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Oranjestad, Aruba
We speak Happiness!
Home to TripAdvisor's 3rd best beach in the world, Eagle Beach.
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Paddle your way around the lush shoreline of Mangel Halto, a perfect place for a couples kayak excursion, with #ArubaLocal, Devin. Find more insider tips on island adventures from real Arubans at #MyAruba
We can't stress this enough! Please drive on assigned or designated roads only. When off paved roads, drive responsibly to protect our Shoco!

The One happy island has so many species that are endemic to the island and they need as much of our protection as possible. 
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Aruba is said to have some of the best sunsets....and we tend to agree! On the One happy island, it's always summer with temps averaging in the low 80's year round. 
The island is blessed with clear skies, bright sunshine (more sunny days than any other island!), and cooling trade winds practically every day of the year. Except for a few scattered annual weather events and some brief showers on some days (very welcomed by our tropical plants!), the sun does indeed always shine here!

Pic by Jennifer Carpenter Venable
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Lunch with a view. And what a view it is! The view at @bugaloearuba

You can eat fresh fish straight from the sea, share a glass of wine at sunset with your toes in the sand, or indulge in classic Italian in the shadow of a century-old lighthouse. 
Aruba’s restaurant scene is a great opportunity to sample delicious cuisine inspired by over 90 unique nationalities. From traditional Dutch to Asian, African, and Spanish, dining options are as diverse and welcoming as our people.

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Name a more iconic duo! We'll wait.

In case you were wondering, it's a dark and stormy (left) and pina colada (right) with a blue sugar rim that tastes like cotton candy! 
Be sure to check the Aruba Ariba as well when on island. What makes the Aruba Ariba so special? It’s unique to Aruba, but why?  Because every Aruba Ariba is made with coecoei, a liquor made from the sap of a local agave plant. The deep red sap is then mixed with rum and cane sugar.  It not only adds a distinctive taste and color when used as an ingredient, coecoei also packs a punch with its 100-proof alcoholic content.

Pic by @thesweetestescapes
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Our Carnival is a high-energy month-long celebration of pageants, music competitions, street parties, and spectacular parades, delighting and uniting the entire country.

The Tivoli Club, Aruba’s oldest private social club, was the first to have a pre-Lenten celebration in Oranjestad in February 1944. The first steel and brass bands debuted a few years later, and small parades sprouted here and there.

In 1955, various clubs and districts were brought together for the first public Aruba Carnival with the first official Carnival queen. The traditional Grand Parades were organized in 1957. On November 11, 1966 (11/11/66), at 11:11 a.m., Stichting Arubaanse Carnaval, Carnival’s organizing body, was founded. Each year, the Carnival season officially begins at this precise moment.

Wanna join us? We’d love for you to partake in any of our exciting Aruba Carnival events
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Marvel at the spectacular #Aruba sunset from Arashi Beach with #ArubaLocal, and happy romantic, Lilian. See more of her favorite romantic gems on #OneHappyIsland at #MyAruba
Did you know the Fofoti tree in Aruba is often mistaken with the Divi tree? A sure way to distinguish the two is to look a the roots, the Fofoti (pictured here) has more intertwined roots and is mostly found near the beach while the Divi Tree is found inland. However, both tend to grow in the direction the wind blows.

The most famous Fofoti tree can be seen on Eagle Beach in front of the @Amsterdammanor. 
Pic by @bombrush1
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Mondays don't have to suck, here's how:
1. Visit the One happy island
2. Find your favorite beach
3. Enjoy! (4. Pics to make friends and family jealous on social media; HIGHLY advisable)

Pic by @myviewinheels
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Aruba may be a relatively small island, measuring just 70 square miles, but the One Happy Island is bristling with fun things to do! 
You might be left wondering: What are the top things to do in Aruba?

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, because this Guide will introduce you to Aruba’s top-rated activities and attractions for 2019!

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Did you know that nearly 20% of Aruba is a designated National Park and home to a long list of animal species and plant life? The Arikok National Park is home to rare priceless gems that are indigenous to our island.

It is home to a variety of unique attractions and cultural heritage sites, including spectacular caves, original Indian rock drawings, unusual land formations made from lava, quartz diorite and limestone, guided nature walks through dry river beds to secluded bays like Moro, Boca Prins and Dos Playa.

The monthly 'Movie in the Park, watching a movie in open air under the stars, is worth a visit and a memorable experience for the entire family. Admission for this activity is free.

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Get your heart racing and experience 360 views from one of Aruba’s highest points, Hooiberg, on a hike with #ArubaLocal, Carolina. Find more insider tips on island adventures from real Arubans at #MyAruba