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Hello Wolf Pack,

I will be doing a Origins Easter Egg... If you would like to join, Send a message to gamertag: MiSs1nG Boss for a invite.

Console: Xbox 360/One
Will there be any modding (YES or NO): No
Free to join (Yes or No): Yes
Streaming The Event (Yes or No): Yes
Webcam (ON or OFF): OFF

1.) Face Reveal at 2K Subscribers #WolfPackReveal
2.) Remote Recoveries at 2.2K Subscribers #WolfPackRR
3.) Outlast Stream W/ Webcam at 2K Subs #WolfPackOLStream

If you have anyone comments about either one of the announcements make sure to add the # with your comment. I will look at all comments about each one
Check out MiSs1nG Wolf Hoodie! Available for the next 4 days via @Teespring:
When everyone at your work is a Portland Trail Blazers fan, and your the only Golden State Warriors Fan
New Battlefield Emblem
By: Gravity Assist