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Real friends do whatever it takes to get the shot! 📸
Belated birthday surprise for Solange! Idk anyone that loves tea more than her so it was only right. We participated in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony as well! 🍵  Then went Italian for #linner. 🍝
Dropped my munchkin off to college today (and organized and unpacked her stuff like the mother I am lol)! It hasn’t settled in that she’s not coming back for a while. I’ll probably be crying tomorrow when it does.
Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending the @artistry_nyc ‘Urban Creativity Fashion Show Season One’ to support my best friend @mlocke523 and her brand @itsmlocke. This was her very first fashion show but who would have known with the quality of this presentation! This is only the beginning but I’m so proud of all that she has accomplished in her short time as a fashion brand owner. It hasn’t even been a year yet and she’s been tapped by celebrity clientele and for this show. I’m so blessed to be surrounded by the women in my life who consistently keep me motivated. The real reason for my personal success is because of the company I keep. People like you, Michelle, who work so hard and build their own doors if others don’t open. So proud of you! I love you!! 💕
Been out literally all day but can’t forget to wish my favorite person a happy birthday. Happy 18th Birthday Beebow! 😘
This morning in the elevator. I’m having an exceptional hair day.
Got a random LinkedIn message a few weeks ago about a PR Associate opportunity at Chanel that I initially thought was fake... turns out it wasn’t lol! Home for the next few weeks. 💄
Thanks for all the birthday wishes! 🎈
Only real fans are hip. (btw that’s not me belting in the background lmao but I feel you my good sis. Sang!) #ChrisBrown #HeartBreakOnAfullMoonTour 💔🌕
My very first concert in middle school and now my most recent one was @chrisbrownofficial. Literally can’t thank @addictedto_lv enough for taking me last night! This has been my best birthday to date. 💔🌕 #ChrisBrown #HeartBreakOnAfullMoonTour