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Caught this group of kids taking some cool pictures inside the Amer fort at Jaipur. The sweltering heat notwithstanding, Jaipur is such a clean, green and well kept city.
Here's a cake I decorated in a class I attended yesterday. Sharp edges of whipped cream and beautiful pastel rosettes on top. Such a beautiful cake tho thoroughly inedible. 
Inedible because of the unhygienic way the class was conducted and therefore the way this cake was handled. 
Inedible because of the bitter after taste the session left in my mouth with the rude high handedness of the instructor with students who were not  able to follow certain instructions​. Not everyone with superlative skill is cut out to be a teacher. If you don't have the grace or patience to deal with questions and answer them sincerely, do not teach. If you don't know how to handle adults in your class, don't teach. 
In ten years of teaching, I admit I'm demanding and exacting. We are human and sometimes do get irritated, but address it if it hampers the rest of the class. Simply picking on a person with insults won't get you far. 
This was a lesson to reinforce what I always felt. Be respectful of the people who trust you and your skill and come to you to learn. You have already been put on higher ground because of their faith. Do your damnedest​ best to give them what they signed up for. 
End of story.
July whizzed by. Mostly in a haze. Except that it was my birthday month, it was a pretty bad month and I'm glad to see it gone. 
On a side note, how is it already August? What are your plans for the month? 
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Two layers of almond Jaconde, layers of creme patiserie and strawberry salsa, dusted with confectioner's sugar. 
I attended a dessert making demo at the newly opened test kitchen a few days ago. It was interesting to be on the other side of the table.
Can I interest you in my Monday morning?
Just completed another 8 day baking course with a fun batch. This batch did everything - talk, talk some more, yell, got yelled at, laugh, did I mention talk? And yes learnt along the way. The only time #sagetales was off the leash from beginning to the end because I had to literally haul them back to the baking tables from petting and fussing over him.

That's l-r Prashant the iitian, Aparna from Dubai, pranav who's about to begin work at Amazon and Archana the designer.
Hyderabad right now. Adding to the rain and monsoon pictures on Instagram.
Literally the most reluctant subjects for photos. Taken by @marigoldmartini to mark the entering into a new year and decade
Filter kaapi and channa Dal vada ~ treats of spending a leisurely Sunday at mil's house. 
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Sulochana my cook makes the softest melt in your mouth aloo parathas. The weather this morning called for an indulgent breakfast. 
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Rainy evenings call for chai biscuit, my biscuit of choice to dunk into tea us the mildly coconutty nice time. 
What's your tea time indulgence?
The southern Italy Pop up being curated by chef Nicola Costa from Naples. He brings a wide repertoire of subtle and delightful dishes to the event. A lot of the dishes are recipes from his grandmother and completely home style. 
Do not miss the terrific arugula roasted pumpkin salad with a mousse like goat cheese, parsley linguini and the absolutely sublime parmigiana gelato. 
It's on at Tuscany, Trident hyderabad till 22june for dinner.