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Eat Street of the World - the global street food festival currently happening at Amara. The festival showcases some known favorites and some new ones I got to try. The festival is on till 27th of May and is available for dinner. 
From the Indian offering I really enjoyed the Lakhanpur ke bhalle, reminded me of the South Indian style bonda, the live counter with pav bhaji, dhabeli and bhel Puri. The main course included some well made chole bhature and litti chokha. The Tex Mex offerings had some interesting dishes. I loved the picante banana peppers stuffed with beans and batter fried, the mini sandwiches with tomato soup aced for presentation and the sliders were good. 
From the Mediterranean offerings I loved the mezze platter which is almost always available at the buffet, didn't try anything else. 
What really stole the show was the Asian offering.  Everything from the chicken satay to the som tam, ramen in a vegetable broth, sticky rice bowls with meat ball soup and the outstanding chicken bao was excellent. 
The dessert counter had a good assortment of Representatives as well. There was Mishti doing, churros, mango sticky rice, raspberry gelee stuffed crepes to choose from. 
Food festivals are a good chance to showcase food from a region, rarely does street food get this kind of representation. If you're in for something different to try, do drop in at Amara for a treat.
What actually happens in my Young Chef Summer workshop πŸ˜‚. This is the twist karo, lick karo version they didn't tell you about 🍰
Miss the days when I would zip around town on my two wheeler - movies, shopping and just the occasional sight seeing. Have so many memories of shopping in these very same chappal shops on SD road with @maroonpaisley @nav_samuel. Some of those friends are social media hermits. Some aren't on insta. But oh the memories this brought me. Spent a brief part of the day with my dearest namesake and her family today. I'll be eternally grateful to the internet for connecting me to her @arun_rag
Favorite toy courtesy a very generous S via Instagram #sagetales
Happy #worldbakingday to all my fellow bakers. Whether you're​ a new Baker or a seasoned one, a professional Baker or someone who enjoys baking just for yourself, to challenge yourself or destress after a long day, we are all united by our love for baking. So cheers with this beautiful bread basket I put together a few weeks ago. 
Shot by the Uber talented @mahadevkrsna who always adds sass to my humble bakes.
There's a lot to be said about a restaurant that can make a meal that reminds you of food eaten at a friend or neighbours home in the past. For me it brought back memories of the countless meals at @sakinahussain73 house and for @nav_samuel it brought memories of Razia aunty's cooking. 
The food at soda bottle is authentic or not is not a debate I want to get into. I've not had too much parsi food to be judge of this. But this restaurant has consistently good food. We had keema pav, baida roti and kebab and this hyderabadi combo of khatti dal, talawa gosht with rice. Everything we ate today was outstanding.
The horrid summer just got better. These are organically grown himayat also known as imam pasand. Developed in Hyderabad this fruit is deeply fragrant almost floral, has thin skin, is fibreless and succulent flesh. Best eaten as is.

Each summer I wait patiently for my friend S to call and tell me they are ready. Since they're tree ripened, they appear only towards the middle of May. The wait is worth it because there is nothing that compares to a tree ripened mango. 
Call 9948765787 if you'd like some.
Sulking like kaikayi because he was left alone and Amma had to go to work. One real drama fellow this is. Also how does one get spoilt dogs off precious couches? 
#sagetales #goldensofinstagram #goldens_ofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #goldens #retrievers #spoiltdog
There's a brand new micro brewery in town and it's by far my favorite. The ambience is unmatched, the service good and the food on point. Amongst the beers, the Hydrabrew is my favorite. 
When the husband decided on an impromptu night out, this was my pick.
Taken by the very talented @mahadevkrsna  #sagetales
My happy bakers. So proud of them #escapadesculinarystudio #bakinginhyderabad  #hyderabad #kidbaker #bakingclass #summerworkshop #rainbowcake #rainbow
When a company celebrates 125 years and asks you to bake for them, how do you not say yes? Even if it is 600 cupcakes. This is one of the most fuss free clients I've ever worked with. They're easy to deal with, easy to talk to if you have issues sourcing stuff they need and are flexible with stuff everyone else fusses about like colour match and logos and will relentlessly follow up to collect payments πŸ˜‚

GE celebrated 125 years and I was honoured to bake for them. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with butter cream and whipped cream frosting. 
Thank you for being the sweetest ever client @theurbanpilgrim #mydayatge #cupcakes #baking #egglessbakes #frosting #buttercream #bakingmarathon