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a blog on a mission: inspiring women to live their sunniest lives through fashion and healthy living
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my instagram is becoming just pics of me holding coffee + treats, im cool with it tho
happy bday to my right hand man!!! my heart really doesn’t stand a chance (peep the sweatshirt) #megandgreg
carolina, i miss ya! 🐓 check the blog for 3 ways to style a college tee
this is part of my entry for @uofsc_hrsm contest to go to #NYFW and represent #UofSC!
what a DREAM!! visiting @southernlivingmag idea house was just as southern charming as you’d think 😍🏠🌊
doing my best sunshine impression!! 🌞
put an ice cream in my hand and I’ll be a happy girl 🍦
being alone is out of my comfort zone.
a couple of days ago, i was going to be near my fav restaurant (@northstarcafe ) for an appointment and wanted to make a stop. i checked with a couple of friends to see if they’d meet me, but they all had plans. so i packed up my laptop and decided i’d blog/check email while i ate. i ordered my fav salad, sat down, and pulled out my computer only to find there was NO WIFI. i almost asked for my food to go, but instead decided to take myself on a lunch date — i read @jordanleedooley’s book, people watched, and chatted up the person next to me. i’m learning a lot of things, but perhaps my most favorite is how to enjoy my own company!
try taking yourself out to a sit-down lunch, no technology involved. it’s refreshing and fun! here’s to owning your everyday ;-)
today on the blog, i’m talking about finding genuine rest — the kind that fills you to the brim with sunshine and energy
learning how to truly rest is one of the hardest and most rewarding things i have ever done - and im still working on it! im letting go of the standard to constantly work, because it does not serve me or my lifestyle. this life is about rhythms, not races — and how you rest MATTERS.
what i mean when i say im “running errands”
girl’s gotta eat💪🏻☕️