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Part time Engineer | Sometime Photographer | Full time Explorer |
Malaysian 🇲🇾 | Photos from my travel and adventures.

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Slow life. Sometimes it's a good thing.
. "Slow living can help you enjoy and appreciate your life more. When you have time and space to pay attention to what you’re doing, you’re better able to experience the joy and fulfillment of the moment."
If you be my star, I'll be your sky.
Life is so full of sweet sweet things and I'd like to do some tasting. #yourmountain
Just a little light. #whpscale
It's about all the wild stuff that happened along the way.
Stability and creativity. The rest is up to your imagination. #shotonhuaweip20 @huaweimobilemy #mobilephotography #laketekapo
We came. We Saw. We Loved.
Bila travel partner macam retis. Tunggu documentary tak keluaq2 lagi ni. #stilltakmoveon #newzealand
Lost in Japan?
#ShotonHuaweiP20. If P20 can take picture this good, I wonder what Mate 20 can do. Anyone tested it? Teringin nak test Mate 20 Pro. (wink, wink) @huaweimobilemy @huaweimobile @huawei #longexposure #mobilephotography
Telinga pink.
They be like, kambing apa ni jalan dua kaki. Haha #lawakhambar
Beauty surround us. Look deeper, live better.  #naturalbornexplorer