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Happy Monday! 
How often do you take time to acknowledge yourself?

It's so easy to get caught up in all the things we don't get done or all the things we'd like to do yet don't do them. What about all the things we do accomplish?  All the choices we have made that have gotten us where we are?

Let's do some self acknowledgement today! What's one thing you can acknowledge yourself for?
Are you able to let go of the control and trust what will be?!
I love when deer show up to say hello in the park! 💕
What stories do you keep telling that aren't allowing you to let go of things and move forward as you desire to?! Our thoughts, feelings and emotions can totally create our reality. When you release the stories and stop letting them define who you are today you can choose something new! 
What would you like to create in the last 6 months of 2019?!
Courage. Strength. Compassion. 
It's all within you!

And love? You are LOVE itself embodied!  If you replaced all the resistance you find yourself in with love, what could open up to you?!
Join us for this totally different life altering workshop, BODY LOVE - Freedom From The Lies on June 17 from 6pm-8pm!

There are so many viewpoints and so much judgment around bodies!

Some self impelled however most are from others in our lives, the media and such! 
What they 'should' look like to be considered sexy and how they 'should' be dressed based on their size.

What they 'should' look like if they are healthy. 
What we 'should' and 'shouldn't' do with them. And so much more! 
What did a parent, relative or friend say about your body that you still carry and function from? 
Are you ready for something completely different with your body?! More acceptance? More gratitude? More enjoyment with your body?

How is your relationship with yourself? With your body?

Do you acknowledge all it does for you and show it gratitude or do you constantly judge it? 
Would you like to have freedom from all the lies that you've been living from about your body?! We will discuss all of this and more and you'll leave this workshop with a renewed joy and lightness around your body! You'll also have some new tools that will invite you into entering a totally new relationship with your body! More inner peace! More acceptance! More gratitude for your body! 
How much change will you choose?! How does it get any better than that?! How much fun can we have?! Bring a friend! Who can you invite?! This is a live in person class.

Cost: $63
Tickets here:
Text 419-215-5285 for ticket info!
What would change if you approached everything in life with our gratitude?! ✨😊✨
High vibrational foods for the win! ✨😇✨ Eating foods from the earth raises your vibe thus affecting your mood, the way your body feels and influencing what you attract! 
It's impossible to be perfect with this so I do recommend whole food supplementation which you can find on my website.  Feel free to contact me for more information on that if you'd like! 💕 (Cucumbers, tomatoes  sweet onions, cilantro with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.)
They have so much so say if you tap in energetically. 
Their stories are beautiful.
Feel free to check out all my Google reviews!  I am so grateful for life's journey and all the choices I've made that have gotten me to this point!  If you're not in a space of thriving, joy and ease consider scheduling something this week to come see me for a session. 
I have a plethora of tools I can share and teach you as well as helping bring your body's vibration back to a space where you feel your best! My Soul Refresher session is a good introduction to what I do! 💜
How kind can you be towards you this coming week and beyond? 
How kind can you be to others this coming week and beyond?

Being kind is not being nice. Nice people do things from a space of tip toeing and not upsetting others. Kind people know that sometimes kindness requires saying the things that aren't wanting to be heard however doing it from a space of openness with no ill intention! 💜
Rocking my vibrant yellow today...I dig it! Yellow was always my favorite color as a child.  Ever since I started my business last year it's become a favorite again! 
Yellow is also the color of the solar plexus chakra which is the 'self power chakra'- one's self-confidence, self-discipline and the ability to achieve goals, personal power, assertiveness and wisdom! ✨✨✨ Do you have certain colors you like to wear more than others?! Radiate your power into the world! 😍