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I will gladly pay a premium to know that I am doing business with honest people. #mostwontiwill
I appreciate that you follow this account because you might have dreams of being a millionaire. And as a millionaire, I can tell you I am happier today than when I was without money for 10 years in my 20s.

But your real worth, your self worth, is priceless. Don’t judge yourself simply on how much money you have. Your relationships with God, your family, and your friends are much more valuable.

Me: @akashawnthomas
I own a World Class Mentorship company. How about you? #mostwontiwill 
Me: @akashawnthomas
Wise words from @barneythebusinessguy who is a mentor in the @askamillionaire Mentorship Tribe. 
Who is Barney? Well.... just a guy who took a company public for a BILLION!!!!!! If you own a business and want mentorship from Barney and other proven business leaders, send me a dm. $48/mon. #mostwontiwill 
Shawn - @akashawnthomas
Prime Time @deionsanders laying down the truth. Life don’t owe you anything. You’ve got to go get your yours. #mostwontiwill
It’s who you know.
People in my mentorship group every day are astonished that they have direct access to 12 proven successful millionaire businessman and women. This gives them the confidence of knowing that they are on the right path to building a great company and doing it quicker than if they just did it all by themselves. #mostwontiwill
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Comment LIFE if you understand how big of a deal it is to be alive. Somewhere, someone is taking their last breath. Don’t take life for granted. 🙏🏼 Shawn
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Shawn @akashawnthomas
We have all heard the term “work hard” and “work smart”. But how do you know how to tell what the difference is?

Just look at the salary of two people that work the same amount of hours.

It’s not that the CEO position is harder than the janitorial position.

Because once you learn how to be a CEO, it’s easy.

Everything is easy once you learn how to do it.

And that’s the hard part. Being able to be in one job today, but simultaneously learning new skills that can help you get a better job tomorrow.

That is working smart and hard. Working hard is the bare minimum. Working smart requires you to constantly be developing new skills in order to increase your pay.

Comment your thoughts.

Me: @akashawnthomas
I am not saying that you should not celebrate life. But when I was building my company, Friday nights were just like every other night. Working baby. Working. Anybody else out there working?

Me: @akashawnthomas
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