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in a sense we’re all winning. we’re alive.

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in a sense we’re all winning. we’re alive. #lunchpoems ❤️
Feeling v BK right now ✨
From Vegas to the Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon—amazing trip and a great time exploring ‘Mericaaa with @jenksdan
A couple of Irish princesses who didn’t eat breakfast before drinking. #whoops
I literally have been thinking and talking about this ALL DAY. #sweetmomentsnyc #matcha
Post holiday weekend back-to-work feeeeels 😫 #mondays
Still thinkin bout that vacation... #tablemountain #capetown #views
Started out the new year by climbing a mountain. Hoping that's an indication of a good year to come! #tablemountain #capetown #southafrica
It's been a weird year with a lot of changes, but as @therachaelway said, I will think of it as a year for growth rather than a rough year. Looking forward to all of the exciting things 2018 will bring with my soon-to-be HUSBAND, @jenksdan !
Night night I'm hammered off of local red wine bye #constantia #capetown
It means something I think? #art