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Culturally inspired, naturally mixed skincare.
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🌧 Gloomy day remedy. | 🌞 Add a bit of “brightness” to your day and scrub away the dullness...with our #BaliPapayaRice “brightening + exfoliating” face masque. 💎✨ #ArtifactSkinCo
Friday self-care routine. ✨🧖🏻‍♀️🧖🏻‍♂️✨ #FridayFeeling #ArtifactSkinCo 📸: @hullosam xo
🔶🔷🔴⬜️◼️ | Product Tetris. #mondaymood
⚡️ GRAPEFRUIT ANISE ⚡️ | 💌 Receive a full size of our NEW lip balm #GrapefruitAnise, when you spend over $49 on your order! (before taxes + shipping) Starts today until Feb.14th. #LoveToSelf
☁️🧖🏻‍♀️✨ | Masking game changer. Using a #MasqueBrush to apply your mask gives you a nice even coat, uses less product and not as messy! #PaintYourMasqueOn 🎨
🎐 〰️ Mother (mère) of the sea (mer). #MerMerMonoi #BottledByMermaids
Full moon magic is in the air. A perfect time to stretch out your fins with #FinSoak coco clay bath milk. #WarningLegsMayTurnIntoFins
For all you stargazers out there, 3 lunar events will come together in an unusual overlap tomorrow (Jan.31 @ 5:51am EST) called “super blue blood moon”.
1) 🌑 : Blue Moon - 2nd full moon of the month.
2) 🌕 : Supermoon - when the Moon is closer to the earth in its orbit and it’s about 14% brighter than usual. The moon will pass through Earth’s shadow, forming a total lunar eclipse (more so in certain locations).
3) 🔴 : Blood Moon - while the Moon is in the Earth’s shadow it will take on a reddish tint, hence “blood” moon. ;)
#ArtifactExplorers #SuperBlueBloodMoon
🍫🍮🌱☕️🍊 ➖ Chocolate mousse dessert? OR Moroccan Tangerine Clay masque? #NationalChocolateCakeDay
In this face masque we use a special clay called Rhassoul, found in Morocco (beneath the Atlas Mountains). This clay has an unusual texture than most clays. It has a lightweight fluffy texture with a bit of grain to it (gentle exfoliants) - and when the whipped Shea butter is added, it gives this masque a more decadent mousse texture. This applies lightly onto the skin pulling out stubborn impurities from your pores but leaving behind moisturized and “awaken” skin! #MoroccanTangerineClay
🌞〰️ |  That Tennessee light. ✨ #MerMerMonoi #ArtifactInNashville 📷: @amyshag, rg: @lemon_laine
Bonne nuit. 🌙
Thank you to everyone who entered in our new year giveaway! We were so touched from all the love shared in the comments that we decided to giveaway our products to another pair of winners! 👯‍♀️+👯‍♀️
The winners are announced below.👇🏼
📷 via @piariverola
🌿 🛁 |  How #sundays should be spent. ⚡️
Also - only a few hours left to enter our new year giveaway! (ends: tonight at 11:59pm EST) We will be announcing the winners tomorrow. Good luck! ✌🏼 #WarningLegsMayTurnIntoFins
🕵🏻‍♀️⚡️🍚 |  One face mask, two times the renewing power WITHOUT the dryness. Our #BaliPapayaRice: 1)Exfoliates with fruit enzymes + vitaminC THEN 2)Exfoliates with finely stone-grounded organic #rice grains. 👊🏼 To prevent the skin from dryness we’ve added #Honey for its healing power. 🍯〰️🐝 #ArtifactSkinCo #PaintYourMasqueOn
⏰ *GIVEAWAY CLOSED* | To celebrate the #newyear we want to give you AND the person you nominate: ⚡️
1 x face masque of your choice
1 x masque brush
1 x Glossy Mane hair masque
1 x Milky Waves hair mist
1 x Tiare Tails hair oil
1 x Mint Clementine lip balm
To enter, tag a friend you have the most fun “getting ready”  with AND describe them in one word - in the comments below👇🏼. Lastly, make sure you’re both following us @artifactskinco!
Giveaway ends Sunday, January 21st, 2018 at 11:59pm EST
This giveaway is opened internationally.