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It's been a bad day today but I'm inspired to work harder
Rough day, support a sex worker. 
I made a new sexy account check it out, link in bio ☺
My mother's hands are worker's hands
They care for veterans, the old, sick, and dying, politicians, celebrities, or poor immigrants she tends to them all the same. 
My mother's hands work in a hospital
Brown Skinned and Undocumented 
She cared for politicians who didn't care for her
What do you use to escape life for a while? I use sex, drink, yoga, or the void entertainment numbness of the internet
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I'm gonna be uploading everyday for 30 days. It comes with my private Twitter too 😊
I had sex in the city
Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm not in love, I'm not in lust, I'm just bored
Wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I'll never see - five for fighting 'it's not easy'

#DACA #undocumented #childhoodmemories #undocumented #childhood #home
Managed to save just a little bit of money
Won't have to drive too far
Just 'cross the border and into the city
You and I can both get jobs
And finally see what it means to be living - Tracy Chapman 
#daca #dreamer #illegal #undocumented #sleepyselfie
Alien babe
What are you afraid of?
I know with the March 5th deadline now passed and the shift in political talk that dreamers and immigrants may very well fade into the background. I'm still anxious.