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Tag someone who doesn’t eat their crust, and make them watch our NEW VIDEO for PIZZA!!!
Oops 🙊🍕 Limited to 100 ONLY, grab one quick!
Day 1: COMPLETE! St. Louis, you’re next!! Who will we see tomorrow?!
#RAGEFEST STARTS NOW! You’re up, Minneapolis ✊
‪If you didn’t like the song, you’ll definitely hate the music video... don’t even think about clicking the link in our bio.🍕🍕🍕
100K views in less than 24 hours!
You guys are the realest, thank you so much to everyone that has watched our music video for #PIZZA and shared it with their friends 🍕
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Merry Christmas you crust-loving freaks, the PIZZA MUSIC VIDEO IS OUT OF THE OVEN!! Smash the link in our bio before this shit cools down!
😵Somebody hold my beer....
So excited to rip the new rig all summer long on #RAGEFEST, huge thanks to the amazing folks over at @ernieball for ALWAYS exceeding expectations, and setting the standard for quality✊✊✊
You’d better come prepared for #RAGEFEST, your boys are out for blood this summer 😈😈😈
Which date are you coming to?!