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🥇”Smiles all round for our Olympic #hero! Cant be any prouder of Daniel. He's come on so much since last year in Sheffield, not just with the sport but also coping well during the down time and managing his stress and anxiety well. 
As a sister who has had the opportunity to see my brother grow and develop into the young man he is today, it fills my heart with pride.” ~ @arweston88 #love #siblings
Via @storiesaboutautism :A very #prouddad alert 🚨 
I bought these flash cards a couple of weeks ago, an activity I thought Tommy might enjoy during the holidays. He’s interested in numbers and sequences, so I thought it might keep him entertained for at least a few minutes.

When I got them out of the pack he quickly arranged them like this on the table. I counted them out, trying to get Tommy to repeat the sounds. Then I called out random numbers to see if he’d point to the right one.

What I didn’t expect was what happened next. I called out all of the objects/things that were on each number card, and he pointed to them all correctly too!

I thought he might get a few of them, but I had no idea he knew what some of these words meant.
Just because someone can’t verbally communicate or respond appropriately , it doesn’t mean they aren’t taking in every single thing you say, or understand exactly what you mean 💙
"It’s been about a month since Jacob received his service dog, Reid, and man our lives have changed! Immediately, Jacob’s elopement has stopped in public while he is tethered to the dog...We feel so #blessed that we have found an added safety net for Jacob and have gained so much more than that, Jacob’s #bestfriend." ~Allison #dogsofinstagram #photooftheday
"This is Ayden! He was diagnosed with ASD at 2 years old. He is mostly nonverbal but he’s learning new words all the time. His favorite things to do are jump on his trampoline and swim." ~ @big_ay_daboss #LightItUpBlue 💙
“My name is Amanda and I am 20 years old. When I was 3 years old, I was diagnosed with autism. Since I have been diagnosed with autism I have overcome so many obstacles. I was mainstreamed for most of my education, completed the Life Skills enhancement program at Carl Perkins, and I have been employed at McAlister's deli for a year." ~@aroberts0315 💙 #LightItUpBlue
"This is Shane. He is 2 years old and he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is nonverbal but he has his ways to communicate & it is amazing. Shane has a behavior pattern of running back & forth. He can do this all day. He hates noises but he screams a lot. The only thing that can calm him down is his favorite episodes of Mickey Mouse Club House. He loves water (as long as it isn’t too cold) & he is starting to give a lot of hugs and kisses which helps brighten up my day." ~@kiraxshane 💙
"This is Frankie. He is 5 years old, he was diagnosed with autism at 2.5. He is now speaking sentences and understanding complex sentences and will respond to instructions (when wants to). Frankie has a special love for letters, numbers and shapes. He will communicate by saying “I’m sad” and will often take himself to another room. Frankie expresses excitement by flapping, bouncing up and down and running back and forth frequently.  Frankie is such a happy child, and has taught all of us so much and makes us proud everyday!" ~@lucyedge_ @frankiesjourney_  #LightItUpBlue💙
"This is Devon on his 24th birthday! He has autism and Cerebral Palsy. He's nonverbal but able to communicate what he likes and dislikes. He loves music, dancing, amusement parks and Caribbean food." ~@mhobgood08 #LightItUpBlue💙
"This is Naomi Presley, my two year old autistic nonverbal angel. Communicates by tapping on items that she wants. Yesterday I kept telling her “I love you” over and over and she repeated it. Best day of my life. Stepping stones is all we need and we will get there." @guztega30 #LightItUpBlue 💙
"This is my son, John. He is turning 6 soon. With his infectious laugh and smile you can’t help but feel joy right along with him! He was diagnosed at 3 and thanks to early intervention, John has thrived. John has worked very hard at his coping skills and loves making new friends. He has worked extremely hard at his academic skills and will enter 1st grade reading! We are amazed at the progress John is making and are blessed with a loving and strong support system." ~@mrsashleyobrien 💙LightItUpBlue 📚
“Santiago, My 2 and a half year old son with autism and nonverbal, yesterday pull me by the hand, pointed at the milk picture we have on the fridge and asked for “cheche”, which is “milk” in Spanish (leche)!!! And I was melted! The #littlevictories!” ~ @camil1308 #hope #love #nevergiveup
"These are my sons, Taylor and Jayden. They are Irish twins and are both 13 at the moment, although with the size difference you would never be able to tell. Taylor is my autistic gentle giant with an imagination and heart as big as the sky and Jayden is my little guy with a heart just as big as his brothers. Taylor, although taller, looks up to his brother Jayden and Jayden looks out for him like a hawk! They're as close as can be and for that I am grateful. My heart is so full!" ~ @greeneyedsyko116 #AutismSiblings #LightItUpBlue 💙