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Currently listening to “Beggin & Pleadin” by @4everbrandy because it’s been in heavy rotation since it dropped a couple years ago. Made me think about her influence on my life. ‘Never Say Never’ was one of the first albums I ever owned,(I bought 8701 the same day,) and I been rockin with her ever since. I used to sing “Have You Ever” in elementary before I knew a damn thing about love or even liked boys romantically lol. I cried to that same song during my first break up in college. I faithfully watched her on Moesha and I LOVED her in it because I saw myself... dark skin, braids, super skinny. Lord, the nicknames I’ve gone through as a kid because I have been petite most of my life. Up until a couple years ago that is, but I’m still not thicc like my friends 💔 lmao. I’ve gotten Olive oil, Pippi... (if you don’t get the references you’re too young for me lol). I moved with my grandma in fourth grade who lived with my aunt at the time and my aunt dead ass thought I wasn’t being fed lmao. Any ways, the love I got for Brandy is THOROUGH. Now I watch her weekly on @staronfox. Side note: she acts so well in it I forget I love her in real life lol. Cassie pisses me off. #KingOfRnB #Brandy
Pefect album for Slack + Self Care Sunday. The day I do my laundry, mask, Netflix and just rest my brain. At least during the morning through the afternoon. I’m too broke to be taking an entire day off. Usually back to doing some kind of work by the evening. Nonetheless, a chill vibe is mandatory for my Sunday and Summer delivers that. #CurrentlyListening #SummerWalker 🎶
Hair flourishing. Praying for blessings to follow suit. ✨
Finished the first book for @crooklyn_curls’ newly established book club #CitasLitLit. Happy about joining because it will hold me accountable for accomplishing my personal goal of reading more books. All I read are articles these days smh. Feeling accomplished! #WhyWaitForANewYearForAResolution 📚
Orbit by #Nao 🎶
- #TheAlchemist
#Creed2 did not disappoint!!!
(🚨 SPOILER❗️) I just want to say when Bianca sang for Adonis’ entrance my edges fell clean off! Also, Adonis’ reaction to her being pregnant... #BigDickEnergy! They almost made me wanna date again for half a second lol. 🤧 I really love their understanding of each other. They know each other to the core. #powercouple #blacklove
Throwback to when I had no obligations. #tbt #chocolatedrop 🍫
#NoteToSelf ✍🏾 [designed by @subliming.jpg]
Idk what to make the caption but the post feels empty without one.
Last night supporting my baby mama. I’ll always be front row for whatever she does. Periodt! 📸: @scarycarol (I wanna shoutout Caroline and her photography skills because it was dark in there and I’m dark skin but somehow this happened. 💕)