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Recovering over-thinker. @Litratoto's sunshine and occasional rain.

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Probably just gonna stay in bed and listen to the new @maggierogers record on loop, no skip, for the whole day today. ✨
No deep, profound realisations here. Just that my heart is full—bursting at the seams. x
An absolutely stunning long weekend, and it’s not even done yet. Thank u, @litratoto. Next. 😜
Really into the habit of looking out of windows. Also loves looking for ants and the occasional lizard. 😳
Enjoy the very long weekend! (But please don’t be a dick and leave your trash anywhere, thanks.)
“Did you fall from heaven? Because so did I.” #cathalloweencostume #halloween2018 #catsofinstagram
When your favourite season starts and you miss it so much you just look at last year’s photos of pumpkins and gourds, lol.
It’s surprisingly pleasing that I’ve accomplished my tasks today (taking these pictures) in as early as noon. ✨
Weekly beach trips are a must in this weather.
The cure to anything.
Happy first month with us, Lucas! It took a lot of will power for me not to get you silly costumes, we shall try next time. 👹
I’m still trying to update this space while keeping it organised somehow. (I’ve been checking Pinterest but it’s just hard to keep up with adulting in this heat.)