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Found my home in the sun 🌞
Our love was born
outside the walls,
in the wind,
in the night,
in the earth,
and that's why the clay and the flower,
the mud and the roots
know your name.

Happy Valentines Day lovers 💌 May you always love as foolishly as your first love, as deeply as your second love and as faithfully as your last love. May your greatest love affair of all be with yourself and may you find someone who loves you because of your flaws not in spite of them. 
Thank you to Moët for celebrating the connections that bind us to our lovers through #LivingTies - in work, in personal life & in faith. Excited to explore more how these connections shape our Worlds. @moetusa #moetmoment ad
Today for @batshevadress 🤖🌺 I’ve had some great mentors over the years. But I have to say the best support system I’ve had since starting @brothervellies has been my female peers. There is a lot of magic that happens from Women coming together, sharing stories and supporting one another. The best changes I’ve seen in this industry have  happened through the hands of women. We must continue supporting each other if we want to grow as a whole. So.... Would love to see some tags in the comments of your fave female designers & also how you think we can all improve this little fashion industry! All ships rise with the tides my friends.
@TIME The Art of Optimism: 34 People Changing How We See The World

I really can’t explain to you how incredibly humbled and honored I am to be featured as an optimist this year - guest edited by the one and only @ava. If I was to work in this life to be on any list, it seems like using art to spread optimism would be the one. 
On a gloomy February day in 1992 I remember dropping to my knees in the grass. I was 7 years old. The grass was wet and felt cold against my tiny limbs. I looked up at the seemingly unforgiving sky and I prayed. I prayed that my life would become more than my present circumstances. And I promised myself that the moment it did I would never forget that it was my foolish belief in a better future that got me there. It was on that day 17 years ago that I became an optimist. 
None of us are free until all of us are free. 
The tools of oppression come in many different shapes - some of them are the least expected. 
A family member you love, a President your Country elected, a photo on your timeline… the list goes on. 
The World is changed by your example, not by your opinion. 
If a Politician wants to paint a picture of a horrible Mexico, we will literally paint pictures of beauty, perseverance and strength. 
If a white man wants to tell me creating luxury in a Kenyan slum isn’t possible, you will see our Kenyan shoe in Vogue. 
If you show me your dark places I will work to let the light in. 
I need the light, because I grew up afraid of what can happen in the dark. 
I may not be perfect. In fact I know I am not - I am crazy. Crazy with a wild imagination and an optimism that has created our best achievements and also blinded us into our worst failures. Only time can tell if they will balance themselves. But I do hope, somehow along the way, I have helped change a few minds about how things are meant to be. And what beauty really means in this tiny blossoming magical World. To all the 7 year old little girls out there under the same sky, please never forget I am here with you and one of these days just like Ella, we will wake up signing, spread our wings - and take to that sky, together.
🥀 They’ll eat your heart alive, every time. #MexicoCityBlues
Happy Birthday Baby Browne 🧸 we love you!!
Spent MLK Day with my friend Benji 🖤🐷
When I looked at my top 9 this year, I started choking up. There was a clear theme - the very special magic that happens when women support each other and when they stand up for what they believe in. @brothervellies has been a marathon and not a sprint - along the way I have had so many incredible women take the torch and run this beautiful journey with me. For that I am forever grateful. As I sit here typing this on the second day of 2019 I feel like my heart is truly overflowing. I could not be more excited for what this year will bring. I could not be more thankful for everything last year brought. Remember, all ships rise with the tides my friends. Supporting your Sister is supporting yourself. I love you! 💌
All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together  #kerouac 💭 so excited to bring so many of my dreams to life this year! I believe there is power in speaking your dreams into existence. One of my goals for 2019 is to open our second @brothervellies store (maybe Cape Town?) What are yours? Let’s speak them to life 💌
Most of my collections have been designed in hotels, treehouses, beaches and airplanes. Generally speaking wherever I have been or in the process of wherever I am trying to go. I’ve found a lot of comfort in these past few years in transient spaces. I think I’m most inspired by the things and people I’ve found when wandering. Also I’m maybe slightly afraid to feel too at home. Anyhow we can unpack that next year. Thanks for spending another spin around the Sun on this journey with me 💌🛶🛵🌍
Black Magic Woman 🖤 Ok, had so much fun experimenting with different beauty concoctions this year. Narrowed down my top 4 can’t live without skin potions:
3 liters of water daily 
@vintnersdaughter serum
@drbarbarasturm moisturizer (for darker skin tones)
@tataharperskincare body oil

Am I missing anything?? The best part of my beauty journey this year was really understanding self-care as a vehicle for my own mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and not a marketing term for beauty products. Ultimately I have felt the most beautiful this year in moments with my hair up, on my couch, makeup free and truly loving and appreciating the skin I’m in. My main goal for 2019 is how to look and feel my best wearing and using the very least.
Merry Christmas to all 👼🏽 and to all a good night 🖤🕊🍸