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Good News Guys!! CheapyXO will be re-opening on March 19!! All back orders will be fulfilled with free goodies and all canceled orders will receive a free 45g Mini Bar of “Miss Camaraderie” soap for the inconvenience. I Value you guys’ business so much and can’t wait to chat skin with you guys over at our Twitter Clinic 🤪. Comment below with the types of products you would like to see Cheapy Have on her Ice Cream Cart! 
And remember : Azealia Sells Soap because Azealia Has BARS! 😁 #cheapyxo #skincare
Thank You @xxl !! Why’d they choose this goofy photo of drake 😂
“TEL AVIV , ISTANBUL, SEOUL, LONDON , TOKYO”!!!! ISRAEL 🇮🇱- IM COMING FINALLY!!!!!! , now all I need is a show in Seoul to complete the prophecy of my WALLACE lyrics !! July 5th . Save the date! Ticket link on Monday 💁🏽🇮🇱💁🏽🇮🇱💁🏽🇮🇱
No shade : Anna Wintour ate Escapades in the pop and vocal sector but Escapades ate the art. Escapades is STILL THAT GIRL. I want Beyoncé to sing this song soooooo badly and feature Lil’ Kim. The drama Beyoncé would bring to this would be INSANITY. And Kim would just be sooooo fashion . TUH!
Soon !! @officialmelb  fan art by @jftarley
Looking like I escaped the Jim Crow south with my six kids and went to NYC and became an Avon sales lady in 1938... like I was the only woman in Harlem with Avon at the time. Like I was ballin off the Avon and bought my oldest son a color camera and  used the dining room as a photo studio. these are the photos he took in our living room. This woman went on to make loads of money selling avon cosmetics, Tupperware and eventually opened an illegal gambling ring. She became a millionaire by 1969 and moved to Malibu, California where she spent her last years relaxing by the sea. @neuneumedia styled by @jessswill wearing @balmain photo by @june_canedo (ps someone will steal this idea and make a movie)
“ Easy Breezy Bitches Just Waitin On They Wind 💨 “ 
New Cover 🚨: out now via @neuneumedia
G-G-Gutta that gloss shit
Elizabeth Bills
Yes it’s giving 1930’s Harlem photoshoot in a prewar apartment photo by @june_canedo dress by @lanvinofficial. Come to my Tupperware party and buy some Avon lol. Looking like I just got up north from North Carolina with my six kids.... this is some real black girl magic, as many times as you all have seen me suffer and cry I still have that happy little black girl twinkle in my eye. Yemaya is good and gracious for keeping the twinkle there.
My girl jess is one of my favorite stylists in the industry , so excited I got to work with her again for this cover of @neuneumedia 
photographer: @june_canedo 
stylist: @jessswill
MUA: @yannipena