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Why is this boy in red shirt 'beautiful' to me? 
I started to know him well in CFS PJ, when we were destined to become a classmate.

Entering medical school, I can say that he's the only one I spend most of my time with. Thru ups and downs, embracing tutorials, quizzes, exams and having fun together!

He's unique because he's filled with positive vibe. Always try to think everything in positive way.

@shopee_my  #Shopeexhonor #e9uallybeautiful
Having a good time with these good fellas.

Such an achievement for my friends and I, finishing this 5 kilometres run. 
One of the longest runs i have ever participated (apart from cross country run). I am happy because it's green and I got a pot of small cutie cactus.

Dah tua dah sekolahku dulu. Model-model cilik, legasi skkr-ian 😊
PBL 12 😍

People that I will spend the most of my time with for the whole 2 years of preclinical year.

We just need a short moment to blow away all those negative vibes.

Get your sport shoes on and jog along the pavement until your sadness burns into sweat.

Thanks Dr. Saad and all sporting members for the great commitment. 😉
Find friends that wait you because they want to accompany you, not because they need a companion.

Lucky to know y'alls.
Please always mention me in y'alls' du'a. 😘 had been knowing these bunch for years, yet we are still close.

Whenever there's time, we will try to spend quality time together.

Sadly adam and azim aren't here as well.
Gloomy evening.
Ada orang belanja coupon 😋
Kayak-ing for the first time! 🚣