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// The Golden Gates // • We are loving the reaction to Want You Back, so happy today • x x
1 hr 38 minutes x
// Demon in the song, Hope you sing along //
W A N T Y O U B A C K  23.02.18
🙏🏼 Red religion 🙏🏼
This here is an A+ vocal of a timeless classic from two people you didn’t even realize had it in them
@jackalltimelow @danbook1
I love you Mexico. 
Gracias for having me for a weekend 🌙❤️
🎱I made some friends 🎱
You ain’t got long. 
You better love someone
⚡️ Baby you can Drive my car // happy birthday calum // we will kill it forever ⚡️
You leave. You leave forever