Hyderabad had the most beautiful skies today
If anyone needs me, I'm gonna be warming the couch all day .....
The last week to enjoy Ramadan treats. If you're looking for a varied selection of Ramadan food, head over to @farzicafe for their farzified iftaar offerings. 
Traditional fare with a twist, my favorite was this keema and water chestnut samosa served with mint pesto. The crisp samosa patti, perfectly light and flaky and stuffed with a keema filling spiced just right. 
The other favourites included a sahur special khichdi served with khatta, keema and lotus crisps in a nod to the Hyderabadi breakfast and a gilafi seekh served with Ulta tava paratha. 
Don't miss this!
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Woke up at the crack of dawn to chase the sunrise. I wasn't disappointed. 
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Honestly I love this picture so much. I posted it on stories but it deserves to be here. 
My Golden boy, taken by the golden light of the evening. He had such a fun day today. After class, we went out for lunch and he spent time lounging, being petted by strangers, meeting a 5 month old pup and just hanging with me and my niece. He is tired now and has settled in for an extended snooze fest, but the way he manages to take in anything the day brings is a hugely enjoyable part of being with him. He makes having a dog look so easy. 
Some days one just needs coffee
Baker, blogger, ace photographer and stylist. I will tell you that Deeba Rajpal is one of the most genuinely nice people you can meet both off the internet and in real life. A decade ago I asked where she got parchment paper from in India, and before the week ended, I had a roll of it sent by courier with my name on it. I met her for the first time at the food blogger meet and yet it felt like meeting an old friend. 
Last year I'd randomly asked where I could get a miniature orange plant that she uses so often in her bakes and pictures and she carried one for me in hand luggage all the way from Delhi. 
We met briefly yesterday in hyd as she's visiting a friend, with sage barking his head off in the background for being confined to the parked car!
Throwback to when this fellow looked like an otter! 

#nationalpuppyday 📷 Courtesy @deepa_rajan1
Navroze Mubarak! To celebrate Persian new year, all @sbowindia outlets have a special bhonu thali. Now if you know the Parsis and their love for good food, you'll know not to miss this. 
There are veg and non veg options. Both fantastic and the food and vibe at soda bottle is always welcoming. 
I stepped out for a food tasting after absolute ages and it was lovely to be with a group of people as passionate about food as I am. A lovely afternoon indeed.
We make the best pupcakes for your fur babies. This one is oats, ragi, wheat flour, peanut butter, carrots and bananas frosted with homemade peanut butter and cream cheese. Topped with treats. 
Wishing Sandy a very happy birthday.
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