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The clean version for Instagram
Making to do lists I never finish 😧
Favorite Beatle song? I love 'hey Jude' the most
I wanna try my hand at poetry. 
Pick a theme you'd find interesting to read about.
Back it up,  fuck it up
Idk you caption this
Selfie is art
Use one word to describe what you seek in sexual gratification
Hidden gem
Somewhere I belong
I've always been a bit dark
Out of boredom and wanting to be compliant I used to follow along when someone was so in love they wanted to convince me that I could return it. When I become sexual,  I would say I love you in bed. Not because I ever meant it but because it made the sex better 😅. Although I do feel that many people mostly cis men don't really see me as much as what they want to even before entering the sex industry.