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writer, enthusiast, ash-hole.
i’m a soft bitch who likes happy endings.
here to make things weird. 🚀

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this is me in march 2019 - not as gingery irl as huji makes me look
i got this lovely piece while we were in slc seeing fall out boy back in october and haven’t posted it because it’s the hardest damn thing to get a good picture of - these are okay-ish, but they don’t capture how good the color is or how clean the lines really are. @ohashleylove is a master. no wooden nickels is for my mom who told me not to take any as i left for school every morning. the last three shots are the day after tattooing. fun fact: the heart and dagger took about three solid hours during which i was calm and comfortable. the words were squeezed in on my way out, took minutes, and i almost begged ashley to stop at least three times. bodies are wild.
this is me in february 2019, the month i turned 34
this is me in january 2019 - on to the next #horribleinternetfatgirls
winter sux, i miss fall #crashrocketship
the gentle little argyle-wearing dweeb angel that keeps me alive on my worst days #bruno🚀 #dogsofinstagram
thanks for being married to me for three whole years, @crystalrocketship! you’re my favorite person forever. #crashrocketship 📷: @ginandsake
some good shit
the fall colors in missouri are offensively good
happy third birthday to my best good boy!! #bruno🚀 #dogsofinstagram
not home, but a reasonable facsimile
you maybe already saw these in my stories (accompanied by one of my fave pieces of holiday music, the vince guaraldi trio’s “great pumpkin waltz” - instant fall feelings) but i thought i’d stick them up here for posterity bc our house is p cute! 80% of the seasonal stuff is probably from the last few years at @target💀🍁🎃🍂👻