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Damn  #thosemeddlingkids exposing the lies of the greedy looking to profit from public fear and ignorance

#shaggy #scobbygang #scobbydoo
With the Honduran caravan, politicians and ambassadors are losing it. 
#honduras #caravan #psa #illegalimmigration #immigration #refugees #trump #undocumented
Part of the reason I wanted to "make it" in porn [ that is becoming financially independent ], was to escape my repressive parents. I struggle to do anything now that I've moved back home as you may have noticed. I tried starting to webcam yesterday and a bit today. If you were watching, my parents interrupted both and went on a lecture. Which is odd because my dad asked me for help paying bills...people just think you can put zero hours and people throw money at you. I know I won't get anywhere living at home, my parents aren't going to let me do much. Doing anything is a struggle. Even doing that VICE video, a live performance on social justice issues, going to a protest,  are things I have to fight with them because they don't see the point. They're very much "put your head down, obey the government, and be subverviant, serve capital bosses" type. Anything else from music, to acting, to YouTube, to anything is a waste of time in their book.
Sometimes I think monogamy isn't for most people, And other times I think we'll never know because we never have time, and we look at everything through "worth" and money. If we're always looking for the hottest, the best, wealthiest partner, always seeking "up" how can we form honest relationships? And if we don't have the time or resources to date or meet up with people, then social interactions have to be weighted by what they can do for you and it sucks.
I'm 25 and I still don't have a "career". I feel like a newbie at everything still. I keep reminding myself that the world might demand a reason for my existence, a purpose, to be useful for other's benefit, but I don't have to hold myself to the world's impossible standards of people from third world countries. Living my life and getting by is always going to be a struggle because having the same rights and opportunities is going to be a lifelong fight, and that's what my time on Earth is going to be spent on.
Unnatural #redhead,  it was supposed to be brown
Update: new videos up on manyvids and onlyfans!
I'm doing a live performance in a few days, you can buy a ticket in the link in my bio! If you're in Brooklyn, New York you can come see me and meet me!!
I decided to do a daily Twitter post to keep track of these *sighs* 
#DACA #migrants #immigration #TPS #illegal #illegalimmigration #undocumented #aliens
I'm watching the latest season of big mouth 😊
Some days are sunny 📸 @moshuajusic
Peter coffin on YouTube is awesome! Check out his videos!! Recommend more YouTubers 😊
What demons did you escape from childhood? I grew out of seeing demons and having imaginary friends.