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I'm teaming up with @bybellaevans to make two lucky ladies' holidays a glamourous one! Although breast cancer awareness month has passed, we invite anyone currently battling breast cancer as well as survivors to enter to win a beautiful lace wig as well as a makeover ! Tag your friends and loved ones in this post ! Let's make someone's holiday special !! #womenempowerment //// We want to hear your story! Although October has come and gone , here at Bella Evans we still want to hear your story . We would like to gift a full makeover to a beautiful & strong survivor. Please help & tag Any beautiful survivor(s) for their chance to win. (See Rules below) 
Winning survivors will receive a Custom unit from our Bella Evans Luxe Collection, a full glam makeover from @niasia__ as well as special 🎁Bella Basket with tons of goodies! 

1. Contestants (survivor) must repost this flyer and share their story.  Due to the sensitive nature of this topic you are more than welcomed to email your story at if you are not willing to share publicly. 
However you must still REPOST this image,TAG and @bybellaevans & @niasia__ to qualify.

2. Contestants must be in the NYC tri-state area to qualify and must be comfortable on camera. 
Thank you and Best of luck!

BE💞 .
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Azealia Banks by @inezandvinoodh . I was the first rap girl one rocking the super long weaves. Don't let them convince you otherwise ! #iconic #azealiabanks #jfk #jetblackweaveboutthelengthofamile
My bedroom look
I like this photo a lot for some reason !
Montréal tient une place si spéciale dans mon coeur! juste avant 212 explosé j'ai passé un été à vivre dans une petite piÚce sur le plateau. C'était en cet été que je me sentais calme et heureux, entouré de mes amis amusants. ces jours-là sur le plateau étaient les derniers de mon innocence! Je reviendrai dans la ville le 7 décembre! J'ai hùte de vous revoir! Je serai avec un invité trÚs spécial de New York appelé Connie Diiamond! @_conniediiamond  p.s: dis à Romados de sauver une assiette de ce délicieux poulet pour moi!!! #montreal #azealiabanks
"What the ADHD brain wants , and why" by dr. Ellen littman .... "These individuals are not making conscious choices to ignore relevant tasks, although it may appear that way; their brains are compelling them to do so." #adhd
The truth about Azealia Banks and her mental health. For a long time I struggled with unchecked Adhd - this disorder is what cause so many of my seemingly random conflicts. I was diagnosed with ADHD three years ago but didn't take the medications regularly because I didn't accept it as truth. There's no cure for ADHD, only management. Focusing is a STRUGGLE as my mind literally just jumps around all the time. I've found that through meditation I can slow my brain down and grab hold of my thoughts before they fly away. Once I started to look at my disorder as just that , and not a character flaw - I started to see some real improvement in the way I felt about myself. A lot of society doesn't acknowledge mental illness in Black Women as mental illness looks different in everyone. I hope that in the future there will be more scholarly literature produced specifically focusing on black women and the mind.
For as dumb as I STILL feel about my decisions with the 2016 election, for as embarrassed I am of President Trump, and as much as I agree he is really a doofus - I have absolutely no clue why well after colonialism, African countries continue to enthusiastically allow the destruction of their land, flora and fauna by Europeans, Americans, Australians, Asians etc..... . Yes Donnie is a doofus but something's absolutely got to give with African Leaders or there will seriously be no Africa in the year 3000. From animals, to minerals and ore, human labor etc , Africa has for the last century been being sucked DRY by the rest of the globe. How do we make Africa stronger than its ever been, so it's no longer victim to the vicious power brokers of the world? #zimbabwe #southafrica #stoptakingafricaforgranted
Yes I'm trying to use this instagram to be super professional but I've been holding on to this meme for about a week now and absolutely couldn't resist sharing it. The struggle is REAL. Lol ! - this meme had me in TEARS.
@trixiemattel and @katya_zamo thanks babes ! đŸ˜ŽđŸ€—
Look at how brightly this selenite wand glows . It's nicknamed liquid light :)