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Guess who’s baaaaack? B21 teachers got together today to talk about some exciting things for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. We also want to thank @homebase610 in Bethlehem for coordinating a school supply drive with a recent sneaker release! They gifted several teachers some goods to start the year off strong. What about you?! Any questions about the start of the year? What are you most excited for?
A sneak peak at some of the creative caps created by our #classof2019 graduates!
Congratulations to our ASD family over at @asddieruff and @asdallenhs on their graduation ceremonies today! B21, Monday it’s OUR turn! Make sure you make it to Miller Symphony Hall at 9 am on Monday for rehearsal! 👩🏽‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓
We are so proud of Mrs. Horan’s year 1 science students that participated in the ASD Science Fair this year! Great job!
We are so close to the end! But it wouldn’t be a proper end to the semester without an exhibition showcase! Come see some of our most impressive student work tomorrow at 5 pm! And if you are interested in showing your work it isn’t too late! Talk to your advisor!
Ms. Routson’s math classes always have the best projects! Check them out in the 2nd floor bullpen during exhibitions today!
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You’re ready for the world; is the world ready for you?
If there were a competency for identifying your teachers 20+ years ago you would all get a 12! Here are a few bangers to swipe through before we get to the main event tonight. Be safe everyone!
Ms. Salter is correct! Okay last one before we share a bunch- This teacher ended up marrying their prom date! Who are they?
You guys are good! That was Ms. Harlen! How about another one? This lady in red will be at prom tonight! Who is she?