Ash Muscroft
I know it's not drum related - and I'm no guitarist but @iceace10 has restrung and set up me Tele and it's beaut! 
Can't stop playing this riff from John Coltrane's Giant steps! Favourite Jazz Record ever!
When Louis brings his Grade 8 book has literally 1 lesson on it and does this! Yeah it's not perfect yet but it's bloody incredible!!!!
#hitme #rsl #dirtyloops @dirtyloopsofficial @_louis._
Another one from Louis! Grade 6 at 90% DISTINCTION! What a great result! Come on kid, let's crack Grade 8 now! @_louis._
Throwback to playing a cover of Stuck in my throat by Reuben!
I spent around 20 solid minutes on this last night, my snare is two mesh heads with loads of old t shirts sandwiched between for absolutely ZERO RESPONSE! So I sat and tried to get my doubles and singles to match! @eddythrower making me fall back in love with rudiments! Just Love Drums Mate!
Love my little mister!
Current home rehearsal set up... Got some big gig opportunities at the back end of this year! Loving rehearsing! Bring on tomorrow night!!!
Pleased with today's purchase! Favourite Jazz record ever!
This boy is my world!
Occupational hazard! Splinter from my drum stick!
I love having the freedom to do this! Just converted my double @pearl_drums #demondrive #kickpedal into 2 identical single pedals! I don't really play double kick any more and this way I can have my original band kit packed up in one corner and my @harbourclubband stuff packed up in another and I can leave for gigs without fear of leaving my pedal behind!