You’re broken, but you’ll heal again. Hurt, but you’ll love again. Sad, but you’ll laugh again. Sick and tired, but you’ll live again. Don’t allow ur wounds to turn you into a person you’re not. When you forgive, you heal. And when you let it go, you grow.

u might be pushed away, u may cry but dont be sad. 
get over it, praised urself. u deserve better. might not be now but it will come ; the time , sooner. 
keep ur faith on Him and believe Him.
//Holding on does the same damage to letting go . I'd choose to hold on. // so here is the rare view of me doing sidekick. one tap for the background team members and coach and double tap for the loves.
Went back to where memories are created.  Those most painful scars and sweetest laugh are all in the past, yet draw a smile today. Sure they're such full of excitement. Lets gather those recall of excitement here again, shouldn't we?
Cuti sem buat apa? 
Tryna get along with the new member but she didn't want to cooperate wimme. #pinkfeeds
Be the knight in shining armor.
tepuh lako kesoh apo 💪
let's explore more , together.
-------- cuter
there's no second version of me
bila lagi nak cahcahyu gini kei . soo
sori edit jah lebih ni tapi nais la lopat comei doh taro tuh . langit nais 👍