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General Abrams speaking to the attendees at the Forscom commanders conference dinner.
Arrival at Pope Field, Ft Bragg
There is still lots of work to be done here but the people and National Guard are make headway...lots of business are open and some normalcy is returning...part two will document our great Soldiers
Palm tree...don’t grow horizontal
Things that had a bad day after Maria and Erma(part 1)
A buoy marker to tie off a boat...unknown where the buoy  or boat are!!
This is the result when a young WO says “watch this Chief”!!!!!
Beautiful Sunrise and 15 degress i lost my Warrant Officer mind and went for a run...3 mi and think I got frost bite...
HI ARNG proudly displaying the Red Bull from their association during WW II
LTG Kadavy speaking to soldiers of the HI ARNG
I had the honor of attending the promotion of Col Davis Fleming III to Brigadier General...
Great day to welcome the 70th RTI’s newest Warrant Officers at their pinning ceremony.
On our way to the Arial Gunner Range with CW5 Wince DE CCWO