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AWA of Indonesia is a non-profit organization of expats building friendships and contributing to local Indonesian charities. �

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We had a great time at our Summer Coffee morning today to re-open AWA after the holiday break. Join us Wednesday morning for a new activity "Keep Calm and Craft".
Early bird tickets on sale!
AWA reopens after our holiday break on Monday June 17. Stop by on the 17th and the 19th for these activities.
Boot, Scootin' Ball tickets are on sale! Can't get to the Center next week? While the AWA Center will be closed for the holiday break May 27 - June 16, you can purchase your tickets with a bank transfer and have your tickets delivered! Why wait?
Once we re-open on June 17, you can still purchase tickets with the bank transfer and delivery process, but you will also be able to purchase tickets in person at the AWA Center during our regular open office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Email for bank transfer and ticket delivery information. Questions? Contact Kari at WA 0813 1109 2262 or the above email address.
See you after the holiday!
Join us!
Please note the change in time for AWA'S ongoing Friday yoga classes. We have a great space for the classes and all fees go to our Social Welfare programs.
Join us on Monday, May 6, for a fascinating look at how to add more joy to your life!
Meena is a professional and personal development coach who has given many speeches for companies and individuals  in the area of success and happiness. She will be coming to AWA Center on May 6 to share some techniques to stay happy and healthy while living in Jakarta. Come and see  Meena share her ideas and also ask questions.
Join us! Please share!
We have had to postpone our visit. Thank you for your understanding.
Please join us and do share this post!