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“This is Arabella. She is three years old and was diagnosed with #autism  a few weeks after her third birthday.  She is nonverbal however he communicates in her own way, (through gestures and pointing) . She is very loving and energetic! She enjoys walks, playing and loves swimming !” @bellysmommy2413 #love
"This is my daughter Samantha, she has ASD. I am so proud of her bravery to get on stage and sing a solo and then dance her heart out. In Kindergarten, we avoided assemblies, because we knew she couldn’t handle the crowd and noise. Now in 3rd grade...I could probably write a book about what it took to get here, but what it boils down to the Grace of God, ABA therapy and love and encouragement from her family, teachers and classmates. Her school cheers her on every step of the way. She’s going to do amazing things!" ~@sudduthjennifer 💙🎤 #LightItUpBlue
This is Madisyn, she is three years old. She was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder on April 11th, 2018. Madisyn is nonverbal. She is a very active little girl. She loves to jump, climb and talk (in her own language, that is!) She loves lights and bright colors." ~@gorgeous_shaay 💙#LightItUpBlue
“This is Charlie, he is 9 years old. He was diagnosed with autism in 2013. He enjoys playing Fortnite, Roblox and he especially loves to build Lego and do puzzles. I’m currently saving up to buy him the Lego Disney castle! He attends Cub Scouts to help improve social skills. For his disability badge, he has to present information about a disability. To receive this badge, he wanted to make a video about his experience with autism to help raise awareness and teach his peers about what living with autism can be like. I am so proud of him!” ~@missmiltonkeynesinsp15 #LightItUpBlue 💙 Swipe ➡️ to see the full video
@kokokelly11 visited the John Lennon Wall in Prague and left a message of acceptance and understanding in honor of her brother on the spectrum. 💙 #siblings The wall constantly undergoes changes as visitors leave their messages of #inspiration #love and #peace.
"Happy Friday! This is CJ, busting out his moves on his favorite day of the week!" ~ @cjs_autism_adventures #LightItUpBlue 💙
“When you are told to mandatory evacuate because you are in the path of a hurricane and have autism, you pack your important items. This is Shawn, he is 19 and a huge #EmilyBlunt fan! Shawn really wants to go to the premiere of @disney @marypoppinsreturns in LA. He saved every single one of his paychecks to get him there!” ~ @louannellis #hardwork
“Cayden turns 13 years old today. He is in the seventh grade and attends public school. He has a younger brother and an older brother. He loves Mickey Mouse and cars that light up. He was diagnosed with severe autism as well as spastic cerebral palsy. He is a very joyous child but also has to overcome a lot of sensory frustrations. He is nonverbal, but finds his way to communicate in this world. He loves food, swimming, being outside and playing on the swings and hugs. He is now a teenager, no longer a child but he will always be my forever boy and I am very thankful for every single year I have got to watch him overcome and achieve things, it hasn’t always been easy, in fact, mostly challenging but anything great is worth a challenge. Happy 13th birthday my Superman!! The awesome Photo credit @thedevinwilliams” ~@teamlongmom 💙 #LightItUpBlue
“My son Huxley (Huck) has been the greatest gift I’ve ever received in life. I never wanted kids, I always thought they would get in the way of travel and social life and other things I thought
 were most important to me. 
However since his birth, all of that has changed, and he is the highlight of my day, EVERY day. He’s a happy, healthy, sweet 2.5 year old boy, who we thought was just a little behind in his speech
 progression, until he stopped saying words and phrases that he had been saying, and didn’t seem to be learning new ones.

Everyone told us it was no big deal and told us stories about kids they knew that didn’t speak until they were 3+ and were fine now, but it seemed bigger than that to us. My wife Rebecca started
 doing some research and came across the Autism Speaks website, and suddenly, it all made sense. So she contacted early intervention and set up an appointment for him to be analyzed, and sure enough, he was diagnosed with “moderate” ASD.

So we turned to the Autism Speaks website and all its resources, reading about other people’s experiences and learning what steps to take next. Luckily New York takes this problem very seriously
 with its Early Intervention program and Huck will soon be starting therapy sessions of 20+ hours a week to hopefully get him on the right track!" ~Greg Binns of @emjtriteam #dads #love
"This is Derek. He is 17 years old, he was diagnosed with autism at 22 months of age and he started having seizures at age 12. While his verbal skills are limited, he is able to communicate by typing. His behavior and limited ability to speak would lead most to believe he's incapable of doing much, but those who get to know Derek are well aware this is far from true. It was clear that the employment opportunities offered to individuals like Derek were not going to be meaningful to him. Like everyone else, Derek wants to decide what he does with his future and he communicated that he wanted to have a bike repair shop. His support team began teaching him lessons in the garage and when it was evident he needed to start working with a professional, his parents started cold-calling local bike repair shops until they found a mechanic willing to give Derek lessons. We are eternally grateful to Derek's support team and to Jeff Torkelson @rbxfl954. Jeff has been an incredible mentor for Derek and he made it possible for Derek to start his business: @bikedrderek." #LightItUpBlue #Inspiration 💙
"This is my 3 yr old daughter Damyla she has #autism and just started her speech therapy in August! She is a loving outgoing brave adventurous little girl. She screams when she is excited or angry. She has made a lot of progress in the past 3 months and is starting to say more words everyday!" @lilian_bettencourt #love #inspiring #girls
"We walk for our autism warrior, James, he is 4 years old. His team, Team Sweet Baby James had another successful year raising money for Autism Speaks. His biggest supporter is his younger sister, Anna (2)!" ~@mrscort #LightItUpBlue 💙