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Some people put up fitness transformation photos, but believe me, you don’t want to see me post that. Ha ha

I know many of you will want to save this image. Because you’re going through exactly what I went through.

You’re trying to grow from not having a lot of money to be financially independent.

The picture on the left is the typical #wantrepreneur picture of a broke me in front someone else’s Ferrari dreaming.

The picture on the right is me winning the best in business awards in #nashville with my company, Uniguest, as a millionaire.

A lot took place between those two photos being taken.

I had to learn how to really grow a business and commit to success. I hired coaches, got mentors, went through therapy, and learned how to be a leader.

This is why I am so passionate about mentoring other people now. Yes, I mentor as a business and charge, but to me, that is the best business I could ever have. My service is judged by how well I help others. And I take it very seriously. We all buy products and services and we hope they all provide great value.

My mission as a mentor is to bring value to those mentees so that they grow as individuals.

I hope that this picture motivates at least one of you.

If you were comparing this photo to a fitness photo, I was 800 pounds in the picture on the left, and I have ripped, chiseled abs in the picture on the right.

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Comment BIG GOALS!!!! This happens to me all the time. I really do have a goal so big that I can’t really talk to my old friends about them. They just don’t even understand it. It makes the conversation so uncomfortable. That’s why I had to make room for new friends that think big like me. #mostwontiwill 
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This was one of my very first Instagram memes. 
Don’t have a limit yourself. You can have everything you ever imagined in life if you just go out and get it. #mostwontiwill 
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Before you can start really making money off of passive income, you’ve got to learn how to make money. I mean really mastered the art of making money. Too many people forget that step.

I help people with that every day in my mentorship group. If you need help, and you have the money to invest in your business, send me a direct message.

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Today’s friendly reminder. I always love this post.

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There is room in life for everyone to succeed. #mostwontiwill 
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Leave a comment on how you have invested in yourself lately.

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Which way will you do it?

I did it a combination of ways. #mostwontiwill 
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Be careful trying to prove others wrong. That’s negative energy. Prove yourself right and do it for you. Don’t worry, they will see. #mostwontiwill 
Me: @akashawnthomas
Just in case you needed a good laugh today. Which one do you think was the funniest? Or hurt the most?