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Mount #Shasta, right now. Gateways open for this sacred passage and the 1212. Gatekeepers: All hearts on deck . Details on this shift at link in bio. 💛💎☀️💎💛
Lengthy article and last post for the year is up: Core Shift in Gaia and Organic Timeline Restoration - deep details on migrating realities and the upcoming shift.
We are preparing to migrate all realities to the organic #Ascension timelines.
Blessings Beloveds ~ Here we glow!

Lighting up SUNday to override and overwrite all lesser realities in the Now.
Into the Galactic alignment, United as one force of Source, welcoming all to the table of Unity Consciousness and Divine Intent!

This is our highly charged annual sacred passage, and preparation to lift as many willing hearts with the December influx as possible. A New Light level and core magnetic adjustment is expected to unfold this month between the 12-12 and 12-27.

Let us use it wisely and co-create higher realities of peace for all willing hearts in this NOW. *** Meditation is easy. Gathering the Tribe takes a collective effort. Share, spread the word, hang a flyer, create a post, invite everyone to this free, offline connection. The next three weeks are reality-changers and we're going deep. *** Global Mass #Meditations on SUNday ~ Join in the good work, shine your LoveLight and infuse the field with #peace and Divine #Love. ALL are welcome!
We plant our highest intentions in the fertile soil of New Earth Now. This is a passage to demonstrate and utilize the power of organic #Unity. Let us strengthen the vibration of #Peace and open the crystalline bridges to the New Earth in our hearts and DNA, in this Now.

Gratitude for the shares, we appreciate your support of spiritual disclosure ~*~ Invite everyone to participate as we hit the magic 7000-at-once coherence tipping points for peace, higher realities and global Ascension.

Meditate on SUNday at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11 am, and 5:11pm Pacific Time (time zone converter below). 33 minutes is all we ask. Join in to feel the light.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with #Ascension!
Be true, dear hearts. Creating in alignment with with harmony, integrity, HUmility and Divine Love reveals Unity Consciousness. Bear witness to your unique expression - Wayshower changes are imminent. 
Because #Ascension.
Support the collective release of old timelines ~ We have a New Moon on Thursday night that is already in play. 
Embodiment requires, and amplifies, dismantling of old structures. Support the global rewrite by shifting, releasing what does not serve your highest expression - right now. Whatever feels old, negative, repetitive without purpose, waiting game programs, fears, doubts, emotional drains, all that was created in the distortion which no longer amplifies the higher vibration of LOVE, higher creations and peace, within and without ...

Because #Ascension.
#starseed #lightworker #gatekeeper #love #peace #resurrection
Major energy shift approaching with the 12-12. Use this week to shed, surrender, shift to meet the New level. ALL is amplified. Choose to embrace embodiment of your Source Self ... and take action to demonstrate that you are participating in the New. All moves in the direction of Ascension are supported.

Newsletter with the full article, tools and events comes out Thursday. Sign up at Because #Ascension.
Strong waves as we enter the December Hot Zone. Global Mass #Meditations on SUNday ~ Join in the good work, ALL are welcome!

This is a passage to demonstrate and utilize the power of #Unity. Let us strengthen the vibration of #Peace and open the crystalline bridges to the New Earth in our hearts and DNA, in this Now.

Invite everyone to participate as we hit the magic 7000-at-once coherence tipping points for peace, higher realities and global Ascension.

Meditate on SUNday at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11 am, and 5:11pm Pacific Time
Beloved #Lightworkers, Let us show HUmanity what is possible with #Ascension! 
#Gratitude for spreading the word, we deeply appreciate your assistance!
This is a passage when standing up in your full voice and expression as a Guardian of the New light is ESSENTIAL. 
December - January energies support first embodiers; how are you going to show up for yourself and the Tribe?  Clarity and Inspiration for this level of service is available if you need it.

Wayshower Embodiment: Modules Focused on Empowerment

Clarifying Goals, Mission and Service: Discover your true calling in this Now. Un-veil your unique expression of service to align with the new level we are all moving into as Lightworkers.

Fears, Trust, Communication: Clearing the blockages to showing up as your Highest Self, and how to express the radiant voice of the Heart.

Challenges: Becoming a productive, consistent, clear conduit for Divine Service ... and how to handle the pushback and feedback that every Wayshower must face. Accepting an abundant, supported service level that gives without becoming depleted. Deep dive from a seasoned Wayshower.

Alignment: Working with HUmility, Integrity and in Divine Flow. Light-Encoding your services for maximum effectiveness.

Content Creation: The big download on tools, what works, and what is needed to get started or uplevel your service.

Plus truly helpful tools, prompts and seasoned Wayshower tips for ease and grace.

Click Link in bio> Classes and Events.  Instagram folks, use the coupon code: empowerment at checkout for $111 off any class all through December. 
Because #Ascension.
New Installment of the Gatekeeper Journal is up at ~

The more we release and create the New, the faster and easier the old fades out of our realities. Run with the positive energy of this trajectory shift. Take note of what areas of your lifestream are presenting Divine opportunities to change, rise, express, and create.  Primary Christed Timelines provide support for your heart-aligned choices right here, right now. Encourage your fellow Lightworkers to release the waiting game and jump to these higher timelines of co-creation in the Now.

The consistent rise of the Light quotient on Gaia allows for collective trajectory shifts. Our collective unification is co-creating these shifts with external cosmic factors, activating these accelerations of the Ascension itself. It also accelerates disclosure, global system dismantling, and energetic and elemental shifts within and upon Gaia. This is reflected on a personal level (collapse of the old template of Self.) Spiritual Disclosure: The Gatekeeper Journal

Gratitude for the encouragement to make this a regular installment. By sharing our experiences, giving and receiving them in Divine Neutrality, we encourage Unity consciousness. I select journal entries which feel like they have codes for others: Confirmation, understanding, or expansion.

Read this month's entries and observations at link in bio. Because #Ascension.
Our collective timeline shift Gateway is complete. Unfoldments from this shift will present; pay attention to the New. This is fertile soil; plant your positive, highest intentions well. 
Create the miraculous through Divine Neutrality ... Get clear, intend, pray, meditate and watch what presents as the New trajectory anchors in. Be in your Mastery of the Heart; open as a conduit of Divine Love and all. will. present. Let the higher levels show you, let it happen.

Gatekeeper Journal comes out on Thursday; sign up for the Newsletter at link in bio.

Because #Ascension.
Blessings Beloveds ~ It has been a strong Gateway-Full Moon-Timeline Shift passage, which is anchored with our unified Mass Meditations on SUNday. The blending of the Love of Source, Love of Self, Love of others is strong. This is a collective initiation indeed.

Regardless of what you are going through, the invitation to be part of the higher solution is open to all willing hearts.

The desire to be a conduit for peace and the unfoldment of the miraculous demonstrates integrity and pure intent. When you feel good, you do the good work. When you feel off, you do the good work.

Meditation practice builds spiritual strength, lights up the DNA and clears the energy fields. When we do this collectively, we change realities.

Consistency demonstrates a deep understanding of the larger cosmic perspective. Especially with meditation. The practice of going within to honor Source truly accelerates this Ascension. It also assists with embodiment; the constant state of higher beingness in the physical.

Gratitude flourishes during the holiday season. I find myself weeping with gratitude a lot lately. How blessed we are to have each other, how honored I AM to serve this Light Tribe.

With many personal anniversaries/timeline markers coming up, I see how much has been accomplished with this big Galactic Ascension project. My Gratitude Stream flows far and wide. Such expansive love for all that has occurred in these realms.

I AM deeply grateful for all who take the time to connect with our SUNday global infusions of Love, Peace and Grace every week. You are truly witnessed, cherished and celebrated for this demonstration of unity consciousness.

Infinite Love and gratitude to all of us. Because #Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,
Timeline shifts require wait-less-ness. LIGHTen the load. 
Because #Ascension.