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you can find me where the donuts are 🍩 today on the blog im sharing where i ate and what i did in charleston, starting with this cute breakfast!
lucky to have these two to show me around on my first trip to charleston! ⭐️
👊🏻 GOAL GETTER 👊🏻 today on the blog, im sharing the one habit that changed how i live— monthly goal setting. 🗒 setting goals has made me treat myself better, love better, and step in the direction of the person i want to be! please go check it out, i hope you’ll join me in this endeavor!
on today’s edition of what weird healthy concoction im drinking...
⚡️ FANCY PANTS ⚡️ in case you missed it, I posted this super fun jumpsuit on the blog! check it out in my bio
ready to kiss midterms goodbye and buy a one way ticket back to LA 💋
feeling like there’s not much i can’t do in this jumpsuit | see more in my new post— link in bio
who would’ve guessed that this photo was taken on the lawn of a nursing home, my dress zipper is broken in the back, and i wrapped those flowers in a grocery bag. instagram and blog photos aren’t always what they seem on the surface! today on the blog im sharing the behind the scenes of a typical blog photo shoot— it’s not as glamorous as it may seem 😉
no matter what the temperature is outside, october first still means sweater weather to me! 🍂
love me some hot sauce, hannah, and adpi 🌶🌶🌶
BIG farmers market girl 🥒🥕🍋
been waiting since move in day to share this post... MY DORM TOUR! i had so much fun curating and shooting the dorm w my cute roomie @adodson8 and i hope you like it! link in bio 😉💕☀️