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浅野屋 - Freshly baked bread and pastries made with premium Japanese ingredients and no preservatives. #asanoyasg

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Chocolate lovers, we heard you. We've expanded our cake selection to include a Chocolate Ganache Cake - definitely a guilty indulgence you wouldn't want to miss.
Father's Day is round the corner and here's little something you can get to surprise your Dad with. 
Limited pieces are available over the counter each day. For full set of cupcakes, please preorder 3 days in advance. Keep your orders coming as pre-order closes on 14 Jun 2019!
Irresistibly soft & buttery cream pan, perfect for anytime of the day! Available in Original and Caffe Latte flavour.
Are these breads also something that your Dad would love? 
Get any two breads from Dad's Choice and enjoy a cup or coffee/tea at a promotional price. Take this chance to share a bread with your Dad!
Here's something you'll be interested in. Try out Asanoya's Iconic Bread, and have fun earning stamps on our game card as you make your purchase. Earn rewards as you complete the card. Find out more from our friendly staff today! #AsanoyaIconicBread
It's just Thursday, when we're all hoping that it's already TGIF.  School and work may be driving us nuts, but having a Maple Walnut with a cup of coffee will surely perk us up :) #AsanoyaIconicBread
Look at that swirl! What's better is that our signature Karuizawa Green Tea tastes as amazing as it looks. #AsanoyaIconicBread
Did you know that you can get rewarded as you spend at Asanoya? Find out more from our friendly staff at any of our outlets today! #maituliao!
"Can I just lie on my tummy for the rest of the day because I ate too much chocolate for dessert just now? Oops." - Seal Bread
"I may look cute, but I'm definitely one Teenage Matcha Ninja Turtle!" -Turtle Matcha Pan
The day has finally arrived! Asanoya's Panda and Lion are joining the family to please your taste buds, with the fillings that they have been holding up inside. ;) Available at all Asanoya Outlets.
Stay tuned to find out who are the new animal friends joining our line up this coming Saturday, 11th May! Swipe left to find out more.