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Idk 👽
I felt so much love last night and I'm happy I got to give a speech on my vision for the sex worker giving circle. And we managed to get closer to our goal! I'm so confident we can get to 200,000 to fund the various sex worker led organizations.
At Brooklyn tonight. Come by and donate what you can. It's burlesque 😎
I was obsessed with this bullshit I found the whole fucking day! 
Fuck people, I'm so pissed. Link in fucking bio
If you wanna know more, here's the organization where I'm doing my fellowship. I'm a part of their sex worker giving circle. We're going to be funding a few non profits that fit our criteria. The goal is to get the money in the hands of the marginalized because they know what their communities need and to make sure their work is done in a way that doesn't play with respectability politics.
I wish my parents could understand. I wish they could be radical. But all they know is to keep their head down and work. They don't understand why I speak up, why I defend immigrants online. I'm just asking to be attacked. I don't understand black lives matter or "being gay". It's so frustrating because today I was so happy. We made the criteria for the grants so specific. We wanted the money to go to sex workers specifically with black leadership and transwomen leaders. (I know I haven't talked about this much - but I promise I'll explain when we have our plans finalized and i can start fundraising). So far we managed to find a few gems. But it was annoying going through the applications, most of the applicants were headed by cis white men / women and they would claim in their proposals to be "diverse". Funny when you make race a criteria everyone is suddenly "hoping", or "working toward" for a more diverse team. Why do they apply if they know this grant isn't targeted toward them 😩. The work just hurts and I wish my parents could be proud like I am.
LIRR let me down again. But I'm excited, it finally feels real that we'll be funding non profits. This week we'll be doing site visits 😍 I'm already scheduled to do 3.
I'm really excited for tomorrow. I didn't think I would get a fellowship but I did and tomorrow is when the work really begins.
Going to nyc tomorrow ❤
I'm nervous. I'm handing in my review of applications for a charity and I'm hoping I come some really good ones to fund
Once in a while I see an insensitive comment from an African American and I usually ignore it. But with Patricia Okoumou, and a few other incidents,  sigh. I get it. You're pissed that this isn't getting nearly as much sympathy from the public that black lives matter ever got. Trust me I'm pissed off too. No one cared when I was put in jail at the age of 6. No one cared or acknowledged the trauma of not knowing your parents and being detained with orphans. No one cared, until everyone cares. The whole discussion of immigration is centered around light skinned Mexicans who helped make America's border and have strict immigration laws to keep Central Americans out. We're talking about the world not wanting people from third world countries who have historically had their empires destroyed, and their whole way of life converted to the invaders who than left. And only comes occasionally to convert us, or overthrow our leaders because America's afraid of us becoming "communist" so they usually put in dictators whether we want it or not.  While black immigrants from third world countries face the same hardships as African Americans, they face immigration and extra policing on top of it. And honestly you wouldn't understand that if you have citizenship. Lack of papers impact our everything. Nothing is permanent. The way ICE, and CPB talk about us is the most sickening thing you'll read. They don't try to justify killing us as much. They admit it and call it "good police work". They see dead bodies at the border all the time and talk about it like it's nothing. They'll tell you they regularly chase us to our death. 80% of girls that cross that border are sexually abused. Borders are dangerous, and staying here is dangerous, and our countries are dangerous because no matter where we go the US will bring guns even if we stay in our country.  That's why black immigrants fight passionately for immigration. Getting rid of criminalization of drugs, sex work, and getting rid of police, and mass incarceration would help them. But their immediate need is getting to stay here with their family. They have more to deal with then police.