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Minggu terakhir peraduan Tonton & Menang Gegar Lawak dan anda berpeluang untuk memenangi Microsoft Surface Pro!

Saksikan Pusingan Akhir Gegar Lawak di siaran Astro Warna (Saluran 132) atau Warna HD (Saluran 124) pada hari Jumaat, 10 malam. Kumpul 5 kata kunci dan hantarkan jawapan ke laman web Astro Circle di

Tertakluk kepada Terma & Syarat

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Jom sertai peraduan #AME2018 Hangout di Facebook Astro Circle dan anda berpeluang untuk chill out dengan selebriti-selebriti terkenal! Peraduan berakhir pada 25 March 2018. *Tertakluk kepada Terma & Syarat

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Yes, the top picks of Astro First and Astro Best is out yet again! Redeem your favourite shows with your Astro Circle points, and view the full show list at our website. T&C apply.
Astro Subscribers, jom 
sertai peraduan SWITCH ON AME2018! Korang boleh menang tiket ke Bali, Sony PS4 Pro, Sony Beats Headphones & Tiket VIP AME2018. 
1. Muat naik video/picture anda cover Lagu Top 5 MeleTOP atau OOTD paling awesome atau remake dari calon Lagu Top 5 MeleTOP ke IG anda
2. Tag dan follow IG @meletop & @astrocircle
3. Sertakan hashtag #AME2018 #AstroCircle #SwitchOnAME
4. Peraduan bermula dari 13 Mac - 12pm 30 Mac *Pastikan akaun IG tidak private. 
Peraduan ini dibawakan khas oleh @astrocircle untuk pelanggan-pelanggan Astro sahaja. 
Jangan lupa hantarkan undian anda di atau secara SMS masukkan KOD artis anda dan hantarkan ke 32777.

If you’re a movie buff, this is your chance to win a red carpet worthy makeover! Join our crossword puzzle contest on Facebook. Contest ends 1 April 2018. T&C apply. 
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Get your apron ready because you could walk away with a brand new KitchenAid Stand Mixer when you join Astro’s HD Watch & Win this week. Simply tune in to Lifetime HD, Hit the Big Red Button and submit the secret passcode to us for a chance to win! 
Head to the Astro Circle website to learn more. T&C apply. 
#AstroCircle #HitTheBigRedButtonContest
Hey everyone, dive with us into the World of Pinkfong and meet Baby Shark live for the first time in Malaysia! Drop by Sunway Pyramid from 16 to 19 March to enjoy stage shows, exclusive merchandise, and fun games!

Hey semua, mari selami dunia Pinkfong dan temui Baby Shark secara live buat pertama kalinya di Malaysia! Jom ke Sunway Pyramid dari 16 ke 19 Mac dan nikmati persembahan di pentas, barangan eksklusif dan permainan menyeronokkan!
Jangan lepaskan peluang anda untuk mendapatkan Sepasang Tiket VIP ke Pusingan Akhir Gegar Lawak dengan menyertai peraduan Tonton & Menang pada minggu ini. 
Saksikan Gegar Lawak di Astro Warna (Saluran 132) atau Warna HD (Saluran 124) pada hari Jumaat 10 malam, kumpul 5 kata kunci dan hantarkan jawapan ke laman web Astro Circle. Tertakluk kepada Terma & Syarat

#AstroCircle #AstroContests #Tonton&Menang #GegarLawak #GLWarna
Win a 2-hr VIP session at the Nickelodeon Playground!

It’s time to have fun with the whole family at the first ever Nickelodeon Playground 9 -25 March at the Blue Concourse, Sunway Pyramid.

Shimmy up with the twins, in the Shimmer & Shine genie palace! Go on a roll with Paw Patrol in the Pawesome Slide or get up to speed in the “Blaze Car ride experience”! You also get a chance to meet & greet with Shimmer & Shine.

Come and play with us! Find out more at
Hit the Big Red Button this week and stand a chance to get your hands on a Canon EOS 1300D Kit. All you have to do is tune in to History HD, tap on the red button to retrieve the secret ‘passcode’ and send it to us for a chance to win. 
Head to the Astro Circle website to learn more. T&C apply. 
#AstroCircle #HitTheBigRedButtonContest
Hadiah yang mengancam minggu ini! Sertai peraduan Tonton & Menang Gegar Lawak untuk memenangi TV Pintar Samsung 49’ Full HD! Hanya tonton Gegar Lawak pada hari Jumaat, kumpulkan ‘kata kunci’ dan hantarkannya kepada kami di!

Layari laman web Astro Circle untuk maklumat lanjut. Tertakluk pada terma & syarat. 
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Dress to impress your friends and family with 18% off for a minimum spend of RM150 at @zaloramy Offer lasts until 30 April 2018! 
Check out our Website to get the promo code! T&C apply. 
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