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ᴜɴᴅᴇʀᴄᴏᴠᴇʀ ᴘᴏᴇᴛ. ɹǝʇɟıɥsǝdɐɥs. ʀᴇʙᴇʟ. 🇳🇬
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Only real fans are hip. (btw that’s not me belting in the background lmao but I feel you my good sis. Sang!) #ChrisBrown #HeartBreakOnAfullMoonTour 💔🌕
My very first concert in middle school and now my most recent one was @chrisbrownofficial. Literally can’t thank @addictedto_lv enough for taking me last night! This has been my best birthday to date. 💔🌕 #ChrisBrown #HeartBreakOnAfullMoonTour
Yesterday celebrating my birthday early at @everydayppl
Snacking 🍫
Adventuring with @addictedto_lv...
🍦#ThePintShop 🏙 #TheHighLine 🍤 Roti #Negril
I am so incredibly proud of this young woman who worked so hard and achieved so much throughout her high school career! She was noted as an individual who is leading the youth in her yearbook interview being that she was a head peer leader and track captain. This past year she was also nominated for the Maroon Award “which is presented to students who do things to make RHS a better place.” In T&F she has been varsity all four years, holds a school record, is nationally ranked and just won athlete of the week in our county. Additionally, she has maintained a minimum 3.5 gpa throughout her high school career. I’m sure her teachers are glad she graduated because they won’t be receiving 3AM emails disputing errors in grading (like a true African child) 😂! On top of that, she was a volunteer part-time teacher’s assistant until she got her first job recently. Last weekend she even received the highest award that The Order of the Lamp Scholarship Org. offers due to her academic excellence in addition to local track scholarships. In the fall of 2018 I am proud to share that she will be attending Monmouth University as a D1 student athlete with academic scholarships studying political science with a concentration in legal studies on a pre-law track. If you read all that, kudos, but honestly this was for you @alexisuzoaru, to make sure you took the time out to celebrate your accomplishments. You are always thinking about the next goal once one has been accomplished and never celebrate your accolades but look at all that you’ve done by your damn self! I’ll continue to embarrass you by telling everyone all you’ve achieved and I will continue to support you til the day I pass. I love you Bobo and can’t wait to see how else you will evolve and the impact you have on this world. 🦅 #GoHawks #ClassOf2018 #HighSchoolGraduate #prelaw #athelete #MySisterAlexisIBragDifferent
I will definitely be posting about my munchkin again but it’s honestly taking everything in me not to cry at the moment. This my BEST FRIEND y’all and now she’s a high school graduate! 💐 #classof2018
Last night at #everydayppl like “I’m good luv. Enjoy.” I wish I was joking but a couple of y’all was bold lol.
In honor of my nails being done for the first time in a year (did them myself), it being a year since I got this tattoo and a year today, since #CTRL debuted. I still have CTRL on repeat. 🎶
It’s almost that time of year where I watch soccer faithfully as if I’m a die hard viewer year around. Imma fraud lol. 🇳🇬
Weeping* Mine is a triceratops.
[Edit] Who tryna ‘Land Before Time’ & chill? Lol
Lets talk about how squinty my eyes are without glasses! | Last photo I’ll share of my graduation day. Now it’ll be 6 months before you see my face again lol.