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AWA of Indonesia is a non-profit organization of expats building friendships and contributing to local Indonesian charities. ❤️

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Join us for our Welcome Back event: 'Dive in' Movie Night! 
We'll have Mongolian BBQ, Pizza, craft beers*, and the movie 'Coco' playing poolside. It'll be a great chance to get back into gear and meet a few new faces, so bring a pool float and a picnic blanket for a casual, fun evening. 
WhatsApp 0812 12803660 for tickets!
*if negotiations go well. : )
Join us this next Monday, July 2, for a cup of coffee (or tea) and hear a quick talk on how meditation benefits your mind. Stay for a short, guided meditation session led by Lisa Jennings. Hope to see you there!
AWA Coffee Morning today, June 4, 9:30 - 12 noon. Join us!
Thank you @now_jakarta magazine for highlighting AWA’s recent work with Sekolah Kami, a Yayasan we have partnered with that is making a real difference in the lives of the children in the community. Thanks to the generosity of our members at our annual Angel Tree luncheon, AWA was able to fund multiple projects and provide for an English teacher and other supplies at Sekolah Kami.  It’s always rewarding to celebrate the completion of such a big project!  Follow this link to the full article!
Thank you, Sunshine, for your recent (and very generous) donation to AWA’s Social Welfare projects! We wish you the very best of luck in Brisbane, where we hope you’ll find as many friends as you’ve made here in Jakarta!
Welcome, Annie, to our AWA family! We are very happy to have you join our team of volunteers!! And as usual, thank you to Ibu Nining for doing such a great job as our bookkeeper and being passionate about AWA and giving us the tools we need to keep going!!
A trillion thank you’s to our Diamond Sponsor Santa Fe for their extraordinary service throughout the years with storing our AWA publications and event decorations and getting our supplies to and from our special event venues! This week has been a busy one at our President Sunshine’s home as Santa Fe is also packing up her personal belongings and making sure they get safely to Brisbane! Thank you to Santa Fe for always being dependable and super professional! If you plan to relocate and want great and careful service, make Santa Fe your movers!!
Pak Khalid with Fine Carpets has generously donated his rugs to all our bazaars, provided us snacks during our coffee mornings, and displays his beautiful carpets at our center. If you need to purchase new carpets or get your current carpets cleaned, contact him at @finecarpets. Great service and so easy to work with! Thanks, Pak Khalid! We appreciate all that you contribute to AWA!
Thank you, Ferna, for continuing to offer your time so the enthusiastic children at Yayasan Pa van der Steur may enjoy the magic of yoga! Our president Sunshine and social welfare committee member Charlotte were Ferna’s yoga assistants for the day!
Everyone had a great time in painting class at AWA today. Thank you Nisha for teaching the class!
AWA volunteer Stella Myers and her son stop in to read English books to refugee families in their Tangerang dormitory. We graciously thank all of you who give, give, give your time and belongings and expect nothing in return. The many families who are unable to earn a living are very appreciative!