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Hello there! I'm Ashley - I enjoy cheesy jokes and double entendres. I love clicking with people, so let's chat and see what develops. 😜

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It was colder than Elsa's ice castle today and our hands were frozen by the end, but Samantha and Clayton still rocked their engagement session! We even found ways to keep their hands warm for some of the photos :) Can't wait for their wedding in May!
Eight years ago today, I got my first DSLR. I know that thanks to 20-year-old me that liked to post status updates about everything and it popped up on my Facebook memories today. I was one of those people that picked up a camera and thought I could take pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I had the “eye” for it; I just didn’t have the technical expertise to know how to take the photograph. If I had given up eight years ago, I would have missed out on nearly a decade of something that brings me so much joy now. I didn't get where I am overnight. Dave Ramsey says diligence is disciplined excellence over time. Make a plan for where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, and work on it a little each day until you get there. That's how you reach your goals. What are you doing today to help you reach your goals?
Surprise! Tiffanie and Cody eloped yesterday! I am anxiously waiting for Tuesday to share their blog post! 😍
I accidentally stumbled into wedding photography in college when my aunt’s friend needed a photographer for a small beach wedding.  Before then, I had only been to a handful of weddings and I had never been a second shooter.  Even though I already had plenty of experience as a primary shooter when I second shot for the first time, I still love second shooting for other photographers to this day.  Click the link in my profile to see why I love it so much. 😍
Not sure if Chandler was laughing at the geese that were about to attack us or because Griffin tickled him.  Either way, I'm excited about this shot! 🥰
Many years ago, I read that a small percentage (around 8%) of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions.  The word resolution has a negative connotation of something you promise to change about yourself, but never accomplish.  I’m a goal-oriented person, so making resolutions would never work for me.  That’s when I decided to stop making New Year’s resolutions and make New Year’s goals instead.  Click the link in my profile to read more about my 2019 goals and setting some for yourself! 🥳
I had so much fun exploring downtown Mobile with Vanessa and Brody today! Our original session was scheduled a few weeks ago, but the rainiest city in the U.S. forced us to reschedule due to the torrential downpour that weekend.  I was worried it would rain on us again today, but the skies cleared and the sun came out just in time for me to photograph these two lovebirds! 💕
This year is our first debt-free Christmas and it looks a little different than prior years! I hope today’s blog post encourages you to think a little differently about Christmas shopping next year. Click the link in my profile to read and let me know what you think in the comments! I hope you are having a very merry Christmas! 🎁
I loved getting to photograph the Norton family again today!  Matt and I were in Leadership Selma-Dallas County Class XXII together and this is the second time I have photographed his sweet family!  I hope y'all have a merry Christmas! 🎄
I’m not really sure what happened last year, but I found myself booked solid with photography almost every weekend. I had a lot of great opportunities and I enjoyed all the people I got to meet and serve. I was also overwhelmed to the point of quitting and I knew I needed to step back. I intentionally shot less weddings this year and tried my best not to say, “yes,” every time someone wanted to book a particular weekend (I’m still working on that! 😂). I needed time to relax and spend time with family. This month looks a lot different than this time last year. I got all my client photos edited and delivered sooner than I expected. I didn’t have to leave friend and family gatherings early to go edit pictures. I got to sleep more haha. All that to say that it’s important to take time for yourself because you can’t give from an empty cup. I hope you have a relaxing and merry Christmas! 🎄
If you’re on the fence about taking engagement photos or taking them with your wedding photographer, I hope the 5 reasons in my latest blog post will convince you to do it!  Click the link in my profile to read them!
Melissa and her sisters were some of my best friends growing up, so of course I was ecstatic when Melissa asked me to take her family portraits! We had planned to take them in Mobile last weekend, but we got rained out. They drove three hours one way for me to take their portraits today and I’m so glad they did! It was so great to catch up and meet her sweet family today!