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French bakery in Kilcullen, cakes for all occasions, weddings, baking classes, markets and much more! Handmade by Armelle and Kenny

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Lovely day here @marlayparkmarket
We are all set here in Marlay Park Market #delicious #patisserie #marlaypark
There’s a new chocolate in town!!!
Ruby Chocolate 😍😍😍 Created by the Belgian chocolate house Callebaut, it is made from the ruby cocoa bean, which is naturally pink in colour.
So there is now 4 types of chocolate: dark, milk, white and ruby 🤗

It tastes of berries with sour notes, come by and have a taste!!! We’re in love with it 😍😍😍 #ruby
Looking for something to do today? Why not pop by Marlay Park Market for a treat or two?
Sunshine, cakes #happydays 😍☀️🤗
Meanwhile-back to today’s cakes 😋😋 @marlayparkmarket 11-4pm
Good morning from @marlayparkmarket 👋🏻
Happy gardening Peter 🤗
Really enjoyed doing this one, gorgeous theme & colours on such a sunny day last week!🌻 🌻
This was a cool one to do last week 👍
Wingardium Leviosa !!!
Happy Friday!!! 😍😍🤗🤗😋 #yummy #armelleskitchen