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This is my #queen @alonakuusisto . And the hottest woman in the universe! I love her every day. Well, at least 3 weeks a month 🙄. She rules the house with an iron fist- just like a mother should.
What feminism should look like👊.
Pojasta polvi paranee! Menkää seuraamaan tulevaa #nfl tähteä @ddanielmalone_ . Se elää #paytheman mentaliteetilla ja ymmärtää että tulokset pitää ansaita. The future #superbowl ring holder is here. #earnthatring
When the local newspaper in 1994 calls you ”Aggressive Arttu”, after you lost your Karate national final due to excessive contact, you better have your hair game on point to back up your nickname. @hthl_newsdesk
”A black belt is just a white belt who never gave up”
So, I was promoted to black belt on my 40th birthday party. The promotion came completely unexpeted. To me, the most important thing was the guys that were there promoting me. The same guys that have been sharing the mats and the passion for strangling people with me. Thank you @greger_forsell for sharing your deep knowledge for the past few years. Thank you @harriniva @jarko_hammar  @marko_leisten @markkanen.sami Toni Linden ”Stoneface” @erkk72 @samsakko @vehnaterrieri @tepack for giving me a proper beating regularly and for carrying on building the best mma gym in the world @finnfightersgym . Thank you @hiltibjj for teaching me what a team is about. Thank you @pedroduartejj for being my master🙏. And thank you @alonakuusisto for understanding all of this ❤️.
They say that 1 out of 10 000 who start the journey in martial arts receives the black belt. I don’t know if this is true, but I do know that it takes passion for the art and living ”the search”- the endless pursuit of mastery, yet understanding mastery can not be reached. Just like the surfer searching for the perfect wave knowing that there is no such thing. It’s more about the people you meet and the wisdom you learn along the way. Maybe it’s all about the journey and not the destination.
📷 @alonakuusisto @jallu_saario
Koska aurinko paistaa ja tulevaisuus häikäsee ni Alfaländi kävi @synsamkamppi ssa hakee uudet blehat kevään kunniaks 🤩. #yhteistyö @synsamfinland
#alfalandpodcast ssa @defendogreendirector Petteri Kantola laukomassa totuuksia itsepuolustuksesta ja elämästä 💪. Linkki etusivulla.
The boy can fight. @ddanielmalone_
Yup, same rules apply if you want to date anyone of my daughters.

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#alfalandpodcastin vieraana @teemutapioeloranta , valmentaja joka korjaa ongelmat kun fitnesskisaajat ovat sekoittaneet aineenvaihduntansa treenaamalla liikaa ja syömällä liian vähän.