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Dear Santa, concert tickets are just my size.

Purchase your Josh Turner tickets, today and there are no Online Processing Fees. 
Get your tickets now at 105.1 The Wolf Medford or

Thanks to Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians, Bi-Mart Membership Discount Stores, and 1051 The Wolf Medford
Josh Turner —- January 17 #attheexpo #joshturner  tickets are at
Josh Turner in concert at the Expo January 17. Tickets are on sale now! #joshturner #attheexpo
Dear Santa, Reserved seats are just my size. #chrisjanson #attheexpo #MyCountyFair
Have a great day!!! I had to laugh at this one.
Jurassic Quest Saturday and Sunday the the Expo
This weekend only.  Jurassic Quest is the only event of it's kind to ensure that every dinosaur you see is a faithful representation of it's species both in detail and size. Other events have smaller versions. Jurassic Quest has FULL-SIZE animatronic dinosaurs. You'll see the terrifying T-Rex: one of the most fierce predators to walk the earth. A beautiful 40 foot Apatosaurus and a massive and terrifying Spinosaurus will astonish you even from across the exhibit. Jurassic Quest has 80 Dinosaurs and counting. Thats almost double any other event like it.
Make the choice!