Stressful AF week,  but we're better,  we're stronger and onto things that matter. 
Each time I feel pity for myself and this week I have it by the truck load,  this fellow shows me the path to a higher and better place. 
If he can wade through the haze,  I'll be damned if I don't try hard enough. 
Happy weekend everyone and special love to all those who are going to be working this weekend.  You got this. 
Big love
Maina, my studio assistant went home to Assam for Bihu and got back yesterday. 
Just look at the array of things she got me. 
A chador mekhala,  a gamcha for the spouse - both hand woven by her mother. 
Assamese lemons which I will use in a lemon curd,  their traditional knives,  sundried chillies,  masoor dal and tea from her home town.  She also got me rice from her fields. 
Blessed to have her,  the nicest most hardworking woman I've met in a long long time.
Did a cooking workshop after a long time. I wish I could do more of these, but in the race they lose out to baking because baking is perceived as more glamourous. 
Pictured here is chilli basil tofu that turned out so perfect with the right balance of flavours and colour and texture.
Not everyday do I get a chance to have my picture taken. 📸 @magsnfrankie
This face, 7 years ago, came into our life and I didn't know he would become the centre, the corners and sides of it.

This picture was taken a week after we got him. Our home was full of friends who came to 'see' the pup bearing gifts as tho there was a new born in our house. 
The husband found this on his computer yesterday and sent it to me and I have the strongest urge to squish him back to this size. 📸 Courtesy @wabisabix
Nothing better than a freshly baked loaf of bread. Bread making is a useful skill and a truly life changing experience. 📸 @aggipette
Boozey Christmas cake. Did a trial yesterday with fruit soaking from 2016. 
It was pretty mind blowing even if I say so myself 😊
We've never met a puppy we didn't like. Meet Quinn and Zizou. Adopted by our friends and who Sage thought were perfect sized snacks 😝

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Spinach, crisp green apple, sweet fresh figs and a light dressing of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

New recipe up on the blog
#nationaldogsday it'seems. But a chance to end the Instagram drought with my most willing subject.... pretending to be wise and otherwise 🐒
Apparently it was world chocolate day yesterday which I missed as per usual! 
Here's a simple chocolate muffin shot by the super talented @mahadevkrsna aeons ago for my studio. The simplicity of the picture is what I love the most. 
Oh also, Happy Sunday!