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Throwback Day 3/5

Lester woke to the sound of heavy breathing. “What is that?” He hissed, “Who is that?” His eyes strain against the shadows in the blacked room. He could almost swear the floor to been moving. Though he shrugged it off to all being in his head. “Dolly,” His voice was coyer than before as if he tried to lure her out from the shadows, but, Dolly wasn’t there. Neither was Thal. What Lester didn’t know is Thal had planned to do an experiment. One that unless sedated would cause excruciating pain. He wouldn’t have felt it with the anesthesia she intended to give him. “Dolly, I can hear you breathing. Dolly, you need to come out.” Unbeknown to him, his mind would begin to play tricks on him.
“Lester, I’m this way.” Dolly would whisper, “Lester.” A smile crawled across his face as he reached into his boot to pull out a hidden blade.
“Oh, Dolly?”
‘Lester, this way.” She was always just a few steps ahead of him. Managing to escape before he could get his hands on her, but, he was still inside the cage, and her voice was coming from around the corner.
Searching for a way out he had seen the vascular structure of the container and it only reminded him of Dolly’s neck, the arteries as they struggled to pump blood through her body. He couldn’t keep his hand from running the blade through many, separating each from each other causing whatever was breathing to let out a sharp agonizing scream.
“Dolly. Come out, come out wherever you are.” He followed her call through many corridors, missing a meeting with Thal each time. She began her search as she heard her ship scream.
“Oh, Earthling, come here.” Thal would beg, “we need you for knowledge.” She roamed the halls only a few steps behind him as he chased the ghost of the late Dolly Rogers. 
He could almost smell her as her perfume would linger in the halls. A memory that only drove him crazier. “DOLLY ROGERS, COME OUT.” His growl was deep and throaty. “Dolly, I’m coming for you.” His footsteps only grew heavier as seconds slipped by.
“Lester, I’m behind you.” Dolly sang and Lester turned heading straight for Thal with a look of death in his eyes.
Throwback day of 2/5

Lester couldn’t see much in the dark ship. His body cocooned in a weird fibrous substance leaving only his head in the light-less room. “Let me out!” He’d call, “NOW!” With all his struggle the fibers wouldn’t let go, they only tightened until he could no longer breath, and it forced him to pass out. He came to only moments later with a new hunger to destroy whoever did this. He was sure it was Dolly. She was the reason he was taken last time after all. “She hired men to dispose of me. Unfortunately for her, they didn’t succeed. Did she hire you too?” No one knows who he was talking to, maybe he thought the owner of the ship was listening. He was taken in the darkest time of night, injected with a tranquilizer and buried alive. Dolly and her new lover would have inherited everything. His business. His money. She even demanded his ring finger with their wedding band still wrapped around the base. But, as the hired goons cut into his hand, he jolted awake, took what information he needed and disposed of them as they would have him. Even taking the ring fingers to Dolly in a nice bow tied box.
“You’re awake. Good.” The whispered voice slivered through the room indistinguishable from which direction. Until her cold hand came upon his face. His sullen eyes met her translucent ones, “I am Thal. I have chosen you to contribute to our knowledge of your planet. We don’t wish to harm the natural process of it either. We only a few completely at random. None of this actually matters but, I wanted you to know you're going to a good purpose- knowledge. We will provide an information transport during all experiments. You won’t feel a thing.”
His hostess continues on and on about how necessary research is to her people. How they need him. How he is important. But, he could only see Dolly. He could only hear her mocking him, even as a being from another planet stood before him. “Dolly, Dolly, Dolly.” He said, “You should let me out. Come on, Dolly.”
“I am not Dolly,” Thal repeated. He wouldn’t listen. He continued to threaten and struggle. She tired of Lester quickly and no sooner did the cocoon stifle his breathing, putting him to sleep again.
Throwback story day 1/5

Her screams would have been heard all around but he had taken her to an empty field where only the corn stalks could hear her. She had lost so much. Her voice was becoming wet and filled with exasperation. “You don’t have to do this,” were the last words to drip from her now purple lips. Oh, but she didn’t know the urge inside him, the monster that called when too much time had passed. And, she didn’t know that this was not because of her. He never saw her for who she was, just who had broken his heart and left him for dead. He was just about to finish with his complimentary kiss upon the cheek in her favorite NARS Scarlet Empress lipstick when there was a slight rustle in the stalks. Everything is quiet. You see Lester Flowers spooks easily. He took it as a sign, picked up the late Sarah Gonzo acting as the later Dolly Rogers, and road off to another location. It was emptier. No corn, no homes, and out here, not even a street light. 
Unfortunately, for Lester, his compulsion to kill is partnered with routine, and if he strays once, he must begin again. He lifts Dolly into the air, clasping her throat so tightly it would have crushed if it hadn’t been already. Though, poor Sarah was alive the first time. “Oh, Dolly, Dolly, Dolly,” he’d say, “You shouldn’t have left and said ‘no’ that last time. Oh, Dolly, you’re going to pay for what you did.” He slams her onto the ground. Her head cracks again, furthering the initial fracture. Sarah is even more indistinguishable as his fists continue to pummel her face. “I Hate You.” Always his last words before the final goodbye.
Lester always gathered the corpse’s lip stamp before leaving her with one of his own. “Goodbye, Dolly.” He found a quite silence after is the most comforting. It would have like every other time, if not for the silent low hum in the air. There are no lines out here. There’s nothing to hum. Again, Lester scans the area but finds nothing. No later than when he relaxed did a bright blue particle web surround him. Instantaneously he was weightless and being carried through the air only to disappear into the ship. Then it, with him inside, vanished.
“Are you nervous?”
“I haven’t been nervous in almost a century. It’s strange. Right now, it tingles and is a turning stomach. I didn’t know I could still feel this.”
“We can feel everything, believe it or not, it’s just whether others can see it as easily. Like how only you can see me.”
“I thought that part of my life was done. You know, the constant barrage for unnecessary ups and downs.” I chuckle, looking at familiar face before me. “What should I do?”
“I don’t know, pretend you’re not?”
“Ha. That isn’t even an option. They’re going to be here. Every single one will know who I am and what I’ve done.”
“That isn’t important. I’m sure they have to forgive you by now.”
“How could they? I can’t even forgive myself. I only a child, but, I should have known better. I shouldn’t have let her do it.”
“You were only a child.”
“But, I knew better. It was wrong to play up there after they told us not to because it was dangerous. I’ve lived with this for so many years.”
“Don’t you think 97 is long enough?” I shake my head despairingly, knowing that within moments I’ll see her again and she’ll see me. “Just breath. The gates are right there.”
My fingers are tingling even though I don’t have fingers anymore. It’s crazy when you die, you don’t expect anything to be the same. The gates open wide, so many people are all around. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than we are. I’m walking through the people, when I hear a small voice come from behind, “Hey.” The only it could be is hers.
Silver Bells. Bells of Silver. I can’t remember why they’re stuck in my head. Apparently, I was assaulted yesterday. I would have died if someone hadn’t found me, strewn about the floor. They said the only reason they even came into my home was that the front door was wide open and a bloody handprint was on the window. Besides that, everything looked normal. It’s strange to think that I might’ve not been here if not for whoever found me, but, it’s even stranger, not to remember a thing about it, except for silver bells. It’s not even near Christmas.
This hospital is cold, even under the ‘thick’ blanket and like all hospitals has that peculiar smell that sticks to hairs within the nose. I hate it. The TV is talking away, maybe it’s the news or some drama filled show. I’m not really paying attention. I’m going over my steps in my head but it all cuts out after dinner. “Emma,” My boyfriend is at the door, “Are you alright? What happened?”
“Aaron, I can’t remember.” I release an exhausted sign and continue staring off into the void before my eyes. “Nothing? Not even how your throat was slit or your ribs were broken?”
“No, nothing. Except for, never mind, it’s stupid. Doesn’t make much sense anyway.”
“You can tell me anything, you know that.”
“Well, don’t make a joke of it, but all I remember is silver bells. I don’t even know the context. It’s like it could just be a word, or maybe something I saw right before. I don’t know.”
“That is strange.” His cold hand pressed against my hard. It is so heavy in my current state, “Tell me, Emma, did they look like this?” He smiles, the smile that shoots fear through every cell in my body, showing me the silver bells etched into his blade, “Don’t worry, you’ll die this time.” With the prick of a cold needle I feel ice run through my veins, then it all goes black.
SUBJECTS PERSPECTIVE: My eyes open. The sun is shining, peeking through the sheer curtains, beckoning for my acknowledgment, though, it is not what wakes me. The intense urge to start the day awakes me, something begging for me to get out of bed. I can remember every day before when doing just that felt like hell. It would take everything I had in me to lift my head from the pillow. I would cry at times, because who wants to live so bad, but, has no desire? I can’t express how happy I am, to live in such a time, where depression can end with a simple driver update. Well, in humans they’re called Eupats. It doesn’t matter that whatever is in me, creates a false feeling of euphoria because whatever was before was a false feeling of despair. They say it’s only a trial. It will fade with time. They’re only testing it right now, marking its successes and failures, to perfect it, before release. I hope it lasts forever. I don’t want to wake up and feel like I’m at the world’s feet.


SUBJECTS PERSPECTIVE: I can't do this. I don’t want to. The grey hues have swept in, the winds are roaring, and again, I can feel the shadows overtake me. What has happened? Life seems like it’s vanished. My desire is all gone. I could do it, if I had the means, take my life with no regrets. The last few days were full of such bliss, and now, I just wish to close my eyes and never open them again. I hope they fix it soon. I want to be happy, but everything just feels like gloom. 
EXPERIMENTOR’S PERSPECTIVE: They’ve been connected to my machine so long. Fed with false memories for each experiment. This one does seem to be the most successful. They accept each false memory as truth. I do believe in time, I could implant thoughts that would lead to my rule in every person. They will just have to sacrifice for now. Though, it won’t be too long.
“Ha, Ha, Ha.” My laugh is as fake as my eyelashes, but it doesn’t matter. He still followed them. He still begged for me. It’s not my fault he really likes pretty things. My hair fell past my shoulders like waterfalls, my lips were as red hearts and my body felt as warm as hell but looked more like heaven. Too bad for him, the best things are usually the worse for you. I had him under my spell, from the moment I said ‘hello.” He wanted to follow me everywhere I went, see me every way he could, but, I didn’t let him. This, only made him try harder. 
I’d let him feel my fingertips upon his skin. My nails trail the curves of his back and my teeth grazed across the nape of his neck. He went crazy wanting me, needing to feel my touch, but again, I’d keep him from it. Until one day, my thirst grew so deep, I needed him more than he needed me. So, I invite him in the dark of the night, feed him wine and cheese, until his heart delights. Then, I took my place behind him. Rubbed his shoulders until he felt even less tense. I sang a song to call him further, and into my arms, he came. 
My lips stroked his neck. My teeth played their part and then I looked him straight in the eyes, “Come to me,” I beg and he listens. It is then, his soul is mine. His body falls limp. Mine glows from the feast and then, like clockwork, I begin to search for the next one.
No one would know it, just looking at me, but I am the most dangerous person they’ll ever meet. Believe me, you don’t want to meet me. I was ‘dumb’ when I was younger, got involved with the ‘wrong crowd,’ and started doing things regular people wouldn’t. They couldn’t. Not even if they tried. I have abilities, if you will, things I can do that normal person wish they could, but it comes down to one sacrifice and most aren’t willing to do it. You see, I wasn’t asked alt-right, they let me taste it, the power, the glory, the bliss of receiving everything you’ve ever wanted and that is exactly when I gave in. It is different than only wishing you had it all. It is having it all and not wanting to lose it. So, I drew the bath, I sharpened the blade and I placed it conveniently. I went outside where the fire roared, almost touching the sky, and danced before it, naked, among the forest. The trees, oh, they danced with me and the world lit up in joy, for this was the day of the sacrifice and everything wanted me to enjoy it. The winds sang out, in their hollowed tone, of the pleasure my life holds. I joined in with so much glee, you wouldn’t think the sacrifice be me, but as the moon reached for the sky, my feet danced into the loo. I sat in the streaming water, let it burn my skin. I loved its saunter. Then I lifted the extra sharp blade and placed it against my veins. The blood poured out. So did my life, then, a warmth, divine, overcame me, bestowing all I have had and wanted to keep, forever. You see, I am not the most dangerous person because I’m not afraid to die. I am the most dangerous, because I have, and still I live.
A lot of time has passed since this happened, but sometimes, I can still feel it on the back of my neck. It’s like the whole vibe in the room changes. A chill creeps along the edge of my skin forcing a shiver to run up my spine. My sister and I haven’t spoken of it since it happened, but every now and again we share a look that speaks volumes into what we are experiencing. If she wasn’t there that night, I wouldn’t have believed it. I don’t believe in things like this, but we were walking home, on a regular fog-ridden night by the pier. Small steps followed us from behind. We thought nothing of them, after all, we weren’t the only ones walking the stone paved road. So, we continued, taking our usual route, through the all-too-known ‘haunted’ forest. It was actually more of a bunch of trees with a barely kept trail in between. The small steps faded, but shortly after heavier ones followed. This was a bit unsettling because evil in people is all too real and we were just young girls. We walk a little quicker, not much, not to be obvious, but enough. Then steps behind us quickened, much faster than our own, until they sounded like they’re running toward us. We kept our pace, maybe it’s just some other kids trying to scare us. We didn’t look back. Our hearts were pounding inside our chest, a cool sweat formed beads upon our skin, we gave each other an empathetic glance, and knew we must stand our ground. Their feet stopped hitting the packed dirt right behind us. We continued to walk, pretending nothing is the matter until a hand is placed upon our shoulders and a breath traveled down our spines. We turn ready to fight but peer into the endless fog all around. Nothing is there. We shrug, getting ready to turn around, choking it up to our imaginations, when a burst of wind carried the most excruciating scream we’ve ever heard. It sounded like it was all around. It didn’t take us long to hightail it to our home. We sat peeking from the curtains all night.
This was a few years ago. I used to live in this house, it had blue shutters, grey siding, and a bright blue door. I drove by one day, when I was looking home and it was such a great deal, I bought it. The first few weeks there, I spent redoing the lawn. It was overgrown and littered with trash, hadn’t been tended to in years, but, I was determined to make this rundown house a home. The inside wasn’t much better, but after a few wall patches, some new floors, decent furniture- it was looking bright as new.
On the first day April, I remember hearing something downstairs in the unfinished cellar. I brushed it off as just an old house pipe issue and went to bed. Well, not even 2 hours later another large thump comes from the basement. I go down to make sure nothing has exploded or flooded. There was nothing when I reached the bottom of the stairs. No water, no fire, not even a fallen box. I walk back up the stairs, turn off the light and begin to close the door, when another boom, comes from the floor below. I can tell this isn’t a pipe. So again, I go down to see what could be making such a ruckus. 
Nothing seems out of place, until my eyes fall upon the far corner, and there are 3 bricks on the ground. One for every pound I’ve heard. “Weird,” I think to myself, but I go investigate. There seemed to be another room hidden behind the brick wall. I tear them away one by one. It is so dark behind them. The floor is still dirt, there is a musty smell in the air, but something catches my eye. It looks like it’s sitting, curled up in the center. That was the night, I found the body. Apparently, a little girl went missing about 50 years ago. They said her family seemed worried, but, it turns out it was all a show because it was in the basement of the family where I found her. She starved to death, hidden behind a wall that she couldn’t break down.
So, it’s October, and if there’s anything I love about October, it’s Halloween. So this month will be filled with scary, spooky stories in the evening because that’s when they’re best. Happy First Day of Halloween 😊
We thought it would be a good time, you know camping in the middle of nowhere, right around the month of the dead. You see as far as our group is concerned, we’re not afraid of anything. We’ve been haunted houses, asylums, and ghost-ridden cemeteries, but, nothing even made our hairs stand on end. It was the assumption that some dark woods wouldn’t either. So, we partied, drank, and smoked until the sky grew dark and the moon came out. Only it didn’t because it was new but, the stars didn’t join us either. It seemed as if the entire forest was out for the night, not a sound from any animal was heard, but, we were too intoxicated to realize. Around midnight, a few in our group of seven decided to look out dazed into the forest, eventually catching our eyes. We called their names, but they weren’t fazed. They didn’t even blink. So, I looked out in the direction of their gaze and a small figure stands right before the horizon. “it’s only a dog,” one of us gasps.
But, it wasn’t only a dog, because it stood and climbed to almost seven feet tall, before letting out a ghastly scream, one that would make the banshee green with envy. It is then, that our hearts cease to beat, not even their thump pounds within our heads. It begins toward us as if walking on air. Its breath is heavy. I can hear it in my ears. It is then, for no reason at all, I begin to run, toward the emptiness behind me. I’m not the only one. Everyone else follows suit as if commanded by the same impulse. We run until the forest ends, and then we hear it’s scream once more, even louder than before, but defeated. We never went back, not even in the day. Though, I can still hear the screams of the skin-walker as if it was closer than near.
They say revenge is best served cold, but if I’m honest, and I’m always honest, I like it better-served piping hot like a great soup on a chilly day. Now, most people believe that revenge should be violent, but I like a more peaceful approach. One that forces the person to look upon my life with nothing but envy. I aim to have all my revenge as such. When a foe looks upon me, I want them to think, ‘if only I were stronger, more successful or smarter like them.’ That way, I don’t suffer and they do every single time their eyes fall upon me or their ears take in my name. Oh, this revenge is sweetest.
He’ll see me, days from now, maybe even years, traveling the world with all the well-known names, wanting most of all to know me, talk to me and he’ll remember all the days I told him that I will be who I know I’ll be and I’ll have everything, but, back in those days, he didn’t believe me. He thought my dreams were just the ramblings of a crazy overly ambitious young girl. Well, I showed him. I showed them all. 
I was so fearful back then, never really believed but, kept chasing that dream. It wasn’t until I was swimming in it that I saw it came true because when you’re in, it’s hard to actually see it for what it is and what it is, is an absolute dream. So when you start thinking about revenge, maybe you’ll heat it up, too.