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When your favourite season starts and you miss it so much you just look at last year’s photos of pumpkins and gourds, lol.
It’s surprisingly pleasing that I’ve accomplished my tasks today (taking these pictures) in as early as noon. ✨
Weekly beach trips are a must in this weather.
The cure to anything.
Happy first month with us, Lucas! It took a lot of will power for me not to get you silly costumes, we shall try next time. 👹
I’m still trying to update this space while keeping it organised somehow. (I’ve been checking Pinterest but it’s just hard to keep up with adulting in this heat.)
They are still alive! And with new leaves unfurling! (New Zee Zee plant from my mother’s garden, just repotted so I can’t take credit, lol.) We also moved Lucas outside (our room) to the living room so he can have more space and more people he can get belly rubs from. Also to keep him away from my beautiful plant babies that can potentiall kill him. 👹
No network service, no problem. 🏝
Turns out, being a cat mom is mostly Google-ing “how to know if my cat is just sleepy or dying”. (First vet visit yesterday. Also just got groomed. 🙈)
All these Instagram stories about #NewYork in the snow make me miss it terribly.
I’ve had a couple of plants die on me (tiny succulent demons) but I’m happy to say that 11 are thriving as we speak, lol. The hub is convinced I have been upgraded to Light Green Thumb status. (I know it’s another picture of our room but jsyk, I DO go out.) #acolorstorygolden
I guess this wouldn’t be hard, considering I took one-second videos every day in 2017. Happy New Year, friends! xx