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I wanna believe love and understanding can win. I wanna believe in the power of discussion to save people and to bring compassion. But it's really hard
Keep fighting
New YouTube video out. First response video. I'm gonna try to do two videos a week.
I'm making my first YouTube response video. 🤣
Take care 🙈
Just dancing the depression off like
It's sad that when the laws are unjust people will use the laws to justify their racism. #illegalimmigration #undocumented #DACA #migrant #Dreamer
Babygirl you are a gem 🙊
Don't compare yourself to others. I know this is advice that everybody gets but minorities especially should take this to heart. If you are an undocumented immigrant you should keep it in mind. Immigrants on DACA begin everything late. We didn't have the right to work the right to drive until years after our peers got that. Our battles begin way later and they last a lot longer. Don't beat yourself about it. You're doing your best and that's really all that counts believe me.
I'm going to be changing my room a bit it's still very messy. I know many of you can't support me monthly through patreon so I do have a wish-list where you could send me food necessary items items to spoil me or items that would better my content. I'll put it in the bio. If you would like something in exchange for getting me a gift just private message me or email me and ask.
🙌🏽 I'm working on uploading videos, pics to 🙌🏽 blogging schedule 🙌🏽 YouTube schedule and topics 🙌🏽 love ya 💕
An attempt to beat my depression and to give my work more purpose I made a schedule. I'm finally going to go to a doctor that's close to me and that is under my insurance today 😇 wish me luck