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Errrmmmm... wasnt it friday like yesterday??? #whenmondaysneaksuponyou
I got it from my mama!!! #HappyMothersDay ❤️
Did you know that when both, husband and wife, have Thalassemia Minor, there is a 25% chance that their child will have Thalassemia Major and will usually not live beyond 30 years? 
Today, on #WorldThalassemiaDay, by posting this picture of half my face, I am supporting the #AadhiwaliZindagiMitao movement to remind everyone to get tested for Thalassemia and avoid giving their child half a life. Visit or call 844-844-9544 to schedule a Thalassemia test and to donate to help patients. 
Post a picture of your face cropped in half on Instagram and tag three others to do the same! @TheWishingFactory
#Repost @thewishingfactory
As Sonakshi rightly said, if you’re planning to conceive a child, PLEASE get yourself and your partner tested for Thalassemia. Don’t give your child HALF A LIFE. .
We at The Wishing Factory, urge you all to go and get yourself tested for Thalassemia at your nearest Metropolis Laboratory by simply using the referral code ‘HC184 (TWF)’ to avail at flat price of Rs.499 only.
To spread more awareness and bring a change, post a picture of your face cropped to half and tag three others to do the same and join the #AadhiwaliZindagiMitao movement and use this link to perfectly crop your picture: . Besides posting your half-face, you can support the #AadhiwaliZindagiMitao movement by following The Wishing Factory (@thewishingfactory) and getting yourself tested for Thalassemia. .
Please click on this link and support Thalassemia Warriors: Visit 
Call 844-844-9544 for more details.
#AadhiWaliZindagiMitao #WorldThalassemiaDay #TheWishingFactory
Its Voting day in Lucknow! Was so proud to see my mom in action doing some amazing work and living out her vote for her, because the one thing she doesn’t know how to do is let people down! @poonamsinhasp
Award night in Kochi tonight! Styled by @mohitrai (tap for deets), Makeup @ritesh.30, Hair @themadhurinakhale 🖤 #sonastylefile
Darling im a nightmare... dressed like a daydream 🖤
#happyinternationaldanceday from some of us who love and live to D A N C E! 💃🏻
Vote kiya kya??? #mumbaikarvotekar
आग लगी बस्ती में, मैं अपनी मस्ती में 🐒 #SundayFunday
Lo ji... trust Pandeyji to sort out Friday, 20th December 2019 ka plan! #dabangg3
When you ready for the weekend... but got no plans 🙄 #fridayfeels