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“All of my friends' cornucopias were filled with play dates, activities, kid parties and on Thanksgiving, turkey, so, without all those things for my son Ryan, my cornucopia felt kind of empty. When your child is autistic, those things do not come in abundance, but, so many other things do, if you are able look past what you think is missing, you will see all that is there. The challenges my son overcame, the fears he fought head on, the progress he made and the #love he gave to me in abundance. In abundance. I spent so much time focusing on what I felt was missing, not what he felt was missing, that I was in fact, the one who was missing out on so much.” ~ Kathy
What are you grateful for this year? Happy #Thanksgiving! 🍂🍁🍽️
During the holiday season 🌟when many of us are traveling to visit family and friends, our puzzle piece pin 🧩 is a great conversation starter that could educate the strangers we encounter on our travels about how amazing people with autism truly are. 💙 Link in bio.
“This is my son, Nathan. H will be 4 years old in November and he was diagnosed when he was 2. He is so full of life and super active. He loves singing, dancing, sports and animals. He knows how to name all the sea animals and his favorite is the Shark. He is the most sweetest little boy with a big heart and he definitely knows how to put a smile on your face when you are having a bad day. He is limited verbally but thanks to the help of his teachers and therapist his speech has grown so much. We #love our baby boy so much, he is our world and are thankful everyday for him” ~ @aprilsworld101
"This is Lorelei, Gari Lynn and Naveh. They are 9, 8 and 2 years old respectively. Lorelei has recently been diagnosed and being referred to a Neuro Psychologist, Gari has SPD and Naveh is still going through screenings.  These 3 are something else. They are all so beautiful. There is so much love between the 3 of them. There is nothing wrong with them. God made them the way he wanted. These girls don't take life for granted, they take it by the horns and live it. Others should take a lesson or two from them." ~ @ariel_lover1987 #LightItUpBlue 💙
“Hi! My name is Angela and I am on the #autism spectrum. I #love to #sing and #dance. Always do what makes you most #happy and never stop smiling! Let’s all be kind to one another every day of the year! The Beatles are my favorite band of all time and I get super excited the instant I hear a Beatles song playing! I couldn’t get out of the car yet and I just had to sing along in the parking lot! ❤️” ~ @loveisbeatleful
"My son who has #autism was making another autistic child who is nonverbal laugh today. He was so nice to her. A special dad moment! No matter the disability EVERY child deserves #love and #happiness." ~ @jknoll52 #prouddad
“This was for the African Student Association and I am known as Mr. ASA at Radford University my name is Guy Isaiah Smith I am a senior Graphic Design Major, Theatre minor at Radford University, I’m 22 years old and I am a self-advocate for #autism and I was diagnosed when I was 10.” ~ @theofficial_guysmith #inspiration
“This is my brother David. He’s 17, has #autism and he has a passion for mowing the lawn and dancing. He is the happiest boy and teaches me something new every day. He just recently got his first paid job today and he’s so excited! David makes an impact on everyone he meets & we’re lucky to have him.” ~@caseywrobel #winning #inspiration #motivation #photooftheday
"This is my brother Robert. He is 33 years old and on the autism spectrum. Robert hasn't had the smoothest ride through life with autism, but he has persevered and keeps a pretty positive outlook. Some of his favorite things include elevators, automatic doors, plastic bowling pins, and an assortment of baked goods. He loves to watch old Sesame Street videos and is the proud owner of a vintage VHS collection, which is pristinely maintained. Robert is the reason I pursued a career in the autism field, as a BCBA, and I am so grateful that after 7 years apart we finally get to spend more time together." ~ Dana, @autism_irl #LightItUpBlue 💙
"A high school teacher gave his class the assignment to finish the lines starting with the words: Me, I have, I am trying, I can't, I hope, I want, I fear, I hate, I don't, and I love. A 16 year old student on the autism spectrum in a mainstream class wrote this, accompanied by a self-portrait sketch." ~ Bobby O. #LightItUpBlue 💙
"This is Brandon, he is 25 years old and was diagnosed with autism when he was 5 years old. Brandon beat me to the voting polls & he was even rapping to me on the phone on his way to VOTE. He was trying to rhyme & saying 'Time To Get Out & Get My Vote Out.' 😂🎤 Son, you always have My Vote, so proud of you for getting out & getting your vote in!!! ~@misshoneybeevirgo
 #AutismVotes #LightItUpBlue 💙