend at the Wilson location! Bring canned goods for the Wilson Soup Kitchen and get your Christmas pictures taken with Deadpool, The Krampus, and any other character that might be hanging out! Sunday meet the 501st and come see some really special animal guests! Check out our Facebook event pages for more details!
The kids are playing to a packed house and we have gotten a TON of dog food for the Maggie Society. It's not too late to donate so come on out!
Processing a new collection! 1st punisher, 1st Moonknight, walking dead #1-32, 1st Thanos, 1st venom! Six long boxes o stuff!
Addy Miller signing away! Toys for Tots is in full swing with a COMPLETELY full box and starting on a second one!
Junior high horrors signing! Get the Arkham Comix Exclusive for cover price today only!!!
We are doing a toys for tots drive all next weekend. We will have special guest Addy Miller out on Friday 11/30 at the Rocky Mount store from 5:30-7:30pm and the Wilson store on Sunday the 2nd from 1pm-3pm! Check out our Facebook event page for ALL the details!
Some of the exclusive comics for local comic shop day that are for sale! Also, Audrey ii is $5 for little shop of horrors day!
Anybody need some of this goodness??? #punisher #1stappearance
Check em out! Available at both stores!
Processing a GREAT collection.
Greetings from NC Comicon!
Halloween with Jim Winburn, Brockton McKinney, and the awesome Arkham  customers!