Ayo Ni O
The Problem With Grace Is... It tells the young girl who had a baby outside wedlock, you can still do ministry. Religion frowns. 
It looks at the fellow who just left an abusive marriage and says, "you may be divorced but you are not condemned. Come into the ministry...I wanna use you". Religion frowns. 
It turns to the pastor who was caught having sex with someone who isn't his wife and says "I will not forsake you still, go and sin no more." At this point, other ministers including the divorced who was accepted into the fold by Grace and the Sister who had a baby outside wedlock but was accepted in Grace would rebel against Grace. They say in one voice "Grace, you are giving license to sin." Yet Grace won't stop. 
Grace will go to the household of the lady who had a baby outside wedlock, pick that child everyone called a bastard, save him and use him across the world. Then religion will say "his mother slept with the men who gave him a breakthrough." Grace, why are you like this? Even those who speak against you are only alive today because of you. You are too gracious dear Grace.

Who will remind that sister who condemns Grace preachers that the law says she shouldn't talk in the church? Who will remind her that it was Grace that gave her a voice?

Who will remind the other lady that she didn't marry a virgin so should have been stoned to death, but for Grace? 
Who will tell that facebook brother crucifying Grace and those who preach Him on facebook that hackers  are also watching him while he masturbates to porn sites? But Grace is the reason he hasn't been brought to shame. Yet he fights Grace. 
How about the Christian you healed even when they weren't faithful with their tithe yet they have declared publicly that anyone who won't pay tithes won't get healing or breakthrough?

Who will remind all of us that anytime you helped any of us, you did it in your Hyper mode because if you remain in your normal mode, you will only be a mere mercy?

Chai.... dear Grace, you are the most misunderstood person breathing today.... yet you are still gracious. 
As for me and my family, we will never betray you dear Grace.... Because we remember where you picked us
Grab yours today.
#happy Easter