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We make the best pupcakes for your fur babies. This one is oats, ragi, wheat flour, peanut butter, carrots and bananas frosted with homemade peanut butter and cream cheese. Topped with treats. 
Wishing Sandy a very happy birthday.
Then and now #sagetales
Back to base after a very indulgent, relaxing and gastronomically brilliant vacation. We stayed at some gorgeous places, ate a lot of good food, not exaggerating when I say not a single meal on this trip has been less than excellent, met a lot of interesting folk and got home safe and sound. 
We took a vacation after two years and this one more than made up for the long gap.
Morning runs need breaks to look around and get a broad understanding of how many dogs reside amongst the shacks and speculate about which ones will be friendly. .
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The freshest sea food at a family run homestay at Karwar. I'm not exaggerating when I say I haven't tasted this kind of food, so well made in a long time.

Sublime flavours, just the right amount of masala aimed to showcase the star ingredient and not over power it.  The last two days have been gastronomical heaven.
This trooper clocked about 900 kilometers from Hyderabad to Bangalore and then Mangalore over two days. 
Making himself comfortable in the confines of a car for hours, completely changed schedule, barking at stray cattle, accepting neck scratches from strangers we meet at pit stops on the way or sleeping in unfamiliar rooms - sage knows a thing or two about being a sport. 
This evening we took a boat ride in a rackety LPG cylinder powered 'motor boat'. He didn't think twice about hopping onto the boat and enjoying the sun go down over the river phalguni.  We're here in Mangalore for the next couple of days so if there are any must see and must do's please leave a comment below.
2017 was a year filled with so many small but significant things, goals achieved and relationships strengthened. 
It was a year focussed on the really important stuff. A year that was inward looking and one of the nicest in every way. I ended the year with much gratitude and begin 2018 with hope and excitement for what it will hold. 
I'm doing a journaling project on my blog, the one I actually used to write sans pictures. It's one of the nicest ways to look back in time. 
2018 - I'm excited about what we will accomplish together.

I am ready
I'm torn between wanting my own version of the popular pictures and loving what #Instagram threw up. 
My year has been good, filled with good things all around and the constant company of my furbaby.
Big shout out to @zero40brew that welcomes four legged fellows. They bring you water in a bowl and don't blink when your giant dogs sleep on the benches. Ofcourse our pets need to be well behaved, on a leash and not a nuisance to the other guests. 
I love this place
All set! The scene before friends and family arrived to celebrate a very special birthday. For another perspective of this same setting go see @marigoldmartini s feed.
It's a good day when I wake up to see the spirit of the space I've nurtured for over four years captured so beautifully in words and pictures in the newspaper. 
Our studio has been a place where you can overcome the fear of baking and do it while having fun! 
Read about it in today's The Hindu Metroplus in Hyderabad. There's a link to the online version in my profile as well. 
Thanks Prabalika for making my babbling sound so well thought out. ❤️
Always wanted a #tongueouttuesday picture of this fellow. He wanted to help in setting up the Christmas tree ❤️