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Speaker. Author. Founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Helping business leaders find their purpose & teaching women to overcome pain, blame & shame.

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I was walking around St. Armand's Circle last evening and I noticed two beautiful girls waving and smiling at me. Β I responded having no idea who they were. It took me a moment to recognize them.

It was my great nieces - Morgan and McKenzie!😎 What a great interruption to my very quiet evening. Thanks for a sweet visit!
Today I've been filming with @rightnowmedia for a mini documentary that will air at the Work as Worship event next year. Check out my stories for more!
Earlier this month, we had the distinct honor to witness the wedding of Janelle Jamison and Brandon Kightlinger. The journey to become one is a lifelong experience which begins the moment we say "I Do”. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kightlinger. You are a beautiful couple, and the wedding was beautiful. And thank you to the amazing Auntie Anne's team that provided party pretzels for the wedding. Bret, the franchisee, never says "no" even if it means making and delivering hundreds of pretzels to make a very happy bride even MORE happy. Y'all go above and beyond! On our way home, we also got to experience the eclipse along with many travelers at the airport in Seattle. So glad we didn't miss it!
Who said walking on water was so hard? πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰
Tonight I had the honor of speaking to 200+ elite chiropractors with @integritydoctors. You're an amazing group of people! Thanks for having me! Find your purpose and keep on going!
My nourishment for the flight to Orlando.😊 Thank you Austin Airport crew. Fresh, hot and Golden Brown! πŸ‘ #auntieannespretzels #pretzels #pretzellove
Spent the afternoon with my granddaughter Trinity Lee. Love her heart! πŸ’•
Megan Glick is the cupcake queen! 😊You just gotta go get one of her delicious cupcakes @sweetshenaniganscupcakery. They're absolutely the best‼️
#cupcakery #lancastercounty
We're on our way to PA for the wedding of my youngest niece, Christy. We made a stop at the Somerset Plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike for my favorite @auntieannespretzels pretzel! πŸ˜‡ It was fresh, hot, golden brown, and so delicious! Thank you to the team for doing a fantastic job!πŸ™ #auntieannes #ontheroad
This is Jonas in front of the "Ark Encounter". It can be seen in Williamstown, KY. It is an amazing structure built as a museum which replicates Noah's Ark. We stopped by on our way to PA and really enjoyed this amazing site. I would recommend it highly to anyone who is fascinated by the story of Noah and the Ark.
My mom lived with us the last 4 months of her life. It was bitter sweet to watch her live out the last days of her life in our home. Mom taught me so many things about how to live life fully, one of them being the value of always finding "something to do". To her dying day she wanted to be useful. At the age of 92 while living with me she would ask me what she could do. There were always a few dishes to wash which gave her great pleasure. I'm grateful for a mother who loved me and all 8 of her children. My example of love. Happy Mothers Day!
Loved speaking at the Work as Worship Conference today in Chicago. I always enjoy talking about The Power of Purpose to a room full of business leaders.