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It's a good day when I wake up to see the spirit of the space I've nurtured for over four years captured so beautifully in words and pictures in the newspaper. 
Our studio has been a place where you can overcome the fear of baking and do it while having fun! 
Read about it in today's The Hindu Metroplus in Hyderabad. There's a link to the online version in my profile as well. 
Thanks Prabalika for making my babbling sound so well thought out. ❤️
Always wanted a #tongueouttuesday picture of this fellow. He wanted to help in setting up the Christmas tree ❤️
An old fashioned Victoria sponge with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. 
A cake that takes me back to the no frills bakes of my childhood when Amma made basic cakes in her stove top Bundt pan and decorating it with homemade jam and gems. I still remember throwing a fit one birthday and insisting I wanted a store bought cake with pink and green 'icing' it was the most colourful cake my 7 year old self had seen and I was delighted. 
When it was time to cut it, I couldn't eat more than a small bite because of how dry and horrid it was. Lesson learnt, I went back to relishing the simpler cakes from our kitchen.
14 with this man who makes me a better version of myself every day simply because the bar is set so high. I didn't have the courage to imagine a life without him and I'm glad I was scared shitless enough to marry him.
Class schedule for November has been posted. Lots of exciting classes lined up. For the details on date, menu and fees check out our FB page.
This fellow had an epileptic attack yesterday. It was a bad one and it's drained him out. An epileptic attack for a dog is the equivalent of running a full marathon for a human. It depletes them that much. The only treatment immediately is sedation and complete rest for 36 hours. They also get clingy and want an anchor at all times which in this case is me. So I've been sitting with a giant dog in my lap for most of the day, reassuring him and myself that this will pass as quickly as we will it to. 
Sage has been epileptic for 4 years now. While his general quality of life is good, the attacks and  medication multiple times a day take their toll. Our life is a carefully planned ballet of managing his illness, our work and everything in between.

He does try his best to cooperate. I have never seen a dog willingly swallow as many meds as he does everyday. He is ready for the next adventure as tho nothing happened or his next walk or welcome every one into our home with a cushion in his mouth. He truly lives every day like it's going out of fashion. 
This dog has taught me more patience than I ever  thought existed, and has willed me to look at the silver lining in every dark cloud. 
Send us some love. We'll send it right back to you.
A friend sent me home grown passion fruit, the internet threw up juicing as the first option and I obliged. 
I made a concentrate with  the pulp of 10 passion fruit, gently pulsed in the blender, sieved to remove the seeds and mixed with 1/2 cup sugar and 1 cup water. Mixed till the sugar dissolved completely and adjust as per the tartness of the fruit. I added a large pinch of salt to balance the sourness. 
Crushed a few Thai basil leaves, put in lots of ice into a tall glass and 1/2 a cup of water. Topped the rest of the glass with the concentrate juice. It was fantastic! Tasted a lot like pineapple juice, but with more depth of flavour, very fruity and I'm just imagining this as a summer drink. Will be an excellent base for white wine sangria. 🥂
Waiting for strawberry season again to make this  classic vanilla strawberry cake. 
Shot by the very talented @mahadevkrsna for @escapadesculinarystudio
The magnificent Hawa Mahal, captured on a cloudy day in Jaipur last month. 
One of the cleanest cities I've ever seen in India, Jaipur is gorgeous, well kept and respectful of it's rich heritage. 
Visit one of the many well maintained humungous forts and palaces, walk down the famous Johari Bazar for silver and precious stone jewelry, or Bapu Bazar (known locally as daku Bazar for being a tourist trap) that will put your bargaining skills to the test is something that will thrill a seasoned shopped. Have a glass of malai filled lassi at MI road or just sit in the spartan Anokhi cafe sipping on some freshly brewed coffee with a slice of  delectable carrot cake, Jaipur has something for everyone. 
#tbt #travel #india #jaipur
My friend @wabisabix shared this picture of her and #sagetales that popped up on FB memories. 
I miss this pup face and cannot believe I didn't smother him nice and proper. #flashbackfriday #goldenretriever #dogsofinstagram
Did I tell you I'm also a cat person? I love cats as much as dogs and growing up we had both, and they got along splendidly. With Sage we currently are torn between bringing home a feline sibling which is recommended for epileptic dogs and giving him all our undivided attention because of his, you know, single spoilt child status. 
Met this tortoise shell sitting outside Cafe mondegars, oblivious to the #mumbai chaos. I stopped to pet him and he was happy to accept neck scratches. 
Bombay is one of the most stray animal friendly cities. Cats and dogs thrive on pavements, markets and store fronts. People walk about peacefully, manoeuvring around sleeping animals. It's not uncommon for guards and store owners to feed and watch over these, like this fellow who was cared for by the cafe owners.
This time of the year is full of pretty walk trails. I love my evening walks with #sagetales. Both of us love meeting people and dogs, the walk is unhurried and the light is magical. Half a day away from him and I'm missing him like crazy. 
#evening #nofilter