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Welcome to Aspect! We offer diagnostic assessments, behaviour support, family support, school programs & adult programs.

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Say hello to Max! Aspect Research is investigating the benefits of using robots in classrooms... Discover more about this exciting project on Aspect's Facebook page! #education #research #autismeducation
Regram @ice_org_au : The Club Weld records are here!! 😍 We are so stoked to show you the first sneak peek at the amazing Remix The House vinyls. Club Weld recorded Remix The House with @chunyinrainbowchan @gnnnnnnng and Eugene Ward during Vivid Live 2017 at the @sydneyoperahouse
These pavers will soon create a beautiful walkway linking our existing primary school to the new autism-specific high school! Want to etch your name in Hunter history and inspire generations of students? Sponsor a #paver! Find out more at: .
#specialeducation #autism #autismawareness #adifferentbrilliant
Today is #TeachersDay in Australia. We'd like to thank all of our amazing and dedicated Aspect #teachers who work incredibly hard every day to support students in our main schools and satellite classes. We are extremely thankful for their commitment and enthusiasm and the difference it makes to our students and their families.

Here's Lynne Miller, one of our amazing teachers. Lynne has been associated with Aspect since her daughter enrolled at Kingsgrove 26 years ago. She has been teaching at Aspect for approximately 24 years, across Aspect schools. Lynne currently works at Kirrawee Base school 3 days per week and is a wonderful addition to our South East Sydney School!

To teachers everywhere (but particularly to our Aspect Teachers) – thank you!
Earlier this week, Aspect announced new #highschool facilities at the Aspect #Hunter School. The new high school will open in term one next year with two classrooms and 12 students, and plans to open an additional four classrooms by 2020. Pictured: developer Hilton Grugeon and Hunter School Principal Lara Cheney, in #Thornton NSW.
“We will be delivering the NSW curriculum … but we do look at incorporating our students’ strengths and interest into the program, and what skills they need to have the most successful and meaningful life after school.” principal Lara Cheney said. Photo credits: @maitlandmercury
This was last month - on a bright sunny day 🌞 More than 2,000 students, teachers and family members attended the annual Aspect schools sports carnival for some typical sports activities like 100m running races, hurdles, egg and spoon races, as well as some tailored activities such as sensory bubble popping! The Aspect South Coast school claimed the shield, while our Aspect South East Sydney school took home the Spirit Cup. But in our eyes, our students were the real winners! #throwbactthursday 📷: @risingsunphotographysydney
Last but not least! Here's winning artwork #4 from an Aspect student in the @colessupermarkets shopping bags competition ('Christmas' series). It is from the very talented Joseph, who is only 7!! Yes, only 7 and already mastering reindeer drawings! Awesome work Joseph!! 10% of sales proceeds from Joseph's bags will be donated to his school, Aspect Vern Barnett so get yours, deer Aspect friend!  Available nationwide from Wed 17 Oct in Coles stores! ! #reuse #reusablebags #shoppingbags #adifferentbrilliant #autism #autismeducation
A #brilliant ‘Cherry Christmas' design, by Aspect student Cameron B (9 years old), combining his love of the Xmas season and yummy #cherries! This is artwork #3 of the 4 artworks from Aspect students selected by @colessupermarkets for its special Christmas shopping bags series! Cameron is a student at Aspect Macarthur school (Satellite Class at Sarah Redfern Public School) . 10% of sales proceeds from Cameron's  bags will be donated to his Aspect school so make sure to get one for your end of the year shopping! They will be available nationwide from Wed 17 Oct!  Great work Cameron, we love it cherry much!!
Our students got talent! A sneak peek at Ryan's winning design in the @colessupermarkets 'Christmas series' shopping bags competition. How cute is this happy snowman? Well done Ryan!  10% of sales proceeds from Ryan's bags will be donated to his school, Aspect Macarthur School, so look out for the snowman bags! They will be available nationwide from Wed 17 Oct! .
#reuse #reusablebags #shoppingbags #adifferentbrilliant #autism#autismeducation
Wow! Amazing @corporatefighter boxing nights last weekend! So much hard work for Aspect! We feel truly humbled by the generosity of these 'fighters'! A huge thank you also to everyone who donated! Over $100k were raised for the Aspect South East Sydney school, that is simply incredible!
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This drawing from Channing (12) is one of the 4 artworks from Aspect students selected by @colessupermarkets for its special Christmas shopping bags series! Channing is a student at Aspect's Central Coast school (St Patrick's satellite class, East #Gosford). He has been rewarded with a 500AUD gift voucher and 10% of sales proceeds from Channing's bags will be donated to the Aspect Central Coast school so look out for them! They will be available nationwide from Wed 17 Oct! Congrats Channing for this brilliant drawing! #reuse #reusablebags #shoppingbags #adifferentbrilliant #autism #autismeducation
'Expend", artwork by artist and autism self-advocate Prue Stevenson.
Prue is taking expressions of interest from businesses and organisations for siting this artwork (1500mm x 6000mm). If you love Prue's  work, don't miss her this week at the @mca_australia at her FREE live public performance on Friday 14th September 11am as part of the Engaging Students with Disability Forum. 
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