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Takes time...
This man is @hoeg, we went on tour together for a very long time and he magically appeared in Dallas and I was so happy.
Little vampire man @hoeg
What a weekend. Back to working on 5SOS3, I can't wait to scream "ITS ALIVE" when it's finished x
Having the best time
Put ya boots in the air like 👠
Exhibit A: filling a condom with water and trying to put it over Calum's head
@calum5sos and myself wearing jeans at a pool party x
Thank you @palmscasinoresort & @tallywood @grayjon @jessecwaits @cywaits for hospitality at hotel. Thx @absinthe_vegas for a great show!. X x
Viva Las Vegas 💋⚡️can't wait to come back here and play a show soon x x
Meanwhile in Las Vegas 🔥 @bohnes @tallywood thank you for the ridiculousness and being so kind to us 💋 x x