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Direct strike during joint attack...Northern Strike
Chaplin (BG) Brandt, National Guard Chaplin gives one of the best speeches on Risk at Operation Northern Strike
MG  Gregory Vadnais welcomes guest  to the visitors day Northern Strike 2017
CW3 Lorelee Gill receives a  appreciation plaque for all here assistance to the FL ARNG WO COHORT.
Col Garry Thompson (Commandant Warrant Officer Career College) address the FL ARNG Warrant Officer Cohort at their muster in Orlando.
CW2 Lebron, commander of the ARNG Maritime unit giving me a tour of the LCM. I asked him to let me take it for a spin and his response "as soon as as you let him take a Blackhawk for one" .
Two young Puerto Rico Army Aviators responsible for getting this old aviator from point a to point b in one piece, on time and without asking "Chief what was it like to fly a Huey"!!!
Great Job!!!
BG Jon Jensen (34th Red Bulls Division commander) welcomes ARNG CSM's to Minnesota and the CSM conference.
Opening of the ARNG Command Sergeant Majors Conference.
Oh yes we do have Ships.  This LCM is one of four operated by the Puerto Rico Army National Guard.
General Grass presents CW5 Strumph with a National Guard Minuteman Award for outstanding service that had a National impact.
Missouri's National Guard Woman's Mentorship group, which Ms. Strump established, present a token of appreciation.