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I am my mother’s daughter 🍷
Yesterday I executed my very first Thanksgiving on my own! I’m thankful for my little fam in Hawaii! #LeftoversForDays
Last week I ended what I would consider an era with @splashhawaii! Thank you to @kirahbelle who connected me with this amazing family and to @jenns.world and Katrina who made moving half way across the world so much easier! You taught me some valuable lessons and I made some incredible friends along the way! New adventure coming soon! ✨
Tasty 👅
Look back @ it 👀 (“it” being my absurd back tan line from my favorite suit)
One more day with my best gal!
me & my stalker
Keeping Becky in Hawaii forever byeeeee
My favorite human. Thanks for always being the best you can be and putting up with me 🙃
Frolicking with my insta boyfriend 🤩
My best friend of 22 years graduated college today. Where has time gone?!
Zero. 🎓