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CW3 Frank Hinnant receives a coin from COL Hines, WOCC Commandant, for his dedication to the Phase III RTI WOCS at Ft.McClellan, AL
Just as i was crossing the street getting more fired up...I noticed this...IT IS ALL ABOUT PERSPECTIVE!!!
As i was leaving the White House i noticed a Senior Warrant Officer i was not about to let this stand... I began towards the building entrance to get it corrected....
Army band Easter sunrise service Arlington National Cemetery
WO1 Palos NM ARNG recognized with the Command Chief Warrant Officer Coin for her outstanding work improving the Cohort
CW3 Smith (XO to the CCWO ARNG) “fly in a helicopter is not so great...oh wait let me quit smiling!”
Arrival in Santa Fe, NM to meet with Warrant Officers and Senior Leaders... check out the old school terminal
A beautiful morning Hawk ride with the New Mexico Army National Guard
MG Jon Jensen (TAG MN) gives his intent and expectations of the MN Warrant Officer Cohort during their WOPD.
CW5 Michelle Hartley receives, inspects and returns the Command Chief Warrant Officer sword during her Change of Responsibility.
New CCWO orientation WOPD with the Senior Warrant Officer Advisor to the Army Staff... this is the true intent of “One Army”
Idaho Army National Guard Command Chief Warrant Officer change of responsibility.  ATAG Col Schwartz, CW5 Roberts and CW4 Hartley.