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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Embodiment and Crystalline DNA is a complex topic. The experience of embodiment, and witnessing the changes it is making in our Ascension process, was the focus of this conversation with Lauren Galey. Here is the video replay of our latest Quantum Conversation. (First article right now on my homepage - link in bio.) We also discuss shifts in Wayshower Services, and the new level of creativity as we embody our Mulitdimensional Self. Take a moment to subscribe my youtube channel while watching. Thank you for your support!

I was on the mountain last night, preparing for the Equinox Gateway. Energies are intensely pure, Lightship activity is busy, and the bliss activation is palpable. Give yourself the gift of being outside to feel this influx. Get your crystals outside as well; mine asked to get out on the land to receive the upgrades. Join us as we will meditate as One at Equinox peak, Saturday September 22 at 6:54pm PDT.

Have a beautiful and sacred Equinox weekend!

In Love, Light and Service,

Because #Ascension.
Because #Ascension.
Join me and Lauren Galey for a Quantum Conversation LIVE on Wednesday, September 19. Register at or check out my Newsletter on Wednesday for links. Big Equinox Light requires big conversation - excited to share the unfoldments! Because #Ascension.
Gratitude to all joining our Global Unity Meditations this day. Pure light flowing through the field ~ brilliant Divine Heart unifications! 
Whole body buzzing after 44 minutes of the Gayatri Mantra _()_
One more meditation at 5:11pm PDT. I'll be beaming from the mountain. Blessings from Quan Yin and the Peace Garden in Mount #Shasta.
Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ ~Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ ~Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi ~ Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt
(We meditate on that most adored Supreme Lord, the SUN, Creator, whose Divine light illumines all realms. May this divine light illumine our intellect.) Because #Ascension.
Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ 
We prepare to receive maximum light for a positive trajectory shift and activations on behalf of the whole. Holding the diamond-solar-crystalline bliss of Divine Christ Consciousness, we open the Gateways this week.

Join the Global Unity Meditations on SUNday September 16 at 5:11AM, 8:11AM, 11:11AM and 5:11PM PDT (Note the added earlier time!) We unify as One to provide a synchronized trigger for peace, harmony, balance and Ascension. Invite everyone to participate.

Equinox takes place on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at 6:54 pm PDT. That equilibrium point is based on an off-planet spot in space, not daylight hours in your time zone.

Plan sacred ceremony, unification, heart-based creation and peaceful celebration in New Earth Now mode for the Equinox. Intend the highest trajectory shift for all concerned.

Wayshower Empowerment: The new class has begun! Check the article for registration and class participant details.

Join me and Lauren Galey for a LIVE High-Vibe conversation about Embodiment and the Equinox on Wednesday, September 19 at 3pm PDT. Link in article.

Energies have been extraordinary this month. There are only four more Gateway trigger points for 2018. We will have the 12D layer anchored by end of the year, most likely with the Gateway at the end of November. Let’s make it count. So it is!

In Love, Light and Service, Sandra
Article Link in bio ~*~
Wayshower Empowerment has officially begun!  Anyone who has created an online class knows the massive amount of work that goes into content creation. Celebrating the little victory of launching the class in pre-Equinox energies. Wowza.

Taking Friday evening for self-care ... Newsletter comes out tomorrow, Equinox Gate focused Unity Meditations on SUNday. 
Join the new class anytime, it's there whenever you need it. Weekly new content through October, and six months of anytime access to all of it afterward. Details at (link in bio)
Because #Ascension.
This new freedom means we need to create responsibly, unlike the Old Paradigm leadership. We cannot replicate any of those old dynamics; they do not serve and are being removed. We have the new keys to the kingdom and this Now Renaissance has created new timelines to experience higher truths.

Wayshower class begins Saturday. Join us! Register at link in bio or visit

Because #Ascension.
Planetary Veils: Magnetosphere-based, influenced by Planetary, Solar, and Galactic intention. During dimensional collapse/merging of dimensional aspects, the magnetosphere thins to allow more photonic light (pure light), plasma, and cosmic particles into/onto the planet. We are experiencing significant magnetosphere penetration during this passage, breaking apart the time-space dynamics of the old 3D-4D, allowing for rapid evolution of consciousness (jump time). Collective Veils: Noosphere-level agreements of the HUman collective; currently being treated with an incredible amount of compassion by grounded teams and the Higher Realms, which are merging. Even with tremendous cosmic triggers in play, the collective agreement to honor all journeys as best we can remains intact. When the collective experiences fear/anxiety/contraction with the shifting energies, higher-level adjustments are made to honor all conscious and subconscious thought forms/creations.

OverSoul Veils: Soul Group agreements. The Ascension process/Mastery path of a Soul Group. Dependent upon the objectives of the OverSoul, affected by Soul Group accomplishments, In-Carnate choices. When a tipping point is reached in Soul release (release to higher service rather than Soul path intentions), the OverSoul dissolves this veil.

Personal Veils: Perceptional level of In-Carnate consciousness which merges with OverSoul perception during Ascension. Merge triggered by OverSoul level, dependent upon Conscious Choice of In-Carnate level to Ascend.

Because #Ascension.
Happy New Moon  weekend (SUNday at 11:02am PDT) Let us unify for our #Global #Unity #Meditations for #Peace, #Unity and #Love. Join thousands on SUNday at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm PDT. Meditate in the stillness of Divine Love for 33 minutes. Gratitude for sharing! Because #Ascension.
Because #Ascension. So much NEW in this Now.
Heart-radiating gratitude as I celebrate my re-birth week and In- Carnate Anniversary on Wednesday. After a brief visit to Sedona to clear the wildfire effects, I AM feeling my embodiment stronger than ever. The car crash injuries dissolve, my DNA is reflecting my Higher Self, and I AM excited to create the New. Gratitude to @gisellekoy for seeing me clearly and capturing these lovely siSTAR photos 🙏
We are amplifying and managing ever-increasing light quotients on this planet. 
To be conscious of our evolution is a gift; to realize what is occurring, engage with divine will, and choose your experience moment-to-moment is wisdom. Dig into the deeper aspects of what your Higher Levels desire to experience as the body morphs to your intentions. 
Feel the intensity; guide the body, mind, emotions, ego, spirit through the process day by day. This is why we trained so much for these energies – to be in the Now, knowing what is occurring and consciously participating with our Ascension process.

Note where your attention is focused. Realize just how high of a vibration the level of Christ consciousness is, and what it takes to embody it. It brings about deep cellular rewrites as the crystalline activates in the body. 
Embodiment is challenging. A reminder of what we have said so often: Ascension affects all aspects of your journey – mental, emotional, egoic, spiritual, kharmic, and the physical. It’s not something that is bestowed upon you, it is offered as a possible experience.

Because #Ascension. More tools, classes and events at link in bio.