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Two girls in my agency tried getting me dropped/fired lol. So I had a shoot today and one of them deleted all her tweets asking her fans to report my Twitter and demand our agent drop me lol. All this cattiness over a landlord/tenant issue. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt but if you come to me to try and get me fired, we not friends 🤣
Going to a party tonight 💕
I wanna see home
Summer everyday
I should block out the confusion with activity.
Had a great time tonight
I'm too New Yorker to handle passive aggressiveness bye 😂
What's your favorite drink?
I meet a lot of my fans - most paid, a few unpaid. And there's two types of fans. Those who like the idea of me and those who actually like me as a person. Those who like my body and those who embrace all of me. It's kind of ironic but those who like my body or just the idea of me are usually the ones who have to remind me that they're not like other guys. Or that they "want to get to know me. " it's ironic because the guys that book me for sex are usually the most respectful guys. They're usually the guys that I don't have to talk too much to because they already know me. They took the time to read my stuff. Like they read the stuff that I wrote Under my real name. They read my feminist stuff, they read my sex work stuff, they read my black lives matter stuff, they read my immigrant stuff especially the immigrant YouTube videos I did. I don't need to tell them my story because they already know it, they even know the stuff I'm currently going through because they follow what I do. They care about where my life is going, what I'm doing. In other words they care about me as a whole person. Once in awhile I'll meet a fan who claims that they're not interested in my nudes/porn and they don't follow that stuff. These guys tend to be very condescending and act like I have something to be ashamed of. Despite the fact that I give the benefit of the doubt these guys tend to be very misogynistic. They want things for free even though these woman they reach out to are running a business, and the sad thing is they usually treat the consumption of these woman's sexual Services as degrading. They feel that paying women for their services would be degrading.... which is troubling in a world where women, women of color especially are paid less than men and whose Labor is valued less than men. Isn't it funny that the most respectful men in the sex industry tend to be the guys who tell you what great tits I have? Lol it's actually possible for men to view women as sexual beings and actually respect their minds as well.
I feel wrapped in a fog. It feels confusing but sleep inducing. I feel like the adhd meds are dulling my energy.
You should be following my Twitter @babecolate 
No filter, just a sunny morning of me trying to be cute and posy for no reason