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Summer Fridays in the Hamptons with @netaporter and @tiffanyandco celebrating one of my earliest mentors Reed Krakoff and the new T Collection 🕊🥂
There is a lot that people don’t know about Bermuda. The triangle isn’t real, it’s not part of the Caribbean and not only do they have a lovely Premiere, they have an unofficial Princess in @shionat. So grateful to have had the most amazing time on such an incredible Island with the two best hosts. There are very few people who can get me covered in paint and drinking swizzle on a boat hop - in the same weekend. I love you @bermuda
Lost in a daydream 🖤
Another spin around the Sun 💜 so grateful to all of the amazing people, places, things and animals that have been apart of my life in the past year - be it for a reason, season or lifetime. I am here for the roses and also the thorns, I promise to never stop growing but most importantly never stop blooming. Thank you to everyone who has been there to sit in this amazing garden with me, the magic is our community. We feed each other. I love you! 💕
National Anthem 🏴 i have spent 9 years in this Country, trying to understand what the American Dream is. At one point I realized this wasn’t a dream that was dreamt for me. So wide awake, and with my own vision, I built my own Company. Pulled up chairs at my own table and dived all the way in with my brilliant friends around me. This Country may not have been made for us, but it was built by us. Our blood, our tears, our creativity. Don’t forget that. But don’t ever stop leading with love and faith first. That is the difference between us - and them. The brilliant new dreamers and the ones hanging on to the past. 🖤
Show me a Country that loves me, and I will love it back. 🏴
In my happy place 🐞🌞🍉🗺 be free where you are, always • i love you @kellyframel @globaliza 🕊
Even though I am standing here alone, I represent a lot of different people. When I see pictures of myself at events like this, I see the work that my assistants put in on the collection, amazing pieces that our artisans made, dresses that friends created, hair and makeup by future legends. No woman is an island. And this morning when I woke up my heart was filled with gratitude more than ever for every single person in the @brothervellies family and larger diaspora, past, present and future. Too many to tag but I love you, thank you. 🖤
CFDA Awards 🖤 Black Magic Women @elainewelteroth @brothervellies •  also wearing and celebrating @brandonmaxwell so proud of you and your win B!! We love you.
Throwback to last year’s @CFDA Awards 💛 I’ve done a lot on this journey with @brothervellies but the thing I’m most proud of are the friendships I’ve made along the way. So excited for all of my beautiful, talented and game changing friends who are nominated this evening. I love you!
And after we won, the Raptors won too! 🏀🍸 #sports • Thank you to my beauty @rupikaur_ for presenting my award this week. Your words touched my heart. Your words always touch all of our hearts and I can’t tell you how much you’ve done for the collective healing, discovery and growth of so many women and girls out there. We love you Rupi!
✌🏾🖤👄 @cafawards • goodbye TORONTO!